Рядом с Брацо можно найти покой и комфорт во время тёплого дружеского общения, которое возникает уже при первой встрече, и открывает ваши сердца, и вновь оживляет надежду


A new beginning?

After 20 years of Braco's work  we are coming closer to the next big step forward: Russian scientists wish to take a closer look at the so called Croatian phenomenon and find out more about the silent Gift, which seems to transform lives of people from many different countries and cultures.

At the events we see people whose lives start anew from the moment they encounter Braco's Gaze. But maybe there is also a new beginning on a broader scale? Braco has been spending more and more time in Russia and there are plans to extend the visits even further. We are excited to see what will happen in the coming months.




Science meets spirit

Experts in Russia's capital Moscow want to speak with those who have experienced changes since Gazing with Braco. What is happening in the sessions, which power is working here and how can it work in so many areas of our lives? Since quantum physics is coming closer to the idea that matter is created and guided by a higher intelligence, there seems to be great potential in the synergy of fact and feeling.

Some scientists in Europe and in the USA have already proven in experiments, that the effect of Braco’s Gaze and his Voice can be measured with technical equipment . We are excited about new findings of Russian scientists, which can be a support in spreading the word about Braco and especially in strengthening the trust and belief in positive change. 

Unifying common goal

From the media we hear about Russia being a strict and conservative country, but it is said that one should first make an opinion after one has assured oneself of something. Honestly, we were all surprised, when Braco was invited to gaze in Russian hospitals in 2014.

An alternative way of offering support to people met an allopathic orientated institution. When Braco was gazing in the Belgorod State Hospital and in the Oncological clinic in Belgorod , doctors came to these unique events, joining multiple sessions and shedding tears, when meeting Braco’s silent Gift.

Russia seems more than open for combining all available methods for a good purpose. What counts, are the results. In scientifically highly developed Russia, the results will be measured, so that progress can be archived.

Click here for more about doctors at Braco events in Europe.

Belgorod feels like home

When Braco is in Russia, he spends most of the time in the beautiful region of Belgorod, which is one of the fastest developing and most successful regions in Russia. It is full of wonderful green landscapes, fertile soil and places to relax and get in touch with nature. Braco loves this place and the loving people who are proud of their region. The native organizers wish to bring more joy and peace to the citizens by bringing Braco to them as often as possible.

Among others, Belgorod has extraordinary buildings for social events, which are very important for Russians. The most beautiful cultural building is the State Phylharmonic where Braco is regularly invited to gaze. From there also the free Live Streaming from Russia takes place. In 2014 Braco even had the chance to enjoy a live organ concert of young and very successful Timur Khaliullin. The artist let us all dive into the world of music, similar like Braco unites us silently into one by offering his loving Gaze.


Discovering Russia 

Not only has Braco seen Belgorod, but also other places in different regions. He met open-hearted natives, who offered all kinds of traditional foods to their dear guest, danced traditional dances, sang and showed Braco and team traditional ways of preparing food and making art.

Braco also had the chance to take a short trip to Moscow, to see Kremlin, the Red Square and spent an afternoon on the boat on Moskva river. The brightly colored matryoshka dolls in the capital were a steady reminder that one is in Russia. Before walking through the gates and entering the Red Square, one crosses a plaque that marks the middle point of Moscow. From here all distances are measured and it is seen as good luck to stand in the middle of this circle and throw a coin into the air. On one of the photos you can see Braco throwing a coin over his shoulder. We wonder what wish he has made in this moment...

Braco visited many churches in Moscow, among them the most prominent Saint Basil's Cathedral. Impressed by their beauty, he would respectfully look at these buildings, which bring hope and are a spiritual shelter for so many.



City of arts and beauty: Braco visited Saint Petersburg

On the photo you can see Braco in front of Hermitage Museum, one of the largest and oldest museums in the world. It was founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great and has been open to public since 1852. Its collections, of which only a small part is on permanent display, comprise over three million items, including the largest collection of paintings in the world (source: Wikipedia).

Joy and excitement were in the air at the day of Braco's arrival to Saint Petersburg in June 2015. Everyone was focused on the event and the people who came for help. Braco is always happy when people are ready to open up for his Gaze. He shared his Gift with the same focus as on the first day of this long journey.



Official webpage & free Braco Live Streaming made in Russia

This official webpage www.braco.me was designed and created by the Russian team. It offers all information about Braco at one place. There you can find the shops with books and DVDs, and also it is a platform for direct online viewing of free Live Streaming from Russia. 

Since the very first live event on September 15, 2013 in Alexeyevka, where free entrance, food, Braco books and even transportation have been offered for free to all visitors, Russia has been searching for ways to make the silent Gift of Braco well known in the biggest country on our planet. One of these ways even made it possible for Braco’s Gift to travel across borders - through the very first Free Live Streaming from Russia for people all over the world in May 2014, which was covered by Russian organizers of Braco events and which inspired Europeans to start organizing and supporting free Live Streaming also from Europe.


How it started with Russia

If it is good for people, it should be supported: In 2013, representatives of the EFKO Company in Alexeyevka were on a business trip to Zagreb and, by chance, encountered a gazing session with Braco. Becoming convinced of his gift, they invited the Croatian man to the region of Belgorod. Braco readily accepted. 

The first gazing events in Belgorod region in 2013 were crowded. Thousands of people came to experience Braco's Gaze and the gazing hall was to small! The organizers decided to make an outdoor gazing in front of the well known Prokhorovka Museum. The reactions were amazing. These people have seen Braco for the first time and almost nobody had heard of him before. Nevertheless, tears were flowing, people were touched by the silent Gift.

The organizers indeed showed what is commonly described as “the Russian soul” - depth, strength and compassion toward people. This way, additionally to Braco’s work getting a stabile wall to lean on, the Gift he is sharing became accessible to many people in Russia, regardless of status or income.

Here you can find an Russian article which announced Braco's visit to Russia in September 15 – 17, 2013.



Respecting the wisdom, given by ancestors


It is fascinating how deeply rooted the feeling of existence of an invisible guiding force has been in Russian people. This reflects in the native literature and art. Its continuity seems not to be touched by the modern way of living and is especially visible and alive in many visitors of Braco events in Russia.

The hunger for knowing the meaning of life is eternal. The mind will never be able to understand it, but the soul of those who believe and are willing to change themselves, might get a glimpse of the world beyond the visible.


Until present, Braco visited the following locations in Russia 

First visit September 2013

15. 9.  Alexeyevka, 16. 9. Belgorod State Philharmonic, 17. 9. Museum of Prokhorovka

December 2013

13. 12. Gubkin, 14. 12. Stary Oskol, 15.12. Belgorod State Philharmonic

May 2014

10. 5. Valuyki, 11. 5. Stroytel, 12. 5. Belgorod State Philharmonic (FIRST Free Live Streaming)

September 2014

13. 9. Belgorod State Philharmonic (Live Streaming), 14. 9. Alexeyevka, 15. 9. State Hospital and Oncology clinic in Belgorod

December 2014

13. 12. Belgorod State Philharmonic (Live Streaming), 14. 12. Voronezh, 15. 12. Rakitnoe

March 2015

10. 3. Prohorovka, 11. 3. Grayvoron, 13. 3. Belgorod State Philharmonic (Live Streaming), 14. 3. & 15. 3. - Kursk

June 2015

4. 6. Krasnaya Yaruga, 5. 6. & 9. 6. Belgorod State Philharmonic (June 5th Live Streaming), 6. 6. & 7. 6. Voronezh, 10. 6. Shebekino, 13. 6. Saint Petersburg

Скоро в Москве: дар Брацо будут исследовать российские учёные

С самого первого визита в Россию Брацо оказывается большая поддержка оказывает ‑ великая поддержка для Брацо миссии с самого первого мероприятия в этой стране.

С сентября 2013 года Брацо побывал практически во всех райцентрах Белгородской области (Прохоровка, Губкин, Алексеевка, Старый Оскол, Валуйки, Строитель, Грайворон, Шебекино, Красная Яруга, Ракитное), в самом Белгороде, в Курске, Воронеже, Санкт-Петербурге.

Следующая остановка: столица России ‑ Москва.