Рядом с Брацо можно найти покой и комфорт во время тёплого дружеского общения, которое возникает уже при первой встрече, и открывает ваши сердца, и вновь оживляет надежду

Braco’s Voice

Visitors of various nations, backgrounds, religions and beliefs - united by the powerful message in Braco´s voice. But, also, far beyond the meaning of the actual words, beyond the manifestation, something generates an invisible gift to come through and touch people and their lives in most unexpected of ways.

Close yourself for the old, open yourself up for the new

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. - said Albert Einstein.

We make this decision every day, many times. But how often a real opportunity appears for us to receive something, something that can strengthen us, guide us, enrich us, help us make one good decision after another. How often can we connect with the invisible power which has all the answers.

Zorica Simic, Croatia:

„Early in my 2nd pregnancy I went to my doctor for a check-up. When he performed the ultrasound, he found a 2-mm tumor on the baby´s neck and recommended an abortion to be done straight. I was in shock. Another doctor unfortunately confirmed this and gave the same prognosis - there was no chance for this child to be born normal. I rushed to the centre in Zagreb because I believed that Braco will help me. He wasn’t there that day, it was the Voice. As I was listening to the Voice, I felt strong reactions and they had to help me out of the room. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle! The next ultrasound showed that the baby is completely normal, there were no traces of any tumor. Today I am the mother of this wonderful bright boy and I thank Braco, because, if there was not for Braco, there would not have been for my son.“


What is it that stands behind Braco´s voice

What is it that makes people feel and experience extraordinary things when they listen to the recording of his voice in groups, together? Something seems to be at work that we cannot perceive with our classical senses, but on some other level, on some other plane of consciousness…

Beginning of the Voice, translated from Braco's native Croatian:

„You have come to me, Braco, without knowing if you will see me or listen to my Voice, but this is not important, because this is not something that you can see or hear, but only feel and experience…“

DVD From Spark to Flame

is a source of wonderful testimonials about Braco's Voice.

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Florian, Austria

“Braco's gaze and Braco's voice touch me on a deep level, a level which I don't know how and cannot reach otherwise. In those moments I feel connected with myself. It somehow feels like being rooted, grounded, more stabile.”

Can a sound, a vibration, change the way you feel?

A cry of a baby, a loud siren, a warm word from a friend, a melody that evokes memories, the whisper of the trees as they sway in the wind… Just like a coin has 2 sides, it is often said that everything in this world has 2 sides: one that is material, that what we can see and perceive with our physical senses, and the other side is everything that is behind the material, beyond the physical: the Invisible, the Unknown, the Unnamed - that infuses life into everything, that moves everything.

When you listen to the whisper of the trees in the wind, is it the trees that are whispering, or is it the wind that creates the song and plays its melody on the strings of the trees…


“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

Scientists are more and more explaining our world in terms of vibration. The law of nature states that everything has a vibration. If you've taken a chemistry class you probably remember learning about atoms, and that everything is made up of atoms. These atoms are in a constant state of motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things will appear as solid, liquid, or gas. Science of Vibration today is present in Every Aspect of the Physical World: The entire physical universe is made up of pure energy and vibration. Light is vibration. Sound is vibration. And so are thoughts.

The vibration of our “bodies” at every level, physical and non-physical, has a profound influence on our ability to attract positive experiences. The higher your vibration, the more of a “magnet” you become as a result of the thoughts you hold in your mind. By holding only thoughts of the “things” you wish to manifest into your experience, and keeping your vibrations high, you will find your wishes will manifest much more quickly.



Dr. Jan Ellison, US:

„Braco´s Voice is the imprint of the energy field of the divine.

A life force imprints his voice when he records for that purpose.

The message that he has and that he gave to the people in

Croatia when he leaves has the same power like the gaze has,

because the imprint of the loving divine is in the voice itself.“

Something in us is able to resonate with the Gift that comes through Braco…

There are attempts to explain such occurances, explaining Braco as a conduit, as a perfect vessel for this greater power that wishes to help us, to awaken us. That with his effect it becomes easier to connect with oneself, with our higher self.


Drago Plečko, Border Scientist, Croatia:


„I spent two years in observing Braco's work, and it was quite surprising for me to see so many people reacting in various ways. But what I can say about the process itself is that it seems that he is initiating something we might call the creation of the island of common consciousness. People become interconnected with their consciousnesses and he is creating that effect. People like that who can somehow catalyze such processes - are called popularly the healers.“


Prof. Alexander Schneider, Former President of

the Basel PSI Days - World Healing Congress, Switzerland:


„Braco lifts us up to a higher level, where we can feel who we really are.“ Inspired by Braco and the changes he could trigger in people, Prof. Schneider wrote an etire book about Braco's Gift, writing about processes that lift up our life-energy to the higher level of information, when we encounter Braco's gaze or voice.


Great psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung spoke about the collective unconscious, which means we are connected also outside of logic, outside of speech and outside of any type of visible communication. And Prof. Gruden would add that the secret is that we somehow need to get to the level on which this connection is present.


Prof. Vladimir Gruden, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, Croatia:

„…In order to do that, we first need to reach a level of insight on which syncronicity is possible. We cannot come to this level with the conventional methods of logic, speech, studying, but only by surrendering to ourselves, by surrendering to the unknown in ourselves, in any case – by surrendering. This takes courage, but it's worth it, because on that level we are finding the meaning of life… We just need to be awake enough to recognize this, and this is exactly what happens in the encounter with Braco. It is possible for us to have access to this level when we encounter Braco, because Braco has reached such a level and lives on it… And he can convey this to us through his gaze and his voice. In Braco's voice, Braco gives this melody, this tone in his voice which reflects the depth where synchronicity resides. And then we synchronize with Braco. Then his goodness, love, strength is completely reachable for us and we take it in. Braco communicates with us deeply on this level of synchronicity.“

The power behind Human Voice, Frequencies, Genes, the Nervous System

Drago Plečko, Border Scientist, Croatia:

„We are surrounded by countless numbers of sounds which evolved over millions of years of evolution and have reached a level where they sometimes unfold an incredible power. Do these sounds stimulate the subtlest processes in the nervous system or somewhere in the depths of the human organism? The attempts to discover the power of the human voice is a special story in itself. A number of institutions started devoting themselves to the study of the power of the human voice and its number of frequencies being discovered is amazing. When creating the human voice, evolution did its very best and the findings about the abilities of this unique human instrument is impressive. It was even shown that our genes react to that what lies in the human voice! The potency of a man´s voice on others who is not even present was unexpectedly shown by encounters with “Braco´s voice”. Even in his absence, when he is thousands of miles away, Braco affects those seeking his help. The recording of his voice has an extraordinarily strong influence on many listeners according to their testimony. For some the influence is such that they leave the room because it seems to them too intense, whilst others speak about a calming or even soothing effect, which freed them from diseases that hitherto had not responded to any medication!“


Sanda Banic, Canada:

„For 15 years I had been having chronic health problems – pain in my spine and hips.

The CT scan results showed that I had arthritis. I would go from one doctor to another,

specialists for spine and hips, in Croatia, Canada and the United States.

I tried chiropractics, acupuncture, strict diets, and various therapies in the most

expensive private clinics.  After listening to Braco's voice for a few times,

in the course of only a few days, the pain in my hips and spine was simply gone.

Since that time I have stayed completely pain-free.“

Why is Braco´s voice unique - Vibration of Braco's voice

Science is very interested in Braco, and here is one RESEARCH CONDUCTED ABOUT BRACO'S VOICE, with the intention to identify and calibrate the energy Braco conveys through his Voice. The findings were very interesting!



Mr. Don Estes, the founder of InnerSense:

(an organization researching how different sounds and vibrations affect human body)

recorded Braco's voice in his studio, and then conducted a voice analysis of Braco's harmonics:

He ran it through the supercomputer – supercomputer did the analysis

and sent back a plethora of data of how the energy is distributed.



Braco's voice was shown to contain 621 units of energy, which is above normal

(usual would be 350-400 units of energy).

The next analysis was turning the numbers into a picture, in the device called portacle.

On the picture each of the pixels that you see is one of the frequencies of Braco's  Voice.


The conclusion that Mr. Estes made was: „A person with a portacle like this could be easily able to move between different dimensions without getting blocked off in any kind of way.“

* Footage of this research one can see on the DVD Golden Bridge

Tuning in that Higher Vibration in the presence of Braco's Gaze or Voice


How to tune in?

Dr. Ninoslav Novak, Croatia:


„Everything that exists in the universe vibrates, and this vibration spreads through space and time.

When a vibration comes to an object, this object either reflects it or starts to resonate with it.

In a way, when we say that we are tuning in, we are trying to resonate with that vibration,

rather than reflect it. We are trying to resonate with something that comes from Braco.

Braco is in a way a conduit, for the basic consciousness, for the basic potential, for the knowledge

that is beyond everything, or however one may call it. Something comes through Braco directly to us.“


What will resonate with you?

To come to the level on which synchronicity resides…

To connect with something deeper in our being, something that flows through, something we tap into in the moments of listening to Braco's voice...

Come and experience Braco´s Voice! …and see what Gifts may unfold…

"Braco doesn't offer any explanation. He establishes another type of communication with the audience, not only visual but of another type."

Dr. Angel Luis Fernandez, psychiatrist, philosopher, author of 34 books, held various public and private functions, also at UNICEF and UNESCO/ Spain

"Of least importance is the way in which one affects the network of interconnected dots of Reality. What matters are the results."

Dr. William A. Tiller, Prof. emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University/ USA (from the book 'The Mystery of Braco 3' by Drago Plečko)

"Braco is the real thing."

Dr. Michael Beckwith, featured in documentary 'The Secret', Author, Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, cofounder of the Association for Global New Thought, and the co-chair of the Season for Nonviolence/ USA


Событие, которое может изменить вашу жизнь

Есть множество свидетельств, описывающих положительные эффекты голоса Брацо. Именно поэтому люди регулярно встречаются в разных городах, чтобы прослушать запись голоса Брацо, когда Брацо не присутствует на встречах лично.

На этих встречах посетителям рассказывают о даре Брацо, а затем звучит десятиминутная запись речи Брацо на хорватском языке. После этого происходит обмен  впечатлениями, среди посетителей даже завязываются дружеские отношения.

Когда Брацо находится в поездках по миру, посетители его центра на ул. Сребрняк, 1 в Загребе (Хорватия) имеют возможность слышать запись его голоса.

Даты, когда можно услышать голос