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Testimonials from Visitors of Live Events and Live Streaming Events share their experiences. See also "What experts say"...

Alfonso Trinidad, Spain

Director of Magic International

“There was a moment when Braco's eyes met mine. I felt this heat that entered me. Tremendous. Like an energy... For me it is a privilege that for the first time in Spain we have someone as incredible as Braco.”

Karen, Great Britain

“His energy is so pure. You connect with that innocence and it brings inner peace. 

That stillness helps you to connect. It's so simple, but so powerful.”




Pat, Ireland

“You just need that connection. It is like time for yourself.

And you can take in what Braco is giving, the love.”



Irena, Croatia

When I was a child, I used to have nightmares several times a month. In my adulthood, the nightmares became less frequent. However, they would appear every now and then, and it had been like this for 40 years.
In 2015, at one of the encounters with Braco in Zagreb, I bought my sun symbol and put it around my neck. Since that day I have never had a nightmare again. It remains like this today, 4 years later. Thank you Braco for this great help."


Jim Mccarthy, California, US

“The energy pushes out of you everything that is not needed, it brings in light, truth and healing energy, which knows what you need without having to ask. If you surrender to it completely, you will be transformed into your true self.

I wear my sun symbol as an anchor. If I’m not clear, if there is fear, I become centred again, it connects me to the energy of Braco and the energy of that frequency and that frequency starts to work through the sun symbol.

Rudina Thanasi, Albania

MD, Dermatologist

“I am coming to different event locations to see Braco's gaze. I very much love the sun symbol and I have an incredible story with it. 22 years ago I saw it in a dream and, since then, I was searching for it everywhere. Only when I found the sun symbol of Braco, I recognized that it was exactly the same as in my dream. I couldn't believe it. I love it very much and it connects me to Braco and his gift.”


Hans Heinrich Vagts, Germany

“I had a lot of trouble because of a kidney stone. I was in bad pain, the stone was 10 mm big. The doctors wanted to make a surgery to help me, yet, through Braco's gaze I received help. Suddenly there was no kidney stone anymore. The doctors were stunned. Until now there is no logical explanation for this but I know that Braco helped me to become healthy again.”



Margarethe Mast, 80 years, Germany

"In October 2014, I was unable to eat any food for no reason and vomited daily. I was hospitalized, but it did not get better. In 2017 then again, but again without result. Two private specialists could not help me either. My family and friends expected my demise. As soon as I was able, I went to Braco events with my family. I watched Braco's DVD's every day and read books by Braco and Ivica. I felt that this made me stronger.

Finally, in the spring of 2018, I noticed an inner change and a clear upward movement, after 3 years of absence I'm back in my own apartment and can fully care for myself. I know that Braco has saved my life."


Simona, Italy

“Braco awakens something so sweet and beautiful in me that takes away the sorrow, the negative feelings and worries so I reflect this positivity on the people surrounding me. This energy helped me to overcome so many problems in my life starting from insecurity, depressive thoughts, misfortune… I realized all of my dreams and wishes, and it was just Braco and the energy that comes from him and of course my Sun symbol that is always around my neck. It’s like they switched my brain to another frequency.

Now I am a medical doctor, a successful wife, daughter and sister and I cannot wait to see what good will come next in my life and in the lives of all my loved ones. It is not difficult to follow my dreams when I have such a huge help from Braco.”

Jorge Coelho, Portugal

Organizer of the Feira Alternativa in Portugal

“Most of us have difficulty to connect with our essence, with our purity. Because, there is no silence in our mind, our thoughts, in the words. Braco provides this moment, the moment of connection, through his gaze. We connect ourselves with our essence, with our purity. That is very, very important.”


Elizabeth Jensen, US

“My life and my perception of life have changed since being introduced to Braco. I found what I had been longing for, what we all are longing for. Now I find myself living in the present moment more. I don't worry so much about that which I can not change or have no control of in day to day challenges. When I gaze with Braco I feel as if I'm home, complete peace and unconditional love fill me. The sun symbol pendant helps me to reconnect to the Source and I'm able to push through the hardships of life. I am grateful everyday for Braco and the Source. My wish is that everyone is able to experience this gift and to be able to truly live life to the fullest with happiness and joy :)”


Devatara, Germany

“One day before a gazing event in Wernau, I called my sister whom I hadn’t had contact with for 20 years. This call was already a miracle. I asked her whether we could meet in Wernau and see Braco. She said that she had absolutely no time. Soon I got a text from her that she will be arriving at Wernau! Wow! The whole day was so blessed, and she immediately had to cry when she saw Braco and later on said to me ‘I love you.’ I saw that the distance between us has only been imagined, like a strange dream I just woke up from, and I saw the truth of love. I had never thought that this would be possible. Today she said to me, ‘I feel very light, and you know, I am just at the beginning but a lot of things need to change in my life.’ Thank you Braco!”

Cheryl Hopkins, US

“I've just had my 8th Live Stream session. The relaxation I feel is wonderful. I had been feeling ill with a number of symptoms. My vision cleared. I didn't need glasses to read. No headache or nausea. Thank you Braco.”



Aurelia, Germany

“Thank you Braco for being there for the world, for your love and dedication. You give us all we need so openly and freely. You bring us in contact again with the source of life so that we can stand on our own feet again, can be again who we really are, can do again what we originally wanted to do. We, through you, see again what is important in life and what real love is, what it means to love and be loved unconditionally. Best wishes to you from my heart, dear Braco.”


Florian, Austria

“Braco's gaze and Braco's voice touch me on a deep level, a level which I don't know how and cannot reach otherwise. In those moments I feel connected with myself. It somehow feels like being rooted, grounded, more stabile. ”





Silvia Suvadova, US/Slovakia


Braco helps us connect with the Source, with this invisible, never ending energy that floats through his eyes to us. There is something more than what we can see with our physical eyes.” 



Michael Gurule, US

I have experienced many changes in my life since I began gazing. I can say that the energy that Braco shares is beyond the duality of health and wellness.




Mariella Stippich, Austria

“Since my family started coming to Braco, I became better in school, now I like school more :) Everything is simpler. Before I have exams in school, I listen to Braco's voice on the iPod. This gives me peace and confidence. When I travel, I like to kiss my sun symbol and I have a feeling that Braco is with me.”


Kristijan Bradicic, UK

“Braco has made my life easier and more beautiful!!! Although we all sometimes have difficult times, with him everything is easier and happier!!! Braco made me stronger to live life! No words can express the gratitude me and my wife feel to Braco.”



Josina, Netherlands

“Thank you Braco, for the openness which made me open myself. Thank you, for the space in which I found my own space back again. Thank you, for the calmness in which I find support to find my own calmness inside in the midst of the turmoil of the world. Thank you, for sharing with us that look in which I can recognize and mirror the pool of silence within myself. Thank you Braco.”


Kathryn, US

“Braco's gaze gives me a deep sense of peace and profound quiet inside. In his eyes I see everyone who has loved me.”



Sammy Hy, US

“I'm happy that Braco is here, right now. It is so valuable to have his presence in such a difficult time in our world. I feel that Braco is sharing with us a message to be like a child of God, to shine our light. We have it in us. We are here to create peace, harmony and beauty.”



Šejla Okugic, Germany

“In 1998 I went to our dear Braco. At the time I was broken and very ill. I was 26 years old and I had only 3-6 months to live. I had so many problems which I didn't know how to deal with. Then my parents presented me with the 9th book of Ivica. I read the book and a short time later I went to see Braco. From this day onward until now I am happy again and my life completely changed. Life is not always easy, but I fight, step after step, because I believe in this love which I get through Braco's gaze and which I found in all the books, which are my best friends.”

Anton, Russia

Anton (18) and his family travelled 5 days to meet Braco's gaze live in Munich, Germany . We asked him and his father Vladimir where exactly they had come from. We are from Ural, Russia, and we travelled 4500 km by car to be with you at this event. We heard about Braco from a friend and were able to Live Stream for the first time in September of this year on We felt such powerful and wonderful energy! Anton continued after a short pause: While we were watching Braco’s gaze via the internet, I felt endless freedom and happiness.

I feel that this is special. It is something beyond words. For me, it is something that is inside of everyone of us. It is freedom, added Anton.

Marcela Kavčić, Slovenia

“I had been suffering from a severe trigeminal inflammation. Additionally to that, I was allergic to many substances so the doctors couldn't find a medicine that would help me ease the pain. At that time I saw a video about Braco on the internet. Immediately after watching the video I started to feel much better, and I got an inner feeling that everything would be alright, that I would get well. And I did! Suddenly the doctors found a medicine that helped me, and soon I was completely well. I got so many unexpected gifts for my life since I started watching the Live Streaming of Braco's gaze. And I deeply enjoy gazing. When I gaze, I feel a river of love flowing from Braco to me. I am very grateful.”

Jean and Marie, France

Jean: “When I gaze with Braco, I feel a strong energy from head to toe, and a big joy inside of me. Since we started gazing, I feel that emotions that had been blocked in me for years are now coming out.”

Marie: “For many years there had been a sadness in me, and I tried various techniques to help myself feel better. Since we started watching the Live Streaming 10 months ago, this quickly started to change - so much of that sadness is gone and I can again feel optimistic. I am deeply touched by the kindness and sweetness that Braco brings us. ”

Duncan MacMaster, US

“For me, Braco's gaze is so nourishing and it has allowed my heart to be freer than it had ever been. It takes an enormous unconditional love to undo old patterns and fears we all have. Without such love it is too difficult to work through fears. Braco really provides this for us - that unconditional love which dissolves our fears and heals the deepest levels of our souls.”


Irene Triantafyllou, Greece

“I have been gazing for four years now and there are many stories I could tell (including physical & emotional healings or positive and relieving transformations in all areas of life) which I am really grateful for. The energy Braco is channeling seems to me like pure water. Simple, soft and strong without any add-ons. Water does not have a taste. Does not have a color. Does not have a smell. You don’t like or dislike it. You just drink it. Because you need it. Because your body consists of water. I could only speak of Braco in silence, with my greatest joy, love and respect.



Julio César, México

“In early 2012 I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was in the fourth stage of four, and four different rheumatologists independently had given the same incurable diagnosis.

I began to gaze with Braco by live streaming in December 2012. Soon I started to experience the manifestation of getting better and better every time I gazed. About a month later I went to the doctors and got new tests performed (MRI, CT scans, ultrasounds, etc.) and very surprised doctors told me they did not know what had happened, that I did not have the disease anymore. One doctor told me, "You were healed by a miracle”.

Evelyne David Rogers, Australia

“Braco channels pure love and energy.

You may not see it but you can feel it.”




Kosmo, US

“In March 2015, my friend noticed I wasn't feeling well, and she encouraged me to try gazing with Braco, because there was a Live Streaming event scheduled for April. When I came home, I was curious, so I went to the Internet. I wanted to find out more about Braco, and there I was at the webpage. I was taking in with such interest all that I could find about him. Seeing Braco's picture touched me deeply. Only looking at his photo I could feel so much. I was crying, and, for the first time in many years I felt: Perhaps there is hope for me. Such wonderful feelings came over me. I called my friend and told her: I feel like I can fly :) You know, never in my life I felt like this, from the inside! All life you are trying to fix your outside, how you look, how others see you, but now I was feeling all the joy and beauty coming from the inside of myself. By the time Live Streaming started, I was just experiencing more and more, and the experience keeps expanding. Thank you Braco.”

Tina, Croatia

“Braco's giving gaze helped me see myself. I think that's the hardest thing people could do on their own. Now, my desires and goals, my purpose in fact, is clear. Following my instinct, I feel what I'm supposed to do, how I'm supposed to act in different life situations. Braco taught me to change my perception of the world, to realize that „problems“ I have are just mine, and only I can resolve them. When I got the willingness to change something in my life, automatically my intentions became different. I would say that's just another bridge I'm crossing. Before, I didn't know that I was so strong, I had no idea I could change my environment, my relationships (with family, boyfriend, friends). Of course, we are just people, and sometimes I just don't know what to do next, how to continue. But I'm not afraid, because, if I get stuck somewhere, Braco is here to help me. I just think of that feeling Braco gave me and everything gets better, easier.”

Marta (20), Croatia

“Whenever I feel sad and have some problems, I put on one of Braco's DVDs and instantly feel better.

Everything becomes somehow easier.”



Kerry DuBrin, US

“I experienced the healing of all my skin (possible pre cancerous sun spots) and the hastened healing of a broken finger. While visiting the center in Zagreb, my youngest son got a new job and the eldest son was approved for a promotion. When I arrived home the doctor said that my finger looked as never broken when in actuality the first x-Ray showed a break.”


Henry Laureano, US

“These sessions are washing over my soul and infusing me with strength and vitality.

That which comes through Braco's gaze is as air to the Spirit.”



Jaka (17 months), Slovenia

When little Jaka was born, doctors made a test to examine his hearing. This test showed that he can not hear. He was not responding to sound stimulation, he could not even hear a very loud alarm clock. The doctors' prognosis was that it would stay this way…
Jaka's parents and grandma went to Braco with this heart wish, that he receives help. While grandma was gazing, Jaka was in the lobby waiting with his parents, and when his parents were gazing, he was in the lobby with his grandma. In the meantime, grandma would daily ask for help in her thoughts while holding her Sun symbol in hand.
Already after the first encounter with Braco, Jaka started to get better. When Jaka was three months old, after coming back from the second encounter with Braco, grandma noticed that Jaka was responding to sounds, turning his head toward the sound, the way he never did before. The doctor examined him and determined that Jaka's hearing is now perfect.

Lisa Fox, US

“I took custody of my great niece Annalese back in February 2014. For months I was either at her doctor's office or the hospital every week with her because she would get sick very easily. Since my gazing with Braco back in May 2014., Annalese has been healthy all the time.”



Jose Alfonso Cabrera Peña, Mexico

“Before I had problems with my nerves. After my experience in Live Streaming with Braco I started to feel different, I feel much better, relaxed and happy and I don't feel worry. I look at my life with new eyes, I want to say thank you so much, because that experience changed my life. From Mexico with love.”


Theresa Nielsen, US

“My life has profoundly changed since I began gazing with Braco. This energy healed my body, it has re-arranged and straightened out relationships so that only the most positive are now included in my life. It has even taken care of the financial aspects. There is no part of my life that has remained untouched, and I am so deeply grateful for the many blessings and shifts that have graced my life! There just are no words to express this gratitude!”


Slađana Kotur, Italy

“When I only touch my sun symbol, this instantly makes me feel better, sadness goes away and I feel that eyerything is ok. If there are problems with my studies, they get smaller, and I manage to learn everything with calmness and in time.”



Lars Frieske, Germany

“I always have tears in my eyes when I participate at a Live Streaming. For me, the biggest change occurred in the area of my personality. I feel much lighter now, I am more positive and feel so relaxed.”



Valerie Nelson, US

“Since I started watching Live Stream of Braco's gaze, I feel my relationship has gotten stronger. More understanding and loving.

I feel more connected to myself.”


Antony Donico, US

“Thank you so much to Braco, the team, and everyone here opening to receive this love. Nothing is more satisfying or fulfilling to me than this.”





Carmen Balhestero, Brazil

Founder of Fraternidade PAX Universal, Metaphysical center in São Paulo, Brazil

“I had the opportunity to experience Braco's energy for the first time in November 2011 live in Washington D.C., USA. I never felt so much unconditional love from a person before, and it is that Love that brings each one what is needed at Perfect Timing.

In 2014, through Live Streaming , my knee was healed, and my parents both were healed from bone problems. Many friends from PAX center also experienced healing and amazing fast recovery from problems through Live Streaming. I wish the whole planet can benefit from this wonderful energy.”

Elise, US

“Braco's gaze opens something in one's heart (a little door?) and makes you feel light! If it weren't for my physical body, I might float! :) That is how it feels. Another way to think about it is this: it feels as light and pure as a daisy in the sunlight.”


Suzana Lipovaca, Italy

“Watching Braco through Live Streaming just makes me say thank you. With his help within just a month I got a new job, an appartment I am happy with and a chance for better life.”




Eduardo Huerta, US

“Thank you for sharing amazing stories in Live Stream introductions, it encourages us to open up our hearts and trust in our own well-being.

Blessings and love!”



Roberta Brkić (20), Croatia

“Through that which comes through Braco, I can see more clearly which path I should take in my life. It is much easier to make important decisions and my whole family is simply happy since meeting Braco's gift.”



Susan Brock, TN/ USA

“I see my life as divided into two parts: before Braco and after Braco, and I am grateful for the person I am becoming after three years of live streaming and gazing at live events. In my own life, I have experienced monumental healings in the areas of insomnia, post traumatic stress, relationship issues and more. The personal growth I have experienced continues to astound me, and I am becoming the person that I have always wanted to be. Also, during actual live events and live streams where I have gazed on behalf of loved ones by holding up photos, tremendous healings and synchronous events have occurred with positive outcomes for an adopted daughter who reconnected with a welcoming birthmother, a brother who navigated a bone marrow transplant with success and relative ease, and a nephew's wife who delivered a healthy 4 1/2 pound precious baby boy after going through a high risk pregnancy. Braco and Ivica energy permeates my home through DVDs that I play, books that I put photos of loved ones in, and the Voice that I play repeatedly daily, and I never leave the house without some reminder of that blessed energy either!  I am eternally grateful to Braco and Ivica for their selflessness and enduring love, and I give thanks to Source itself for THAT which comes through Braco!”

Lynn Haripal, US

“Thank you so much for the free Live Streaming. There are no words to express my gratitude for all the inner peace, joy and happiness I'm experiencing, in my everyday and family life. Your phenomenal and blissful gifts brought much more love to my heart and soul. Thank you very very much!”

Sanda Banic, Canada

“For 15 years I had been suffering from arthritis in my spine and hips. I would go from one doctor to another, and also tried various therapies in the most expensive private clinics. In July, 2011, I gazed with Braco and I took the DVD with Braco's voice with me, and listened to it at home. In the course of only a few days, the pain was simply gone. Since then, I have stayed completely pain-free.

In 2014, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer and his doctors told him that he had only 2-3 more years to live. At that time, Live Streaming with Braco was scheduled. As I watched it, I held my husband's photo and I directed all my heart wishes and hopes for him to get well. Already after the first session, I felt inner peace and a sense that it will be all right. To everyone else's surprise, my husband's next PSA blood results came perfect and there were no signs of prostate cancer whatsoever. There are no words to express our gratitude for the Live Streaming and what it has brought to our lives.”

Muna, Germany

“Meeting Braco has brought me closer to myself, in so many ways. His gift is present in my everyday life, especially when I make decisions. There is simply more clarity than before.”



Trish Olley, US

“When I gaze into Braco's eyes, a deep calm envelopes me and all stress and tension vanish. I feel SO loved, bathed in pure Peace, Love and Light. Deepest gratitude and how wonderful to now look forward to more days of Live Stream.”



Tracie Martyn & Marius Morariu, New York/ USA

Celebrity Facialist & Scientist, Owners & Founders of Tracie Martyn Salon and Skincare

“Braco has made a big impact on our lives. We have experienced both physical healings and increased energy through his incredible gift. We see clients from the entertainment industry who have reached all their material goals but Braco has enriched their lives in other ways. We have been so privileged to have known Braco on a personal level as well, his presence is very uplifting - we always feel so happy around him… He is also a very generous person.”

Boris Novković, Croatia

Singer and song writer

(From an interview for Croatian daily newspapers '24 Hours')

“Braco helped me when I needed it. I believe it was because of the energy that I got from him, that I was able to awaken the energy in myself and win the Croatian Song Contest for the Eurovision.”

Dajana Tešanović (25), Switzerland

“Braco simply makes the future more beautiful, for all of us.

He helps us believe in a better tomorrow!”




Fran Adams, US

“I have so much more peace and contentment in my life since I started to watch Live Streaming of Braco's gaze.. It has changed my relationship with my husband for the better... more peace... Thank You Braco”


Dr. med. Matthias Knöringer, Germany

Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Today, an increasing interest of science and medicine in the holistic backgrounds of disease and health can be observed. There are already numerous scientific explanations about the work of Braco. However, for me as a doctor, the results are decisive. I have seen for myself many times, that the visitors of Braco events benefit in many ways, which is reflected in profound improvements and also medically inexplicable healings. These changes sometimes happen even at the very first encounter. For me as a doctor it is very important to help with documenting these changes and, through this, to bring this opportunity to many people and let the knowledge about that flow into our modern medicine.

Klaudija, Croatia

“When I first came here, I was in such a bad situation. There were a lot of problems, a bad relationship, no job, no perspective. I was severely depressed. Here with Braco I found a new home, I felt safe and supported. Soon all my problems started to get resolved, a new life started for me. Now I am happily married, have a little 3-year old son and I enjoy life.”


Brigitte Schlager, Austria

“When I first heard about Braco, I found out that some days later he was supposed to be in Zurich. I felt I needed to be there, 1540 kilometers there and back, and was allowed to experience healing in my first encounter with Braco. I used to have pressure and pain around and in my heart and lumps in my breast which, as a result of an operation, always had to be observed. I wasn't able to sleep on my belly anymore, due to waking up with pain. I had an ultrasound examination of my breast, where you can see these lumps. In the encounter with Braco I strongly felt my heart and had the feeling as if rings of iron around my heart were taken away. On the way home I had pain in the breast area as if I have been operated on. This condition lasted for 5 hours and was over then! Back home, I could again lie on my belly! I instantly made an appointment with the radiologist to examine my breast and, exactly as I suspected, the lumps were gone! To my doctor's amazement!”

Marius Maxim, Romania

“I have been gazing with Braco for 4 years through Live Streaming and in that time my physical well being improved. Recently I felt the need to travel here to Zagreb, to Braco's Center. Being in a group here, I felt being a part of something greater. There are these moments when you lose the sense of separation, you become one with everything. And that gives you inner peace... Since I have known Braco, I started to trust life more. Now I know that there is a reason for everything that happens. Now I can let go more, and I go more easily with the flow of life. I feel that, once you connect for the first time with this energy that works through Braco, it becomes always reachable for you.”

Ineke, Holland

“When I only touch my Sun symbol, this instantly connects me with the special place in my heart and I can feel the connection with everything, with people, with plants. I get the feeling that I don’t need anything more, that I already have everything. I get the wish to greet all people, I feel we are all One. The most beautiful thing is the way Braco spreads that Love wherever he goes. This what Braco does for us, every day, all the time, this is so necessary for the world. I would like to thank Braco for everything he does for us, and I would like to wish all the best to him, for his mission.”

Alison Elliot, US

“In March of 2008 I was diagnosed with a small goiter on my Thyroid. My TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) was 19.04 (normal is 4.5 to 5.0). At first I was taking natural raw glandular thyroid, but tests over 6 months didn’t show much difference in the numbers, so I discontinued it.

In May of 2011 I started gazing with Braco. By 2013, without any Thyroid supplements, and hundreds of both live and live streamed gazing sessions , the TSH number had gone to 10.07. Just today I got the results from the tests done a week ago. The TSH is at 8.73. Bouquets of gratitude for you Braco. ”

Bonita Bastalić (25), Croatia

“Even before I enter the front yard at Srebrnjak 1, I feel excitement and happiness, my heart starts racing, I can't describe it with words. Every time I come here feels like I'm here for the first time. I am thankful to Braco, I used to have problems with dizziness, fainting, and this is now so much better. I'm grateful to Braco for taking care of me and my family.”


Mrs. Bosch, Austria

This lady came visibly touched and grateful to one of live events with Braco in Zürich. She showed us a photo of a baby who was diagnosed with a tumor behind her eyes. Mrs. Bosch was bringing the photo of the child to every live event and held it in her arms while gazing. Soon she found out that the tumor has disappeared. "This child is now a healthy, happy girl," she said.


Tima Fader, Canada

“Dear Braco, Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us and filling us with love and compassion. I was introduced to you just couple of months ago and I attended almost all Live Stream sessions. My experience was beautiful and profound. The 1st time I gazed, I had tears flowing from my eyes. I had this overwhelming knowing that 'I am home' united with the Divine. My business challenges are fading away and I am experiencing flow, harmony and grace in my life.”

Dr. mag. Martina Stippich, Austria


“Although I didn't have physical problems when I first came to Braco, I can say that, since then, everything has changed. I can now feel the calm, the love, stillness, inner peace. In the last year I had some challenging life situations, but it always happened that in those days there was Live Streaming of Braco's gaze, which gave me tremendous support in such moments. I could feel carried by Braco's love, and I could feel that everything is ok.”


Nenad Kovačević (23), Croatia

“When my dad was having health problems, he received help through Braco and his health quickly improved. Also through this process, my mom recieved something very important. She received the strength to go through this experience with him, to be there for him, to do everything that was necessary during my father's recovery.
When I came to Srebrnjak 1, what I liked was the collective vibration, the positivity…
Usually, my brain works at a speed of 100km/h, I have so many thoughts in my head, what will I do, how will I do it, sometimes it is difficult for me to fall asleep because of all these thoughts. However, when I stand in front of Braco, I am able to completely switch off, all my thoughts disappear, I feel the peace that I need so much. I feel peace and I simply let go, I try to feel everything around me, there is no more thinking, no more fear, no more anger.”

Simone, Germany

“We lost our son 13 years ago. Deep sadness closed my heart, and I had lived with this sadness for years, until 2 years ago when I started coming to Braco. Step by step, my heart started to open up to life again. Today, I can also say that, since my husband and me came together to Braco, our relationship improved greatly. There is a new harmony between us. We come to live events when Braco is in Berlin, and we love watching Live Streaming. I wear the Sun symbol (pendant and earrings) which is for me an everyday connection to the Gift that Braco is sharing. Thank you Braco for the gifts in our lives.”

Maria, Italy

“I first saw Braco at a live event in Vienna, Austria. I came there mostly from curiosity, without expectations, but open. I brought with me my mother's photo, and I also wished for improvement with a skin problem I had. When Braco came out on stage, I felt a wave of energy, like an ocean wave... After that very first encounter my skin problem simply disappeared, and my mother was suddenly feeling better. I had concrete evidence that this was something special and strong.”


Steven North, Australia

“His energy is intense. Only just heard about Braco and wow...

Not seen anything like it before.”



Karen Yee, Singapore

“My first experience with the gazing was in Perth, Australia. I came with a photo of my aunt to ask for healing for her. She had cancer in the last stage and medication didn't help anymore. In the gazings I held her photo in front of my heart, with best wishes. A few months later her results were dramatically better.”


Dr. jur. Rolf Reinhard, Germany

Lawyer and consultant

“Braco teaches me that life does not happen yesterday or tomorrow, it happens now. It is now and it is where I am at the moment. Through Braco's gaze and his voice, I can draw from that original source, which fills my soul with love, peace, joy and strength. And with life. Only by connecting to this source I become awake, I really live - every day more and more. Braco has enriched my life tremendously.”

Arya Oberoi Dražić (19), Croatia

“In elementary and high school I was a victim of student violence. I was not accepted the way I was, I was often blamed for something I did not do. This was a big obstacle for me. Even though I was a hardworking student, I could not concentrate enough on my school obligations. I started being afraid to even go to school. My parents have been going to Braco since I was a little girl, and I used to go with them for Braco's and Ivica's birthdays. After I turned 18, I started going there more often by myself. Since then I started receiving big helps. Braco gave me back my confidence and strength. Although I have had challenges during my earlier education, now I have started studying. I actually started 2 colleges, with Braco's help. To me, Braco and Ivica are a part of me, I love them so much and I am trully grateful for everything they have helped me and my parents with! <3”

Stefan (8), Croatia

Stefan was in the yard at Srebrnjak 1, Zagreb, patiently waiting for his mother and grandparents. He was so happy to see Braco passing through the yard and told us that Braco is his best friend in the world. Stefan is especially proud of his Sun symbol. His Grandmother told us that, when Stefan was a baby, he was crying all the time. This went on for months. They could not see what was wrong, he simply did not stop crying. The whole family was exhausted and worried. And then Grandma got the thought to buy him a Sun symbol pendant. After that the situation turned around completely! He became just like any other little baby, happy and healthy.
When we asked Stefan if he will also come here for Braco's birthday in November, Stefan replied without a blink: “But of course! I would not miss it!”

Brigitta Stippich, Austria

“Since I know Braco, everything goes easier and I am much happier. For example, recently I wanted to make some changes in my life, and I was able to make them with peace, in the way that was good for everyone involved. I always ask Braco to help me that situations get resolved in the way that is best for everyone. Braco helps me feel peace.”


Elizangela, Brazil

“My first encounter with Braco's gift, and I felt strong energy and beautiful sensations as soon as we entered the waiting room at his center. When we proceeded to the Onyx room and started listening to Braco's voice , it was then that I felt something really interesting: Like I was getting out of a shell, feeling of freedom, I felt like a newborn.”


Peter Kampfner, Australia

Manager of the Investment division of Hooker Corporation and Knight Frank for Australia, ret.

“I am a fully committed skeptic. I am not involved in believing things that I cannot see or touch or have an understanding of. But my encounter with Braco changed not only my life but brought my 93 year old mother from a position of near death to a wonderful resurrection. My mother had a broken hip and then broke her pelvis, she was hospitalized and suffering with extreme pain. The doctors told me to let her go. Three days after I brought the photo of my mother to the gazing event in Sydney, the agony stopped, the mobility appeared and she was able to walk 50 meters! without pain what she was not able to do for years. Her spirit rose and I have a happy, healthy, vibrant and communicative mother today. I can only contribute that entirely to the experience with Braco. This was not a normal turnaround, this was dramatic. The head orthopedic surgeon could make no reason out of it. I want to tell the audience out there: Give it a try and believe. The skeptic Peter Kampfner now believes in miracles.”

Ljiljana Lušičić, Croatia

Assistant of the Board / Office manager

“For thirty years I have been searching for a way to free myself from constant fear and anxiety. I have tried various spiritual techniques, but without any significant progress. The first time I saw Braco, on his birthday, in 2013, I felt immediately that this is the right place to be. Since then, so much good has happened in and around me. Communication between me and my daughter, which had been extremely difficult for five years, now became easy and joyful. When I went to gaze with Braco once, I took a dear friend with me. Her husband had been unemployed for several years, and, three days after she gazed with Braco, her husband got a permanent job. When some situation or obstacle appears, I just take some of Braco’s books or CD , or simply one thought of Braco is enough and every situation becomes easier, it turns to good. What a blessing when Braco leads you to walk on the bright side of life, fulfilled with peace, love and joy. Thank You.”

From live event in Russia, March 2015

“After the first time I met Braco, my blood sugar level came to normal, and my blood pressure as well. When I gaze with Braco, I feel like all my aches, all my troubles going away.”



Kristina Žugec (19), Croatia

“I have been coming here since before I was even born. My mother had a difficult pregnancy, and I was born prematurely. The doctors gave a bad prognosis and didn’t even know if I would survive. But many family members  came to Srebrnjak 1 with  photos of me and my mother, and very soon after I was born, my health greatly improved. Today I am happy and healthy. I just finished my first year of University. In the period of two weeks I had 12 exams. My colleagues were all stressed about it but I would always come to Srebrnjak 1 to receive some peace. I really did feel at peace and passed one exam after another. Of course I studied for the exams, but, it wasn’t just me who was passing them, I felt supported by Braco, I couldn’t have done it without him. Everyone around me was so surprised how calm and confident I was.”

Berit Manninger, Kirchstetten/ Austria

Filmproduction manager and Biologist

“It is impossible to describe it with words, what I carry in my heart. I feel an infinite love and gratefulness when I think of Braco. All these beautiful and moving moments since I met his gaze for the first time in this lifetime. I feel that what comes through him enlightens my whole being. In August my husband, our three children and I were at Srebrnjak 1, to see Braco. He came out of the house and walked to the session room and later back again. Suddenly I was deeply moved by the humility and devotion he radiates. Serving Love, always ready to give. He travels for all of us from one place to the other, just to give, without demanding something. Who is this man? I feel that we are all one huge scattered herd out of one stable and Braco has come to lead us together. He connects us with the one and only source without which there is no life. We are one big family, we are all seen and loved and we all belong together. When humanity realizes this we will have peace on earth! It's a big gift and honor to know Braco! For me he is the most important person in the world!”

Mouna, Morocco

“At first I have experienced looking into Braco's eyes and listening to his voice through videos on Youtube, and I felt a peaceful connection to him. Then after a few days, I watched the free live streaming, and it was amazing. A feeling of inner peace and love was one of the gifts I received. Today, I experience Braco’s Gaze regularly, through Live Streams or through his DVDs, and each time it brings me inner peace and helps me connect more to my inner voice and to nature. I always feel relaxed afterwards, and my 'boiling' brain gets to calm down…

As a Muslim, I don’t feel or see any contradiction with my religion when I experience Braco’s Gaze. I think that Braco is a Gift to humanity, accessible to everyone, no matter which language we speak or to which nation we belong. It’s a silent Gaze that lasts a few minutes and can bring you what no money, therapy… can bring you.”

Nikola, Croatia

“Two years ago I was diagnosed with a large tumor in the colon and the doctor told me that I have come in the last moment for the operation to be even possible. In those days I would come to Srebrnjak 1 often and ask Braco for help. When the time came for the operation, they could not find anything more. Doctors did not understand what had happened and they repeated all the tests again, but still could not find anything, there was no trace of the tumor. I have full medical documentation to support this.”

Dr. med. Matthias Kamp, Germany

“When I experienced Braco's gaze for the first time, I felt nothing in my body. After a few visits, however, I felt an uplifting feeling together with a very soothing warmth, a tingling sensation in my body, and a feeling of happiness and peace. It was as if something invisible and good filled me from the inside. Since then, my encounters with his gaze are special moments for me. As a medical doctor, I am truly impressed to feel the effect that the power, which comes through Braco, has on my own body. It is a power that we, as MDs and scientists, have all but forgotten, a power that is mentioned by all of the great religions and old cultures, a power that brings us back the life. It makes me happy, both as an MD and a human being, that one may experience not only uplifting feelings, but also healings of body and soul, and healings from serious chronic diseases that we doctors are no longer able to help. I am thrilled that more and more doctors are inspired to help people to meet Braco's gaze, and I am pleased that Braco has granted us permission to establish a medical group to collect and document healings from around the world. My wish is for universities worldwide to open their doors to Braco to gaze with students and professors so that they, too, can experience what the mind cannot grasp, but the heart can.”

Ursula W., Germany

“When my parents' health conditions got worse I started to drink alcohol and to eat a lot of chocolate. I already started the day with sparkling wine, went drinking other alcohol over the day and drank hard drinks like rum in the evening. A bar of chocolate just had to be there every day and I couldn't pass the sweets' shelves in the stores without taking chocolate home with me. This is what my day looked like for about 16 years. In 2011 I met Braco's gaze in Munich, Germany and after the third live event with him I woke up in the morning and the necessity to drink was just gone... The addiction to chocolate vanished also after an event with Braco in Munich in Mai 2014. l am so grateful, can freely go shopping, no need to buy chocolate anymore, I lost 20kg and have so much freedom within myself. Thank you.”

Renato Đuričić (20), Croatia

“I study Kinesiology and I have always been active in sports. Since I started coming to Braco, I have had many helps and improvements in my life. Whenever I had a sport injury, watching Braco's DVDs helped me recover faster. When I needed motivation and the will to study, I would watch a DVD and then everything would be easier for me. I was accepted to the University I wanted and simply feel happy. I always come back here because it makes me feel great. I am thankful to Braco.”

Sabina P., Slovenia

“In the same short period I had ended a relationship, lost my job and my appartment. I became very anxious and inhibited, I was afraid of what would happen with me. This anxiety and fear had been burdening me for more weeks, when the Live Stream with Braco started.

This was the first time I was joining. When that very first Gaze started, I felt my heart reopen. I could again feel peace and security in my heart and that pressure in my chest simply disappeared. With every gazing I feel I become lighter and freer. I am so grateful to this energy and love.”

Dr. Lucia D. Colizoli, USA

Board Certified Psychiatrist and Certified in Addiction Medicine, in the practice of medicine for 36 years

“I have never experienced such a strong positive energy in the presence of any other human being. I have great respect for the work of Braco and I am aware of many other doctors interested in spiritual healing who also have a deep respect for him.”

Sanja Stošić (22), Germany

“Braco and Ivica mean so much to me. I have realized that, although life can be hard sometimes, everything will become better, I am certain  about that. I have been through a difficult period in my life, and whenever I felt sad, I would think about Braco and Ivica and that gave me the strength I needed. Each time I would get little signs that I wasn’t alone and that everything would be alright. Since coming here, I have also realized that I am stronger than I thought. Coming to Srebrnjak 1 is special for me, here one is surrounded with so many positive feelings and then one can go forward in life being a better and a stronger person.”

Miroslav, Slovenia

“Two years ago, after I had just lost my job, I went to a live event with Braco, and the same evening I received a phone call from a friend of mine, he called to offer me a job. Just now they've prolonged my contract, and now I have a permanent place at the job I love. I come to Srebrnjak 1 to say thank you. I bought myself a ring with the Sun symbol which reminds me that everything is possible.”

Dr. Cornelia Wehr, Austria

“Deep in my heart I feel very touched by Braco and by what he gives us through his gaze. Gentle, loving, serving humanity unconditionally - as I´ve experienced him for many years now. He has opened my heart and that of my family more than ever before so that love and peace are more and more noticeable inside and outside for all of us. Even he has brought me a big step further to myself. I feel much more inner freedom now than before I met him. I am indefinitely grateful to him - I can hardly put it into words.”

Mélanie Mandard, France

“I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 7 years. I had many difficulties to work because I was in pain 24/7. I would get very tired quickly and couldn’t do the things that others normally did. I was often lying in bed and felt very alone. The doctors said that the fibromyalgia was incurable. Although I was taking a lot of medicine and did many alternative therapies, nothing really helped.

I heard about Braco from friends and saw the DVD “From Spark to Flame” . I then decided to go to a live event with Braco in Germany in June 2011. I wanted to believe that I can get better, so I decided to open my heart at least for 5 minutes to this man who simply gazes at people in silence... During the gaze, I felt so much love that I couldn’t imagine was possible: a pure love. It has been a long time since I’d cried, and now I was crying from happiness. I felt my cells vibrate in my whole body, my being was fully present and aware of this powerful energy. I felt loved… That very day all the pains disappeared from my body, I received physical healing from a disease that was considered to be incurable. Since then, my life has been completely transformed. I am very active, very happy, and also support others with sharing my experience. Thank you Braco.”

Kathy Elrod, USA

“During the Live Stream gazing sessions in March 2015, I asked a relative (you can see her on the photo with her cat) to participate. Two doctors had found several lumps and cysts in her breasts and she had other negative symptoms including pain. She was waiting to have ultrasound to access her condition...

She has now had the exam, and her breasts are clear, just normal healthy tissue!!! I am very grateful!”


Matthias Bornemann, Germany

“I had been suffering for five years from tinnitus, it was a loud continuous noise. In an encounter with Braco in 2013 my tinnitus suddenly disappeared.

In the summer of 2014 I brought a photo of my mother to the gazing. When I returned home, she told me that she did not have foot pain anymore.”


Milica Prelčec, Croatia

“In 2004. I suffered a head injury in an accident, and since then I had been having a tic in my right eye. It had been like this for 4 years, until I came to Braco for the first time in 2008. When Braco came out, suddenly I felt strong twitching in my right eye, and this continued throughout the gazing. From that very first encounter with Braco, I have never again had this tic.”


From live event in Switzerland, March 2015

“My cousin from Toronto, Canada, was diagnosed with two tumors - one in lungs, and one in the kidney. Without her knowing, I brought her photo to the event with Braco. When I phoned her that same day, she told me she felt very happy, and especially well that day. Two months later, both of the tumors were gone! I, myself have experienced helps in many areas of life - I have lost back pains, got help at work and in my family.”

Angela Finger, Germany

“For over 3 month I had noises in my ears. They were as loud as food processors. The doctor diagnosed a severe Tinnitus but ENT-infusions and acupuncture unfortunately didn't help. After 3 or 4 gazings on different event locations with Braco the noises in my ears disappeared. The ENT- specialist could hardly believe it. How could that be possible? As far as I am concerned: Braco saved my life, because with these very loud noises in my ears I probably would have taken my life sooner or later. I also had a light burnout syndrome. I am so happy that it went away after the 14 day live streaming period of Braco's gaze from Croatia in September 2014.”

Ivona Čapkanov (22), Croatia

Ivona helps at Braco's events in Opatija, Croatia, since 3 years. In this way she wants to thank That which comes through Braco for helping her grandfather to recover from deep depression. He would stay in bed, without power, empty and sad. Nothing helped him, until one day his daughter brought his photo to a gazing session with Braco. "Immediately the next day my grandpa stood up from bed and got well! Our family life became much easier and we are happy!" For Ivona the improvement in the family was a big relief and she feels that growing up with Braco's gaze has helped her also through the challenging times at school, which many young people are facing. Ivona is always wearing the golden Sun Symbol: "Sometimes I feel I need protection when I go out with my friends and that is why I always have the Sun Symbol with me - I touch it and ask to please protect me. I have a good feeling when I wear it.”

Lee Johnston Mayke, Bachelor of Physical Education, Acton, Ontario/ Canada

Transformation Mentor & Coach

“For three years, I've been unable to work because of physical and emotional issues. Although, I have been working with doctors, therapists and the best coaches money could possibly buy, it wasn't until I 'gazed' with Braco that my physical and emotional challenges healed completely. These long standing major health issues (some from childhood) were healed during the Live Streaming event in June 2014 from Split, Croatia. Additionally, my 89 year old mother had fallen and had broken her foot in two places and her tailbone in February of this year. Her recovery was very slow, and she had lost all hope for life. My mother's quality of life and independence had completely disappeared. After watching 2 gazings in June at the Live Streaming Event, my mother got her 'will to live' back, she instantly looked 25 years younger and her physical healing happened rapidly after this time. She now works in her garden, does her errands independently and wants to start driving her car again!! My mother and I have our lives back!! I am more excited about my life and what I can provide for my clients, friends and family than I have been in the last 30 years! This is truly a series of miracles!!”

Lisa Lam, Australia

“My 11-year old son loves Braco. When he feels he needs power and security, he asks me to play one of Braco's DVDs. Especially at night he wants to watch the film with Braco's Voice - since doing that, the nightmares he regularly had were suddenly gone. Now we feel like there is more harmony in our home, we are happy.”


Erna Wüllner, Germany

“At the beginning of 2011 I was diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm of the skin at the décolleté (basal cell carcinoma). The doctor told me that an operation would be necessary. On June 4th, 2011 I participated at a live event of Braco’s Gaze in Stuttgart. Immediately after the live event the carcinoma was gone and the operation which was supposed to be on the 7th of June was cancelled. Nevertheless, the doctor tested a tissue sample and there was no sign of anomalies at all. Isn´t that great? Because of gratefulness I have been organizing bus transfers to live Gazings with Braco since 2012. I feel more successful and happy which has a positive influence on the outcomes of my work.”

Milosh & Nenad Zezelj, NY/ USA

Actors & Models

“Braco has helped us tremendously in our lives. He made our dreams come true. Ever since we decided that we wanted to move to New York and study acting we have been gazing, with this intention in mind. We got accepted to a film school and were given a scholarship. We have successfully graduated and found our own apartment in Manhattan. We were able to be part of many TV shows and movies. Furthermore, we were given the official O1 Visa for extraordinary abilities in the Arts, Motion Pictures and Television. We are so thankful to Braco, that we offered to translate his book “After the great tragedy” into English, and by doing so we both experienced an inner shift and a deep feeling of peace. Every time he comes to New York, we offer our help as volunteers as we see this as a wonderful possibility of giving back what he has given us.”

Antonija Hegedić (26), Croatia

“At a regular ultrasound examination the doctor diagnosed that I had two myomas, 23 mm in size. After that, I went to Braco to Srebrnjak 1 several times, without thinking whether I will see Braco or listen to his voice. In my thoughts I asked for help. After a month, on the follow-up examination, the findings were normal. Since then it has stayed this way.”



Dr. Ruth Maria Friewald, Austria

Specialist in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

“A spiritual force acts through Braco in wordless silence, and it opens a very specific door in the hearts of people who give themselves over to these phenomena with trust. The wonderful door, spoken of, exists in every soul, only it has been buried and sealed in many because of past painful and difficult experiences. I believe that it is Braco’s intention to free and open up this door once again, and as a result, every person can enjoy a direct connection to the Creator, Source, God, regardless of one’s religion or ethnicity, regardless of one’s intellectual capacity, education or age.

This way, the soul experiences a direct connection and a sort of homecoming in the eternal dimension where nothing incurable and nothing impossible exists any more, and where every true heart’s desire can ultimately be fulfilled.

Many people, who have been only for a short time in front of Braco, have later given documented reports as to the wonderful effects that they have experienced in themselves and in their lives, as well as in the lives of loved ones whom they had brought with them in heart. These people are proof that this is all truly possible. There are no mind-bound limits for this force that flows, perfectly and purely through Braco’s gaze, to the souls of people who trust him and open up to it. I am convinced about this myself. I believe that Braco, as a human being on this Earth at this time, fulfills a unique mission.”

Miroslav K., Croatia

“When I was student on the faculty, I could not concentrate on my exams, I needed help. At that point I could not have even dreamed that one day I would be travelling around the world. But, thanks to Braco's and Ivica's energy, today I am a senior officer and IT manager. I could say that my life has changed in one second after I have met Braco. Now, since I travel a lot with work, I am away from my family for long periods of time. During that time books and DVDs help me to be strong. Also, my work position is responsible and can be very stressful. For example, as I work with technology, sometimes big problems happen and my team and I are under big pressure to fix it fast. In situations like that, instead of creating even more pressure, I first read a part of a book or watch Braco's DVD to calm down. Then I go back to the office and I am able to relax my coworkers. This way we finish the job much faster and better than we would have the other way. So Braco, Ivica, books and DVDs also help me to be a better manager and a better person. Through me they also help people around me.”

Tamara Marelja (26), Croatia

“I was struggling with depression and bulimia during  my teenage years. When I came to Braco I was depressed – I felt lost. But the person who I was then, does not exist anymore and I ask myself today, how is it possible that I was like this before? Through Braco I realized that I am worthy of love and that everyone deserves love and should accept it. Before you can love others, you first have to be able to love yourself. I am happy because I am alive and because I can feel, without fear and with an open heart!”

Carmen van Schellenbeck, Switzerland

Manager of a fashion store

“I have multiple sclerosis and very often I have difficulties to use my right hand normally. So I was looking forward to the event with Braco, hoping that it might help me. When I looked at Braco, I felt warmth in my head and a tingling sensation all over my arms and hands. After that my arms were so light and I could move my hand normally, opening and closing my fist, picking up things without any problem. This was a truly magical moment in my life and I am so grateful. From time to time I still have problems with my hand, but much less than before.”

Maria Vidira, Switzerland

“I had arthrosis for many years, which was making it hard for me to do my job as a casheer at that time. In the year 2000, my colleague told me that there is one man who is helping people, so I went to see him. At this time Braco was still talking to people. After this encounter I've got a strong feeling to stretch my legs and arms as much as I can. From this moment on, my arthrosis is simply gone and I feel wonderful! Also my father, who had cancer, got help. All I did was - to bring his photo to Braco.”

Kaaren Jordan, Santa Ynez, CA/ USA

Holistic Alternative Practitioner

“Due to a serious auto accident in Dec. 2012, I was unable to work for over a year. My health, business and finances were in shambles with not much hope for recovery on any front. In May 2014, with nowhere else to turn, I experienced my first Live Stream Gaze with Braco . I can truly say my life has changed dramatically for the better since then, also giving my husband and me new hope and a new beginning.”


Ivan Gavran (22), Croatia

“I have had many improvements since I started coming to Braco. After 8 years of strong migraine headaches, I am now free from that. Also, during my childhood, I was suffering from different fears, and this too is now in the past. Today, I use every opportunity to come to Srebrnjak 1 to say thank you. I deeply enjoy this place where I can feel inner peace. Sitting in the waiting room, reading, and then enjoying Braco's gaze or voice .”


Christoph and Beata, Toronto, Canada

(Braco Live Event Esslingen, Germany 6. 9. 2014.)

“We got to know about Braco about a month ago. Due to missing the Braco event in Rochester, USA, we decided to travel to Europe to the next appointment possible. We are so excited about Braco and about being here! You can't describe Braco with words. We both felt a really strong energy in the encounter with Braco, a kind of vibration and warmth in the whole body, especially in the back. As Braco entered the stage an enormous feeling of love and being deeply touched came over us. Braco conveys unconditional love to all people and takes all the fears which burden us in our daily life away from us. That is immediately tangible and a true gift! He brings us in fact onto a new level of existence.”

Kevin Kontrec (18), Croatia

“Two months ago I was at Srebrnjak 1 for the first time. Soon after that I had an important game with my handball team at a regional championship. I felt nervous so I decided to take Braco's book "Awakening" with me. This gave me peace and confidence, and I was able to focus on the game. I am thankful to Braco.”


Melanie Dyllick, Germany

MSc, PhD

“I came to Braco for the first time in early 2011. I felt deeply touched. On the way back with the bus, I was finally able to forgive my father and mother for certain things, which had happened in my childhood. I cried a lot, I felt lifted up and was and still am full of love and understanding for the situation of my parents. This positive experience led to harmony, sympathy and more love between me and my parents.”


Slađana Vidić (23), Croatia

“After I first started coming to Braco 3 years ago, people around me started noticing changes in me. Before, I was always nervous, easily provoked, most of the things would irritate me. When I was around many people, or dealing with many information, or if there was any kind of stress, I would get a headache. I would go to sleep with a headache, and wake up in the morning with pain again. Since coming to Braco, this was slowly getting better, and, last year, one day I simply noticed that I haven't had a headache for months. You see, changes are happening without us even being aware of it. Before I was stressing about everything. Today I feel and act differently, I deal with life with ease. I feel better than ever!”

Marilyn E. M., Joshua Tree, CA/ USA

“I LOVE BRACO!!! I LOVE Angelika's book 21 days with Braco ! My husbands doctor gave his a very grim diagnosis with not much hope. I gazed with his photo. Then we went to LA to see Braco. My husband had additional tests and the doctor called and said his heart is good and no meds necessary. My life is charmed! I have never felt so much love EVER in my life. The light that came from Braco's eye to me at the live event was a portal of endless love. It activated me. I have never experienced Love like this before. It is endless and it is contagious! Love is contagious! hahahahahaha! Love and Kisses!” – [August 2012]

Aprile, USA

“In Miami this May … I was seeing a beautiful peaceful green blue color, then pink and then it ended with a rainbow. Along with a peace I have never felt before, my migraines have vanished. I live in Florida now, and before it would rain or the barometer would drop, I would suffer terribly. My doctor tried all kinds of medications but to no avail. When I drove back home (the same day I drove up by the way, which is 5 hours, and I was not tired at all) storm clouds were right above me; no migraine. Next day same thing, rain was coming, no migraine. Needless to say I haven't had one since my gazing with Braco! I used to be in bed for DAYS with these migraines. I no longer have allergies or sinus problems, as I live in Florida the pollen is 24/7, and the humidity, well you know! I still have not had even a regular headache, never mind the migraines!!!! I am also sleeping better. SO HAPPY!!!! I also had my foot operated on 3 times and could not stand on it with out holding on to something. I can stand on it now. I was exposed to 6 months of carbon monoxide about 2 years ago, all damage is GONE. It used to take enormous effort and a lot of time to complete a task, not anymore, things are just falling into place in the easiest way ever - no more struggle! Everything is flowing!!!! Nothing is "bothering" me, where I used to feel hurtful, sad or negative things deeply and for days, it's just rolling off my back, I'm like a duck. I can still understand and sympathize when other people are bothered tho. I am so content! I also have no fear, a deep peace that all will be well. The good stuff just keeps coming, the flow is just amazing!!!” — Love [May 16, 2012]

Elizabeth, USA

“I also have to share that I am so completely amazed to not only have my dreams back, but a knowingness that I can actually LIVE them!!!!

I have experienced such a profound inner transformation since October….sooo much Love, peace, and JOY! After many, many years of depression! I will share in greater detail soon…– Namaste”

Lorette, Palestine

“Some months ago I got to know about Braco through friends from Germany and watched the internet Live Streaming in June.. At that time I thought: “Can that be real?” After the Live Streaming everything immediately changed in my life! I got a new job and a house – what I never dared to dream about! That also happened to my grownup children and their family, everything began to change for the good, although they did not watch the Live Streams at all! At that time I felt an indescribable feeling of happiness, deep joy and peace. I am filled with happiness, joy and a lot of gratitude. It is simply wonderful!”

Patti Saar, Airdrie, Alberta/ Canada

(about Live Streaming)

“We have had so many miracles & improvements in our lives since I first began gazing in Dec. 2012.  My friend in Alberta sent me an email - for the second time and I followed my guidance to look. Tears flowed from my eyes watching the clip. I could feel instantly that I was to gaze first opportunity. My husband also had the same reaction when I showed him the clip.  And there it began.  Our relationship has so strengthened, becoming more pure & with grace as we come more into our true nature.  With our children and family as well.  Job opportunities for our husband, the sale of our property in Costa Rica - in which difficult times for sale & we were told that our place was a difficult sell.  This last live stream (Monday 9th June) the home builder we have contracted to build our home, within 3 hours negotiated the acreage price with a private seller and settled to what the home builder & us had felt it should be 2 months before. (I hope this makes sense.) Before my very first live stream gaze - I knew that there was something dark and heavy inside my soul for a few months that had been coming closer to release.  I felt it leave - it was heavy - immediately after the gaze I sat on the floor, curled up with hands around my knees and cried.  It was so beautiful & empowering.  I felt so much lighter - in fact after the very next gaze, I laughed and laughed for some time.  The lightness has continued.”

Beverly Wahl, USA

“I have been to two gazing events (Indianapolis in June – I am the lady who had fibromyalgia) and both days in Chicago with my husband. I wanted to share that there have been more miracles since then. My daughter-in-law's mother was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. Chemo and radiation did not remove the cancer based on follow up tests. I had her picture at the gazing events in Chicago and we were in every session for two days. They did another follow up blood test after the gazing and her blood tests showed she was in complete remission and the follow up MRI after the gazing showed her cancer tumors GONE! Braco is a miracle from God and I thank God for sending Braco and Ivica to us. You have been an angel at his side bringing his love and light to the US for the transformation! Thank you. I regret that I did not purchase the sun necklace at the events and was wondering if there are any plans for on-line purchasing. I feel strongly that the DVD's (which we play in our office wellness center and in our home-our business has picked up tremendously and my dogs are healed from listening to Braco during the day!) and your amazing book as well as the sun symbol bring healing too. Thank you and many blessings.”

Dana Bartels, USA

“This is Dana Bartels. I attended two internet sessions and three in-person gazing sessions. The live gazing sessions were amazing and truly transforming. During the last session, which was my third of the week, I saw an aura around Braco, his body only a ray of light. I thought I was hallucinating for a moment, then I just let my mind relax and my heart open. I then saw light from everyone in the audience joing with his, and I got a sense of connectedness as never before experienced. a knowing that we are one child of God. I have never been happier. More patient and tolerant and loving of others which is showing as I work with the public on my job, which is resulting in higher pay. I am more at ease, loss of fear/anxiety. But the best gift of Braco's gazing I have received, is a new and profound love of others. On another level, the pain in my wrist is gone and I cancelled my doctors appointment for the time being. I can't wait to build on these experiences when he returns for his next time with us. Thanks so much for bringing him to us.– With much Aloha” [January 2012]

Autumn, USA

“I received The Golden Bridge DVD and the 21 Days with Braco book a week ago. It was perfect timing to wipe out horrible pain that was starting to reoccur for me that day. All I did was touch the book and DVD for my pain to disappear. I have loved the DVD, I find myself crying tears of pure joy when I listen to The Voice . I love the book also, I plan to start rereading it all over again. I find that if I am having any aches or pains, placing the book on those areas of my body chases the pain away! I also have placed pictures of loved ones who are sick into the book beside pictures of Braco and they immediately start to improve. I am sensitive to energies but I have never encountered energy experiences like these! I find my Inner Spark igniting as I read the book, listen to The Voice and even just read the Transcription of The Voice. I feel myself radiating energy throughout the day, I feel healthier, calmer, and even physically warmer in this icy Midwest winter we're having this year. I hope to make it to the Indianapolis viewing that is being planned in April. It would be even more perfect for there to be a viewing in St. Louis. As this is even closer to me. I am drawn to the Sunce and would love the opportunity to purchase one of these wonderful necklaces.”

Hans Maier, Mainburg/ Germany

M.D., Medical Practitioner and Naturopathic Doctor

“During each encounter with Braco's Gaze I feel a fortifying energy. Through this energy I myself received a physical transformation, and I saw other people getting physical transformations as well.”

Consuelo Cassoti, USA

“Thanks for the possibility to see you online , my mom from Italy can enjoy to see you 3 times! She was less anxious and she said that your looking is full of compassion and unconditional love, she is 74 this years! It would be incredible to see you in Italy or in the italian part of Switzerland. I live in USA, but we need some light in Italy too! Thank you for helping this Planet to make the Great Shift! 10000 of blessings.”

Dr. Reingard Drev, Mödling/ Austria

M.D., General Medicine

“For me, Braco is pure love. He connects us with love and we can be whole again. I wish all people on this earth, that they may receive the love through Braco`s giving gaze.”