Professor Alex Schneider, former President of the Basel PSI Days - World Healing Congress, Board member of the Swiss Society for Parapsychology/ Switzerland and the author of the book: Braco – Die faszinierende Welt von Mythos und Wissenschaft; available in German here .

This is an extract from three lectures in Zurich, Switzerland, held by Professor Schneider in September, October and November 2010:

[Translated from German]

“The special setting of Braco’s sessions creates a good basis for the strikingly frequent high gains in the quality of life; be it by improving the mental or physical health, or social conditions. The fact that he does not speak has many advantages and the group dynamics are also not to be underestimated as a factor. That the charismatic Braco has influence on people at the sessions, as well as at a distance (photos) has been attested to again and again.

However, with the tools of classical physics we cannot grasp or describe this phenomenon. Analogous processes such as telepathy, spiritual healing, etc. are today statistically proven by numerous reliable studies. But unfortunately, we still lack functional models that can explain these processes as well as Braco’s influence, which would allow for predictions.

It has to be pointed out again and again that in order to come to a deeper understanding of such processes, the human being must not only be seen as his physical appearance, but as a highly complex being. It is natural that we first notice the physical body, which of course has its importance too, although it is only the outermost part of the vast, largely unknown human being. Since these questions are covered in detail in a forthcoming book, further illustrations are omitted here. Whereas the scientific fact that human beings are determined by their ‘higher’ bodies, and only as a result of this by their physical body, is discussed here in detail.  In particular, I will discuss the mathematical theory of the physicist Burkhardt Heim.

Basically, Braco’s influence is not to be understood as energies coming from his person. His charisma is such that his “higher” human qualities, together with the help of the catalysis of the individual participants (the above-mentioned group dynamics), puts him in a position to change the people standing before him in their deeper human layers in such a way that they are able to absorb harmonizing information, as well as to awaken these themselves. These then become effective in the outer being of the participants, such as self-healing. Braco always stresses that he is not a healer, meaning, he does not focus on influencing a physical disability of an individual.  Measurements done by Volkamer show that Braco’s subtle energies are about the same as those of any other spiritual healer. The unique feature of Braco, therefore, does not consist of the release of any healing energies, but is taking place on another level.

It is important to recognize that the cosmos, but also every human being, consists of different layers overlaying one another. Since we are mainly aware of the lowest layer of the body, it was the philosophy of materialism, which over the past two centuries spread out in the scientific world.

Materialism means that the only reality is matter; everything else, such as feelings, thoughts, etc. are only a consequence thereof. For Spiritualism, as opposed to this, “the highest, divine” level is the primary reality. From it follows everything else and only lastly the material.

The churches’ concepts coincide essentially with this idea. In Hinduism, later theosophy, anthroposophy and other schools, much more detailed models for such a hierarchical structure of the cosmos emerged. They all have the disadvantage that they are not objectifiable, so the mystics, who have subjectively experienced how all of this is connected and have drawn their conclusions and theories from there, are not taken serious. The fact that modern physics has taken a different approach toward spirituality lately is amazing and gratifying. The most significant theory of this kind comes from the aforementioned physicist, Burkhard Heim. Through an accident in his youth he lost both hands, was virtually blind and had only a very weak sense of hearing. It is of general interest that after his accident, he was able to memorize 100% of everything he heard. It shows that we have latent abilities that can be aroused in order to compensate for the loss of important senses, and thus ensure a quality of life. Thus, and through the introspection forced upon him, he developed his original, extremely mathematized six-dimensional, then twelve-dimensional cosmology. With it he was able to derive a unique formula for the masses of all elementary particles, data that can only be acquired through costly experiments with particle accelerators.

The fact that this theory is not just a mere fantasy is made obvious by amazing results in physics. “Twelve-dimensional” means that in order to fully describe the cosmos, twelve variable values are necessary. For the sub-area, directly accessible through our senses, we have the three dimensions of length, width and height and the time dimension associated with them. The other eight dimensions are beyond our direct vision and imagination, but are partly mathematically accessible. Such higher dimensions we can see in comparison with the air. It surrounds us necessarily, but we notice it only when we focus on some of its properties. We have our “place” in these higher dimensions, just as we are in a particular place within the three dimensions. Just like a country, a city or an apartment can prevent us from developing ourselves, we can be in an inappropriate place in the other dimension. In both cases, we may have difficulty or it may even be totally impossible for us to go to a better place.

It is often said: ”In the near future the human race will live in the 5th dimension.“ It would be more appropriate to say, “We already live in it, but hope to be able to adjust our coordinates accordingly.” This idea can possibly be conceived through the following model: We take the length and width and instead of the height, we take the 5th dimension. In our three dimensional world, with the height as the 3rd dimension, we can with the help of an airplane rise to a higher coordinate, from which the world below looks totally different, and the streets, fields and towns are experienced in a different context.  When we now see this from the perspective of the 5th, the entelechial dimension, we would replace the height with a “place”, where everything exists in a higher order. Burkhard Heim used the following example: When on a “lesser height”, the pieces of a clock are laying on a table all mixed up, so is the functioning clock to be seen at a “greater height”. The metric of this 5th dimension is the reciprocal entropy, whereas entropy represents the “measure of disorder”. The 6th aeonic dimension has to do with the implementation of such a condition.  These two coordinates are, however, and this is important for us to know, not subordinate but superior to our three-dimensional room, where we experience everything through our senses.  Therefore, we call it the entelechial dimension.  Heim’s sequence of stages is: body, life, soul and spirit.

The 7th and 8th dimensions form an “information space”, which is probably stimulated in the meetings with Braco. It interacts with the lower stages, described above. Heim’s equations show that this exchange of data is dependent on the general state of the person concerned, and possibly their level of consciousness. The data of these higher dimensions, 5 to 8, are more real than their secondary illusory effects in the physical world. Everything, even trivial physical phenomena, but also health and healing are pre-programmed in these higher metaphysical levels. I must stress again that because of the extremely challenging mathematics, including the multi-valued logic also developed by B. Heim, this theory is very difficult to access in detail, and is in the true sense of the word—esoteric. Heim himself was very interested in the consequences of his theory on human existence, including life after death.  (He wrote a book on this subject.)  It was important to him that we human beings realize and even experience the fact that we are not only passive actors in this world, but active co-creators. I mention this because I am convinced that many visitors to the sessions are opening up to the importance of these dimensions, through the meetings with Braco.

Burkhart Heim also shows us in mathematical form, that there must be information transfers that do not happen through our three-dimensional space, so that it makes no difference, if the person concerned is standing right before Braco or located at great distance.  The dimensions 9 to 12 are necessary for mathematical reasons; however, they are completely inaccessible for descriptive purposes. From that area, the actual regulation and control of the cosmos comes forth. Heim called that “subspace” G4, where G stands for God.

I would like to emphasize again, that the dimensions 5 to 12, which contain the essential human values, are not of a three-dimensional nature and are not in the usual sense somewhere in or around our bodies.  So that using the descriptions ”higher level”, “shell”, “higher bodies”, etc. are only figurative expressions for something that cannot be grasped with our senses.

The few physicists, who after much hesitation work with this theory, are through their profession only interested in the (consequences in physics) ensuing results, such as the calculation of the mentioned elementary particles, so that unfortunately the implications of this unique theory on human life have not been studied enough to present them in an understandable and practicable way.

Until a few years ago the thinking process was regarded as one of the main and typically human qualities. The famous, but perhaps not entirely correctly interpreted phrase from Descartes is, “Cogito ergo sum” —I think therefore I am.

The mind is merely the often over-valued control center of our thinking and acting, with which we believe we can solve all our problems.

A computer can also handle such data, in fact even better!  We should not compare ourselves with this machine, which we believe to be much more efficient and even be a little ashamed of it.  A typical human value on the other hand is the “transfer of information from higher databases”. This means that we allow our mind to be guided by creative intuition (a term not long ago frowned upon and considered unscientific). It brings into our existence really new and important things, like the appreciation of art, a sense of beauty, love. The brain is here not the creator, but only an intermediary.

In order to be free for these highly valuable influences, we must reduce the computer-like mental noise, the activity of the eternal chatter stimulated by today’s restless flood of information. This reduction is also important for the encounters with Braco. Again and again, when we are faced with Braco, the sky of our consciousness will be covered with dark, but also pretty pink clouds. Let them move on! Time and again we receive reports that after repeated encounters with Braco, this too becomes easier, also in everyday life.

When the inner blabbermouth becomes silent, the vital information from the higher levels becomes tangible and effective.

Organs of the human body, such as the nervous system, brain, DNA—which by the way all correspond with the higher qualities of man—are in close connection with the physical force fields that surround us: gravity, the magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Many very precise studies have been done on the subject.

If not all signs deceive us, we are even now and more so in the near future, exposed to changes in the aforementioned force fields. This is partly caused by the increasing electromagnetic pollution, brought about by our own doing. But then, it is expected that excessively strong solar activity will influence these vital forces. Regarding the external consequences, NASA warns us that there will be global collapses of the power supply and electronic interconnections. There have been some smaller such events in the recent past.  With the necessary precautions, these external effects can be mastered much better than some doomsayers want to make us believe.

It is also believed that we are going toward the influence of strong gamma rays—consequence of the movement of our solar system—the consequences of which are still unclear.

More important to us, however, are the findings of those scientists who are discussing the immediate consequences on the individual human being.  It seems that the people who accept and live by true human values will experience a positive impact on their awareness through these field changes, so that no less than an unexpected leap in evolution could be triggeredan event that in the past led to a leap forward in human development.

However, he who keeps his mind closed to higher dimensional realities and keeps thinking in old materialistic patterns, could for the lack of acceptance and the right reaction, get into all kinds of trouble.

So, I once again emphasize the importance of what happens at these sessions with Braco. It is above all a change in consciousness that the visitors experiencean indispensable requirement for us all, to face the challenges of the coming years.”

About Burkhard Heim:

Burkhard Heim (February 9, 1925 – January 14, 2001) was a German theoretical physicist. He devoted a large portion of his life to the pursuit of his unified field theory, Heim theory. Wikipedia