Scientists and people of notable accomplishment share their comments about Braco and his work...

The film „Power of Silence“ is beautiful. It's simple, yet intimate, and it touches me watching those people whose lives have been changed. But getting the chance to sit next to Braco, watching Braco watch the film, I don't know, I got this feeling in my throat, just like when I was standing there watching the gaze. I felt like I was, I don't know, just something up to here (pointing to her neck). I'm really happy to be here, to see this film and to meet Braco. For me, the most important thing in the world is to help others and to share what you have. And that's the message that I get, I'm so happy to see him share it. Thank you so much.
Naomi Campbell, top model/ UK, at the premiere of the documentary about Braco 'Power of Silence' in NYC

It is not only about healing. It is about energies and spirituality, about knowing that we are not only the physical body, and that we have this contact, through Braco's divine energy and his gazing.
Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich, Ph.D. / US



People have a kind of a hunger for silence, they have a hunger to somehow be in touch with their true self. Amos has a beautiful passage, it says that there will be a hunger and a thirst. But not a hunger for bread or thirst for water, but a hunger for the word of god. And that word of god, if you look at the verse Kings 19, is a voice that is silent. God speaks to you through silence, but you have to be willing to listen in silence, without silence you are not going to hear it. Maybe he represents that.
Rabbi Jack Bemporad, Director of the nonprofit Center for Interreligious Understanding (CIU), US, and first person in history to receive an honorary Ph.D. in theology from the University of St. Thomas Aquinas, (the Angelicum) a Pontifical University in Rome

„It is time to build a new culture of peace and that is where Braco comes in. I feel that that is exactly what Braco brings through his gazing, he gives each person a personal experience of peace. (…) The Peace Pole that we gave Braco at the UN - that was such a special moment. It was not only awarding him the Peace Pole but also allowing the people from the United Nations community who had gathered there to appreciate Braco as an ‘Ambassador of Peace’. (…)“
Rev. Deborah Moldow, Representative to the United Nations of the World Peace Prayer Society, NGO affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information, at the event at the United Nations Tillman Chapel in New York City

Braco is a fascinating figure and he is not making neither religious nor political statements. In fact he is communicating through silence and the power of silence. We are completely overinformationalised and people want to go back to something that is tangible in the human being. And maybe Braco's gaze is what solidifies that idea, and there is something very powerful in that idea, in the power of silence and in the power of receiving something from another human being without words, without incantations, without ceremonies. Just the power of love in a deeper sense.
Armand Assante, Emmy Award winning actor/ US

What Braco does is beyond our imagination and beyond our perception, because it is God's work, it is not human work.
Grand Master Kim, Karate legend / US, at the premiere of the documentary about Braco 'power of Silence' in Bucharest



Braco is a person who definitely has paranormal abilities, which can not be categorized. For me this fits into the group of so called non religious charismatic personalities, people who can effect large numbers of people through their presence and who can change the lives of people in different ways. 

What Braco does will sooner or later enter a phase in which it will be possible to explain by natural laws.
Drago Plecko, Scientist and Author/ Croatia


Braco simply gazes and lets go in silence the energy that pours from his eyes. He doesn't offer any explanation. He establishes another type of communication with the audience, not only visual but of another type.
Dr. Angel Luis Fernandez, psychiatrist, philosopher, author of 34 books, held various public and private functions, also at UNICEF and UNESCO/ Spain


I have been enormously impressed with Braco's spiritual healing efforts.
John W. McDonald, US Ambassador, ret. / USA




Instead of the old tools to force peace… we support a range of new tools that create rather than destroy. Braco is such a tool (…), he enables you to see the truth of yourself: who am I, why am I, why am I here, what am I doing? ( …) I am very happy and so is our board that we are linking with Braco because in the future what we need is a world group that stands for peace, irrespective of how they demonstrate it.
Biannca Pace, chairperson of Ministry for Peace, Australia, extract of her talk in a Live Streaming interview in September 2014

To see Braco is something really healing, liberating. He is a person who looks at one without judgement, without any imposition, any projection. He is really looking at us, with our real nature. It is such a special moment in which, through the gaze, one connects with the light. I wish Braco will travel all over the world and gaze in silence. His presence is so powerful, and we need that in our world.
Laura Esquivel, novelist and screenwriter, author of bestseller "Like Water for Chocolate"/ Mexico

Braco's gift is something really special. All my life I keep saying: The more you give, the less you need. And that is exactly what Braco does, that's one of the things that fascinated me about him. The love he gives to the people is priceless. God bless you brother, I love you, Braco.
Ciro Orsini/ UK


Braco is the real thing.
Dr. Michael Beckwith, featured in documentary 'The Secret', Author, Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, cofounder of the Association for Global New Thought, and the co-chair of the Season for Nonviolence/ USA



Based on the study that I've made on the testimonials of over 1500 participants, I believe that Braco really has an effect on the mind, on the soul and on the physical body.
Prof. Dr. D. C. Dulcan, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Author / Romania



I've had a genetically predispositioned vision problem for 20 years. I am amazed and can not explain what happened, but my vision is much clearer now. Looking into Braco's eyes, I felt overwhelming feelings of love and joy, just feeling his presence. Very, very fulfilling I would say, a sense of pleasure, joy and fulfillment, which is a rare thing. This is a very unique experience.
Dr. Madan Bali, PhD, 92 years, doctor of complementary medicine, founder of Yoga Bliss/ Canada

In my career I met a lot of interesting people, but Braco is truly unique. I had already heard a lot about him before I started making the film „Power of Silence“, but our collaboration allowed me to truly appreciate how big a person he actually is. His mission and willingness to help anyone who needs help is something really different in today’s world. For me, it was a privilege to be allowed to watch this kind of spiritual work.
Jakov Sedlar, film director/ Croatia

Of least importance is the way in which one affects the network of interconnected dots of Reality. What matters are the results.
Dr. William A. Tiller, Prof. emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University/ USA (from the book 'The Mystery of Braco 3' by Drago Plečko)



I have met Braco, this world-renowned healer who does not charge for his treatments. This is unheard of. He looks like he is even uncomfortable when people approach to thank him for what he has done for them. (…) It is clear that behind that what he is doing, there must be some spiritual force. (…) And still, he is noticeably modest. It is obvious that he does not want to be declared a saint or anything like that. It is just not in his nature. 
William Kotzwinkle, author of the best-selling novelization “E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial”/ USA


When he stands in front of us, he lifts us up to a higher level, where we can feel who we really are. And that is so much more than our physical body alone. Braco brings us home to ourselves.
Professor Alexander Schneider, Former President of the Basel PSI Days -World Healing Congress, Board member of the Swiss Society for Parapsychology/ Switzerland


Braco reminds me of a mirror, a mirror that's highly polished. He reflects energy back, and the degree to which the people are healed is directly proportional to their anticipation. However, something happens that goes beyond proportional healing: Braco has the ability to take the incoherent elements in a group, and add coherence to them. 
Dr. Stanislav O'Jack, Ph. D., Clinical Psychologist/ USA 

What is interesting with Braco is that he is able to stimulate change in people. […] We always wonder if there is something that science has not yet discovered, a kind of energy which reaches people. […] Gazing with Braco is not a ritual, lecture, or cermony. It is simply an encounter, not only with Braco but also with oneself, and the answers we are searching for can only be found in ourselves. […] In as much as words are symbolic and can trigger emotions, it is easy to manipulate with words. The encounter with Braco takes place in silence. By gazing with Braco, we are mirroring the silence within. From that place of silence, we can hear our own wishes clearly. The phenomenon of Braco who is silent is a reminder and an encouragement for us to be calm. […] Braco activates in us the truth… Simply stated, in silence truth arises.
Prof. dr. Vladimir Gruden, Psychiatrist and psychotherapist/ Croatia

When I first met Braco in Italy in 2008, I felt a powerful energy and I thought to myself, this is a very special human being. He would just gaze at people, wouldn't touch them, but he would affect their lives. I thought it was most extraordinary. It was then that I decided that the American public needed to experience this phenomenon. I call it a phenomenon because there really is no logical, esoteric, religious, nor scientific explanation for what takes place when one is in the room with Braco, whether when he gazes in person or by Live Streaming. He gazes, and amazing things happen. It's not attached to any ideology, religion, it's not attached to any particular philosophy, it's an exchange of incredible energy. Braco's gaze is a gift to humanity.
Paola Harris, international journalist/ USA

We try to look for an explanation of the phenomenon, Braco, in the roots of medicine, in old teachings that are not only tied to the chemical processes of the material body, the only thing visible, but that also allow for the existence of life forces and life energies which have been called by different names. (…) This life force is omnipresent, it is life itself, and it goes beyond this physical existence. People like Braco have special talent, a special ability to collect, channel and direct this omnipresent life force toward people who need it.
Dr. Aleksandar Racz, PhD, Professor at the University of Applied Health Studies in Zagreb/ Croatia

It is hard not to notice the increasingly large number of people seeking help from Braco, which certainly points to something we can not ignore. When talking to him, one comes to the conclusion that he is a very dear person. Simply said, it is as if something is radiating from him, this what he possesses in himself, within himself. I have witnessed him receiving many visitors, and I have seen a spontaneity in how they relate to him, but also in how he relates back to them. What impresses me, when talking to him, is the naturalness which he possesses.
Mufti Šefko Omerbašić ef., former president of Meshihat of the Islamic Community in Croatia and Slovenia/ Croatia

Braco says that it is love that heals. With healing, I mean much more than the physical healing alone, but also a new beginning, the search for the sense of life and happiness.
Dr. Marino Parodi, Scientist, Psychologist, featured in documentary 'Surprise'/ Italy



Every time I was touched by what numerous participants, including physicians, reported about miraculous changes that were obviously initiated by their encounter with Braco.
Dr. Harald Wiesendanger, Philosopher, Psychologist and Sociologist/ Germany


I think Braco connects himself to the Source – the Source, that everyone is actually connected to – but he consciously uses this Source to serve mankind.
Andreas Bernhard Müller, Psychologist, Co-organizer of 'Lebenskraft' in Zurich and the foundation HoloVita/ Switzerland


I have attended several sessions and I have seen which impact Braco has on people. But he creates impact on a higher level, which I was not able to measure physically. This happens on such a subtle dimension, that we cannot make it visible through existing technology. From my point of view his impact happens on an ethereal level rather than on a material level.
Dr. Klaus Volkamer, PhD, Scientist and Author/ Germany