A Personal Encounter

DVD, DE - HR - EN, 60 minutes. 2013.

Shown are some of the thousands of visitors who experienced Braco’s giving gaze in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Macedonia, Japan and the USA. The impact of this special gaze continues to be discussed in many languages; more often than not, people talk about the secret of our existence, the purpose of our short lives. Hundreds of thousands of people meet him every year. Braco, the man from Zagreb, Croatia, is famous for his “giving gaze”.

Many people talk about a new zest for life, improvements within their family and career or even about improvements in the area of well-being after they have met Braco`s gaze. This deeply moving film, directed by Thomas Eich, portrays the life and mission of Josip Grbavac, better known as Braco, with intuitive understanding. His former life changed dramatically after he had met his predecessor, mentor and dear friend Ivica Prokic. In the course of only a few months, it has moved Braco to give his life now to the people, trying to help those who are in need. Many fellow travelers on this path, friends and visitors describe their very personal encounters as well as moving experiences with this man who selflessly wants people to partake of what he feels within himself, this boundless love and harmony.

Braco once said: “I only do what I have to do. Sometimes it is enough to just open a door so that something good, something positive can start to happen.” May this film also be a very personal encounter between you and Braco.

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