Braco’s Gaze - The Unknown Infinity
By Dr. Vladimir Gruden
160 pages

[Available in English, German and Croatian language]

This book is outrageously, fabulously and refreshingly alive with hope! 
Dr. Gruden is like Joseph Campbell and Master Yoda rolled into one. He tells us the rich story of “ourselves” and how we can find and hold onto life’s dearest treasure. Braco is a key role model pointing the way for humanities successful journey here, and Dr. Gruden’s insight into the power behind Braco’s silence and gift is phenomenal. “Braco’s Gaze The Unknown Infinity” will change lives and bring optimism and hope wherever it is missing. 

Angelika Whitecliff
Author of 21 Days with Braco

The book is available at Braco live events and also online:
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