'The Mystery Braco 3' - Hardcover, 218 pages

Reality from the world of imagination – do we create it ourselves? 

The author Drago Plecko raises this particular question in his latest book about Braco.

In this book, questions about Braco's work are examined through a prism of different phenomena that encourage us to think and help us to understand that things around us, that seem impossible, in fact have existed in nature since the beginning of time. Among different issues addressed in the book is the mystery of parallel worlds and the symbolism of the number 13 pertaining to Braco's sun symbol, which, in Plecko’s opinion, is a unique symbol.

The new book is more than scientific in scope, it also expands one’s awareness: more exists than one is accustomed to seeing. The author helps readers expand their horizons and harmonize their lives more fully with nature. As practical support, in the 10th chapter of the book, one will find the author's Eleven Lessons for a better life.

The book is available at Braco live events and also online:

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[The book is available in English, German and Croatian language]