DVD, HR - DE - EN, 43 minutes. 2015.

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A must have DVD for those who believe in the power of the invisible: 'Gaze of Hope' brings us the story of two powerful portraits of Braco and Ivica, which have been painted by one of the most famous Croatian portraitist Smiljan Popović, who painted more than 800 portraits of world prominent people in his life, among them also Pope John Paul II - but painting the portrait of Braco was for him the most intimate and important experience of his rich career.

Some who saw it report in this film, that the portraits are very powerful. Braco's visitors come to the center in Zagreb, Croatia, to receive help through Braco's portrait. Every year on August 4th, on the birthday of Braco's predecessor Ivica Prokić, thousands come to gaze with the portrait of Ivica, painted by the same artist.

On this DVD the artist explains in a personal interview, that he felt guided when creating the portraits. The process of creating them was for him, as he stated, deeper and more intimate than with any of the many portraits he has made in his life. In his words: "All other portraits were just a preparation for the most important masterpiece - Braco's portrait."