How I Became A Prophet

By Ivica Prokic

Hardback with Color Photos - 320 pages - English Edition

This book contains a systemized set of Ivica’s authentic texts to bring his life and work, healing mission and entire legacy to light. Simultaneously, it will serve as an explanation and introduction for easier reading of his 13 individual books. These original works carry a special magnetism and effect; one which not only we feel, but for future generations to come who shall also have the opportunity to feel and experience them, as well. It is as Mr. Ivica wrote; this is the beginning, not the end because I see every end is also the beginning.

U.S. PUBLISHER'S NOTE: A man of incorruptible character and courage, Ivica Prokic shared his prophetic visions, otherworldly healing abilities and knowledge about life’s unseen barriers to open a door for great goodness to enter a world in need. His legacy towards a brighter future for humanity continues to magnify through Braco, and through more and more people encountering Ivica’s unusual books. Ivica explained, each of my books has a soul and is like a balm to a wound. The demand for these books is dynamically growing and now, How I Became a Prophet, by Ivica Prokic, is available newly translated into the English language.

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