Braco Thank You.

CD, EN, 31 minutes, 9 songs.

By Boris Novković.

[Also a Croatian language version is available.]

Boris Novković is a musical icon in Croatia and the Balkans. He began his career at age 16 with a number one album, and has been topping the charts ever since as a pop-rock artist. Yet fame and fortune does not ensure a happy life and along his career path, Boris experienced many difficulties and even depression which led him to Braco. The help he received through Braco's gift meant so much to him that he was inspired to write and sing an entire album of songs about Braco and his work. Fortunately, Boris not only produced the album in his native Croatian, but also made a version in English. This uplifting and dynamic musical tribute is as another wonderful way to experience a connection to Braco.

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