Gentle touch.

DVD, DE - HR - EN, 38 minutes.

In March 2007, visitors crowded the conference “Lebenskraft (Life Force) 2007” in Zurich/Switzerland. They reported feelings of inner peace, unconditional and boundless love, and about relationships that started to change for the better after having gazed with Braco. Braco's Gaze seems to connect people with one another.

People from different walks of life and ages... young to mature, as well as medical health professionals, attended Braco's sessions. Here are a few quotes from people after the gazings: “He gave us back laughter and a different outlook on life.” and “There is more between Heaven and Earth, and one should benefit from the opportunity.” A physiotherapist, who is also a trained psychologist, recommends visiting Braco. She speaks from her own heart about her deeply fulfilling experiences during the sessions. Professor Alexander Schneider hits the nail on its head: “Isn’t there room for improvement in all of us?”