Days of Birth.

DVD, DE - HR - EN, 60 minutes.

This is a DVD about two special dates: Ivica’s birthday on August 4 and Braco’s birthday on November 23. Ivica – known as the “Man from Balkan”, opened the path on which Braco continued their mission till today. Visitors speak of new hope, harmony and peace when they leave Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb.

Every year, thousands of visitors come to express thanks for what they have received through the gift of Braco and Ivica. A US journalist also attended the celebration and recounts her personal story. She had met Braco in Italy in 2007 and immediately recognized his uniqueness. This woman did everything she could to make it possible for Braco to come to America.

Further footage from the US contains recordings of the United Nations Community event in New York Braco where Braco was invited to gaze. During this event he was awarded a 'Peace Pole' in recognition of his 17 year commitment to helping people in multiple countries throughout the world.

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