Despues De La Gran Tragedia

[Spanish Language Version of: After the Great Tragedy.]

By Braco.

Paperback - 150 pages - Spanish.
Braco's first two books compiled in one volume: Includes the full texts of Braco's first book, “The Awakening”, and his second book, “The Sun”. "After the Great Tragedy" - Braco met a man named Ivica Prokic in 1993 whose work to help people through his extraordinary gifts changed Braco's life forever. Yet, tragedy struck in April 1995 with the accidental death of Braco's beloved mentor and best friend. This resulted in Braco becoming the successor to Ivica’s mission and the discovery of his own gift, which has helped many people to have a better life. This book was written to give hope to many - after the great tragedy. This timeless book offers Braco's insightful and uniquely natural perspective on life, identifying its many challenges and how we can live better lives—offering guidance and hope for us, for our future, and for future generations. This special book is best read over and over again!

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