We are all one.

DVD, DE - HR - EN, 69 minutes.

The people attending the events in Opatija, Böblingen, Rogaska, Ljubljana, Vienna, Zurich, Berlin and Esslingen appreciate what is flowing to them through Braco’s giving gaze: “After a session with Braco I could hug the whole world!”. “I am receiving the energy to get me through the day and I have lost my craving for alcohol after attending Braco’s events.”, “I feel the Oneness which I was looking for all my life.”

Nothing seems to be impossible to achieve: the long-lost peace in the family, a happy marriage, inner balance or the disappearance of health problems. The radiance in the eyes of the visitors says it all, as well as the experiences they had: an indescribable sensation of peace, love and serenity – this and more may flow to some just by watching this DVD.

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