Fascination of the Silent Gaze

Since 1995 Braco has been travelling the world to share his gift and met people from different walks of life. Scientists, actors, doctors, jogies, musicians are also interested in his gift.  

Photos: Braco with Naomi Campbell, Donna Karan, actor Matt Bomer, Prince of Ubud in Bali, actor Armand Assante, Joseph Cinque from AAHS in NYC, Ciro Orsini, bestseller author Laura Esquivel, Swami dev Murti, author William Kotzwinkle, prof. dr. Alex Schneider, dr. Stanislav O'Jack, reverend Michael Beckwith, prof. dr. Vladimir Gruden, Croatian musician Jurica Pađen, dr. Angel Luis Fernandez, yogi Madan Bali, Mexican singer Susanna Harp and Greek singer Anna Vissi.

Braco travelled Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, the United States (41 cities and 21 states), Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Hungary, Holland, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Macedonia, Italy, Denmark, Israel, Australia, Russia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Portugal and Finland

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Receiving Peace Pole award at the United Nations community event, New York City

In November 2012 Braco was awarded with the Peace Pole, a peace prize for his contribution to world peace. He was invited to be guest at United Nations Community Event that took place at Tillman Chapel in New York City on November 16, where he also shared his gaze . On that day, he was presented with the Peace Pole Symbol by the World Peace Prayer Society by rev. Deborah Moldow – in recognition of his dedication to helping people in many countries in the world.

The photo of his gazing in the Tillman Chapel was shown on the Jumbotron on Times Square in New York .

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RECEIVING THE TITLE                                                 'WORLD AMBASSADOR OF PEACE AND LIGHT'

Braco received this title at the III. World Conference on Peace and Light in the Dominican Republic by the Foundation 1A1 in August 2017.

Official text: Foundation 1A1

The International Jury proposed by the 1A1 Foundation General Patronage, and in its name, the President, by mutual agreement and in recognition of his personal and professional trajectory, as well as his contribution to the understanding of the limits of science and human values, agrees to grant to: Braco the title of: World Ambassador of Peace and Light.

For all these reasons and, in virtue of the powers conferred upon, within the framework of the Third World Conference on Peace and Light, he hereby signs and seals this Credential, in the City of Santo Domingo de Guzman, Dominican Republic, on the 18th day of August of the Year Two Thousand Seventeen.

Premiere of documentary about Braco 'Power of silence' with Naomi Campbell

The documentary Power of Silence had its world premiere in Hollywood and in New York City in October 2016, followed by premieres also in some European cities. Watch video of premiere here.

The premiere was attended by thousands of visitors and has attracted also well known names, among them top model Naomi Campbell,  Tony award winner Christine Baranski,  L'Oréal face and successful actress Andie MacDowell,  actor and producer Tom Hulce,  known as Mozart from the film Amadeus, novelist Laura Esquivel,  popular singer from Greece Anna Vissi  and special guests AAHS president Joseph D. Cinque and Ciro Orsini.

Narrated by Armand Assante and directed by Jakov Sedlar, it brought together those who contemplate on life and who are revealing the endless depth of existence. Brasilian author Paulo Coelho lets us dive into the world of his bestselling novel 'The Alchemist' when reading the last passage of his book in the film.

Brought into the context of today's busy and exhausted world, the documentary about Braco with the title 'Power of Silence' seems to bring a glimpse on how we can live a life worth living

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World Healing Congress in Basel, Switzerland 2006

Congress for Parapsychology in Rimini, Italy 2008

Congress for Border Sciences in Nevada, USA 2009

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Dominican Republic, World Conference on Peace and Light

Braco presented his gaze in the Dominican republic at the World Conference on Peace and Light, Pax et Lux, in 2016 and 2017.

Renown speakers presented their ideas and solutions at 'Pax et Lux Mundi' for a world where peace is something which everyone can experience and maintain in their daily lives. Braco was the only one who did not speak a word. His silent gaze has touched the new audience and left an imprint in their hearts.

You can read here more about Dominican Republic event...

Congress 'Spirit of Healt', Berlin 2018

Braco at Congress 'Spirit of Health'

The Spirit of Health Congress presents renowned speakers from the field of research and practical use of holistic healing, effective therapies and sustainability.

At the third congress on March 3, 2018 in Berlin, Germany, Braco was a special guest and presented his silent gaze to the interested audience.

The visitors were deeply impressed, hardly found the words for their experience. A woman said that it was simply such a huge relief, she even doesn’t know, what fell off of her, but she feels lighter than ever before.

The biggest German media came to report about Braco.

Meeting the prince of Ubud, Bali 2015

While visiting Bali, Braco met Tjokorda Krishna Putra Sudharsana, the prince of Ubud.

Braco and Putra discussed Braco’s work around the world.

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Media about Braco

Media in the USA, Russia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Hungary and other countries reported about Braco on TV and in newspapers, especially in the USA when big crowds of people were streaming into the gazing encounters in New York City, Rochester, Washington DC, Arizona, Oregon, California, Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, New Mexico, Wyoming, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Idaho, Texas, Massachusetts, Hawaii and more.

The American Huffington Post  calls Braco "a guru with nothing to say". You can read the whole article here. 

Braco was a featured guest on three televised Hispanic shows where he gazed for in-studio guests and viewing audiences.


Srebrnjak 1, the center in Zagreb, Croatia

Besides at the events abroad, the encounters with Braco take place at the working center in Zagreb. Visitors enter the building and get the chance to experience Braco's gaze or Braco's voice.

For this purpose a beautiful onyx room was built with a large sun symbol in the front, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Especially on Braco's birthday on November 23 many visitors from different countries come to celebrate and to thank for the received help. On August 4 you can see big crowds who come to the birthday celebration of Braco's predecessor and founder of Srebrnjak, Ivica Prokić

Entrance is free. Working hours at Srebrnjak

About the center

Braco in Russia

Since September 2013, Braco has been offering his Gift to people in Belgorod city, Saint Petersburg, Rakitnoe, Alexeyevka, Prokhorovka, Gubkin, Stary Oskol, Valuyki, Stroytel, Voronezh, Grayvoron, Kursk, Shebekino and Krasnaya Yaruga. The Russian organisers made the events free for all visitors.

You can read here more about Braco and Russia...

Braco in America

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After Braco was invited to the Congress for Border Sciences in Nevada, USA in 2009,  the USA tour started. Numerous live events and live streamed events were organised.

Braco toured from one state to the other, from east coast to west coast. From 2010 to 2014, he visited 41 different cities in 21 different US states, including New York City, Rochester, Washington DC, Arizona, Oregon, California, Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, New Mexico, Wyoming, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Idaho, Texas, Massachusetts, Hawaii and more.


Visiting Mexico 

Braco's invitation to Mexico event came from Laura Esquivel, a screenwriter and author of the novel Like Water for Chocolate, which was a bestseller and reached more that 4 million people around the world.

Laura was touched after gazing with Braco in Punta Cana at the II. World Conference on Peace and Light. She was overwhelmed by the power of his gaze and said that Braco was needed also in Mexico. She came as a special guest also to the  'Power of Silence' in New York City in October 2016. There the conversation about Braco's visit to Mexico continued.

In New York City, Laura definitely decided to organize Braco's visit in Mexico. The preparations started and soon the dates were announced. First gazing encounters with Braco took place on May 24 and 25 in Coyoacan in Mexico city.

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Visiting Australia

Braco travelled four times to Australia – to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in 2013 and 2014.

Already the first event in Perth was sold out. In Melbourne and Sydney Braco gazed at the 'Conscious Living Expo' and at the 'Conscious Living New Earth Festival'. Many travelled thousands of kilometers to meet Braco's gaze. Some came from America, Tasmania, France, China, Singapore, Bali and other countries.

Braco's gaze in Japan

In June 2010 Braco was invited to Kobe, Japan, to share his gaze in a whole different environment than usual.

The auditorium in Kobe seated 700 people, and it was filled with visitors, many who had travelled across Japan from Osaka, Tokyo and as far as Sapporo. 

Events in Europe

Braco regularly gazes in Europe. See event schedule here

Croatia                 Austria                  Holland

Slovenia              Germany               Portugal

Bosnia                 Denmark               Finland

Macedonia          Switzerland           Italy

Hungary              Czech Republic    Slovakia

Romania             Ireland

Braco in Israel

Braco has visited Israel in 2002. The invitation came from Isaac, who met Braco coincidentally in Israel, not knowing that he shares a Gift. After their meeting Isaac started to feel better. He said that he didn’t understand what was happening, he felt good. He was stunned, so he invited Braco to visit him in Israel, where he would soon spontaneously work with the employees of Isaac’s company and later on also with Isaac’s friends. Back then, Braco would still meet people one-on-one.

The businessman Isaac shared: "I think that this is amazing: In Israel we have a different mentality, different culture, different way of seeing things - but also here his Gift has brought betterment to so many." 

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Braco in Portugal

Braco at Feira Alternativa in Lisabon, September 9 & 10, 2017.

Among many presenters, Braco was the main act at the fair, attracting around 1300 people to experience his silent gaze, most of them for the first time.

Click here for a short video about the event in Lisbon. 

Braco's gaze online via Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a global live internet transmission of a Braco gazing encounter where Braco gazes directly into the camera. People anywhere in the world who have access to the internet can join the gazing encounters from their computers, tablets or smart phones connected to the Internet. It is simple and free. Go to Live Streaming page.

The schedule  for online encounters with Braco is available at our homepage.

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