The birthday of the healer Braco from Srebrnjak 1 was celebrated on Monday in the premises of the headquarters of the Alliance, the organization behind the work of Josip Grbavac Braco. Thousands of people from Croatia, but also Germany, Italy, Hungary ...  came to the celebration of his 48th birthday. Admirers were bringing him flowers and thanking him for help, and the river of people that flowed throughout the day to Srebrnjak wasn't a surprise for anyone. In this part of town everyone is already accustomed to the birthday celebration of this healer, and to the fact that the first visitors arrive as early as three in the morning. This year, the first were the Hungarians, who arrived with five buses.

Mom has been coming to celebrate his birthday for years, because he cured her, so I come to. Every time I thank him for everything he has done for the people I love, and at the same time I wish him a happy birthday.
says 24-year-old Sanja Stošić from Berlin, who arrived to the birthday celebration with her family.


The 28-year-old Mario Gajic from Bled also travelled to Zagreb to be at the birthday celebration.  Mario says that he has been coming to these celebrations for years, to thank Braco who cured him from insomnia and saved his life in a severe car accident.

Braco helped me face life's challenges, including those in school. I always come to Srebrnjak, I bring him flowers and thank him. I think it's the least I can do to thank the man who has done so much for me.
says Gajić

By the way, they say that Braco heals with his gaze. (text: Zrinka Korljan, JL)

Besides the reporters there were more special guests at Braco's birthday celebration. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Gruden, Croatia's leading psychiatrist and psychotherapist, who was speaking to the online audience at Live Streaming, which was broadcasted simultaneously to the celebration in Croatia, and after that he would speak to the groups of people right in the birthday tent, where visitors have gathered to get some of the famous birthday cake and to gaze with Braco for his birthday. We were touched by Prof. Gruden's presentation. He spoke about Braco and the silent encounter we are part of when coming to him. For Prof. Gruden, the silence which is awakened in the encounter with Braco is something which brings truth into our lives. Prof. Gruden wished all the visitors that when they go back to their everyday life, they should take with them this experience of inner silence, so that they can awaken it again when they need it most.

Another well known guest at the birthday celebration was Smiljan Popović, a renown portraitist and painter, who painted the amazing paintings of Braco and his predecessor Ivica, which can be seen only at the center at Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb, Croatia. Mr. Popović was amazed about the big crowds coming to celebrate together and enjoyed being with many loving people, who came to wish Braco all the best on his path.

Also the famous Croatian musician Jurica Pađen gave an interview on Free Braco Live Streaming, talking about the music album 'All is One', which he dedicated to Braco and that which comes through him.


Live Streaming of Braco's gaze was again organized, so that people from around the world could at least online take part in this big celebration. Thanks to the kind contribution of our thankful viewers the transmission was again accessible for free.

In Zagreb, Croatia, many from Germany, Holland, Australia, Brasil, Mexico, Ireland, America and other countries were present and our presenters made interviews with them, so there were many greetings and congratulations sent into air for Braco. But many more countries have been with us in front of their screens, enjoying the atmosphere at Srebrnjak 1, where Braco offers his help to people daily. 


The birthday of the healer Braco was celebrated on Monday in Zagreb, Croatia:

'He saved me in a car accident, he healed my insomnia...'