2012 comes to an end and we recognize an increasing momentum in Braco's work that we want to share with you with talking about the latest activities of Braco, his work and their reception of the people.
Braco returned to New York City in November where large crowds filled the Ballroom of the New Yorker Hotel.

Especially significant during this week was a visit to the United Nations in New York City, where Braco was the featured guest at a UN Community Event that took place at Tillman Chapel on November 16. There, Braco shared his gaze with members of UN Staff, NGO Committees, Mission members of the UN and other special guests which included the Ambassador of Croatia, Ranko Vilovich and his wife. Jim Oliver, Emmy-Award Winning Musician and Composer also performed in special tribute of Braco. During the event, Braco was awarded the Peace Pole Symbol by the World Peace Prayer Society–in recognition of his 17-year dedication to helping people in many countries throughout the world.

Following events in Croatia, Slovenia and Germany in early December, Braco once again returned to the U.S. with a visit to Miami Beach, where he introduced his gift also to the Hispanic communities. The most dramatic impact occurred with Braco's participation as a featured guest on three televised Hispanic shows where Braco gazed for in-studio guests and viewing audiences with great success. Miami continues to serve as a hub to the Hispanic world. Braco is invited to Chile in 2013 to a live gazing event in Santiago. For the first time people in South America have the opportunity to experience Braco`s gaze live and not only through live streaming. He is already expected with much joy and anticipation.  

Live-stream gazing sessions continued in the week following the live Miami event. Heartfelt sessions took place daily through December 21–when Braco extended normal gazing hours until 10 p.m.to honor the special occasion; a historic day of Global unity. Using the gifts of live-stream technology, Braco was able to share his gaze at the Ascension Ball in New York City where 500 gathered to celebrate the auspicious occasion.  The Ascension Ball  was co-organized by Jodi Serota of the Meta Center and Mark Becker of New Life Expo to mark the end of the Mayan Calendar, and to celebrate the beginning of a new era of consciousness. An introduction to Braco's life and work was presented to audience members who then had the opportunity to join the international live-stream audience in a universal experience of Braco's gaze.

An exciting new year beckons as Braco returns to Miami Beach, January 11-13 with Live Stream gazing sessions offered through January 5-13. Join us in person or during live-stream to mark your own new beginning, one that is rooted in the love, peace and harmony of Braco's gaze.
From all of us from the Braco Team, we thank you for being a part of this experience and wish you blessings for the New Year that overflow from your heart, into the lives around you!