Rev. Deborah Moldow, Representative to the United Nations of the World Peace Prayer Society, in a live interview on on the occasion of the upcoming United Nations International Day of Peace (September 21):

„It is time to build a new culture of peace and that is where Braco comes in. I feel that that is exactly what Braco brings through his gazing, he gives each person a personal experience of peace. […] The Peace Pole that we gave Braco at the UN - that was such a special moment. It was not only awarding him the Peace Pole but also allowing the people from the United Nations community who had gathered there to appreciate Braco as this ‘Ambassador of Peace’. What else would you call it if he is going around the world? He could not be embodying the Spirit of Peace more. He doesn`t even talk about it. He just is it!”

For her live interview during the International Day of Peace on September 21, Biannca Pace, chairperson of Ministry for Peace, Australia, invited other Ministries for Peace and associations worldwide. She spoke about the importance of peace and coming together as one human race. Here is an extract of her talk:

"Instead of the old tools to force peace… we support a range of new tools that create rather than destroy. Braco is such a tool because; in silence there is truth and in truth there is silence. And that is what he gives you, this is what he enables you to have, to see the truth of yourself  who am I, why am I,  why am I here,  what am I doing? And if people are open to this - it really is life changing. I am very happy and so is our board that we are linking with Braco because in the future what we need is a world group that stands for peace, irrespective of how they demonstrate it. Not everybody is Braco - but  each person has something that they can give to that beautiful tapestry - to create a world that works for everyone."