Somewhere in the world, a very special man is celebrating his 45th birthday. Born on November 23rd 1967, Braco invited the general public to come to Zagreb, Croatia, where he provided food, cake and drinks for over 7,000 visitors, who mostly take buses and public transportation to arrive to his center at Srebrnjak 1. 

It was a colorful and beautiful celebration, which included the exchange of flowers, the  exchange of greetings and the reunion of old friends. It was to this party, that I, a journalist from Boulder, Colorado, was invited to attend. Yes! Braco is working on many dimensions to share his gift but most of all, to share his heart with the people because he is a man of the people.

The people are happy and joyous but Braco has gazed since 3:00 am for 15 hours now. Since early this morning, he is committed to interacting with the people without ever complaining or showing any sign of exhaustion.

Surrounded by family and friends, well-wishers and an international group of event organizers, his community grows. 

His work continues, his loving gaze causes change not only on a personal level, but also on a planetary level, which I wish for this planet which is sorely in need of love and tenderness.

Yes – even on his birthday, Braco is working!

— Report by Paola Harris,
     Boulder Colorado (USA)