Extraordinary healing story unfolds in Zagreb, Croatia

By Angelika Whiteclff. Story originally published here: Earth Transformation Examiner

On February 17, 2010, I was once again in Croatia with a man whose silent gaze had helped countless lives, Braco. Having now successfully authored and published the first book that chronicled an inimate documentation of Braco’s life (21 Days with Braco) and conquered the challenge of bringing him out of Europe for his first U.S. tour, I accompanied Braco to his home in Zagreb. The tour had ended on February 6, taking place in the Hawaiian Islands, with one full month on the road at seven locations. A well earned rest and time for renewal was before me to prepare for the next job of bringing Braco back to Hawaii in April, plus a June excursion to Japan. It was exciting to introduce Braco to new countries and audiences, but much planning, determination and intensity was involved. Yet even in relaxation, when I was not looking for any new stories or material, my breath was taken away by an encounter with a man whose life exemplified a true miracle and Braco’s transformative influence.

Today at Srebrnjak 1, Braco’s Center in Zagreb, I attended a group gazing session and met a young man who held in his hands a set of x-rays and a doctor’s report he had just received at a local hospital. His name was Josip Jelavic, and he told me it was his one-year anniversary after a dramatic accident that left him in a coma and facing the end of his life at age 30. For Josip, Braco was the only reason he was still alive today and his story was one of the most remarkable I had encountered. A singer in an acid rock band, Josip Jelavic had a terrible accident on January 17, 2009. A bad fall left him with injuries to his head in three places, including a crushed skull on one side that required immediate brain surgery to attempt to lift out the deeply embedded bone. During the risky surgery, Josip fell into a deep coma and was put on full life support. His family and friends were immediately notified to come to the hospital because it would be their last chance to say good-bye. The doctors were convinced that he could not survive the days ahead. Yet Josip did survive the next two months and fifteen days on full life support, but by the end of this time the doctors were preparing to turn off the machines without any hope left.

Friends of Josip wished dearly to help him and brought a DVD player to his hospital room along with a Braco DVD, which they played three times over a weeklong period. As Josip told me his story, he shared that he had never heard of Braco before his accident, but later recognized him after he awakened from his coma because of a mysterious encounter. He stated that while unconscious, he remembered being in a type of horrible, alternate reality that was dark and ominous. Like the aggressive and angry music he sang with his band before his injury, his life-style and emotional state was destructive and darkly tainted as was this place he found himself trapped within that was filled with chaos.

While in the coma, Josip had memories of meeting people – some he knew and others he did not. But what became the turning point was when he saw two figures that approached him, one that he immediately identified as Jesus and the other he would later come to recognize as Braco. It was Braco who spoke to Josip in this coma state. Braco told him that ‘he must stay alive’ and to follow his way, and then stated, ‘You will stay alive!’ After this visitation, Josip described finding peace in his dark prison and he was then finally able to find his way back from that dark reality to ours. Two or three days later, he woke up out of his coma and was shortly sent home to recover.

When Josip’s friends and fellow band members visited him for the first time at home, they immediately told him that he was a different person, literally different! And they remarked that he felt good to be around. They also told Josip that he was a good man, now filled with a tangible goodness. Even Josip himself felt emotionally changed from aggressive and angry to positive and filled with the hope of a good life. Now he too wished to help others and wished for the power to do so, and to achieve a simple grace in life. Prior to the accident, Josip played guitar and sang in a four-member band that ‘liked’ the idea of evil, and used anger and aggression to fuel its music. He says that he was not a nice person, cursing and treating people without respect, as did his band cohorts. Yet not only did his attitude change, but also that of his fellow musicians, after he woke up from his coma. Today they all watched Braco DVDs and wore Braco’s sun symbol around their necks. They treated their girlfriends well, respected others and their lives.

One week from today, Josip’s group, Resist, would enter the recording studio to cut a new album – ten songs dedicated to Braco. Describing the band’s new music as nourishing for the spirit and of a more gentle nature, Josip stated that he no longer chased after the heights in life but only wanted a normal life with happiness – this was more than enough. Yet without effort, his band had also recently become famous with its new expression of identity. At the end of his medical visit earlier that morning, the doctor had reviewed all the tests, x-rays and reports and had finally asked Josip why he was in his office since nothing was wrong, since all his records showed him to be perfectly normal. The doctor did not know of Josip’s history, and that he had no chance of being completely healthy and normal after his accident. Josip was smiling like a Cheshire cat as he showed me his x-rays and findings, filled with the happiness of someone who had not only experienced a real miracle, but a real peace with a sturdy foundation.

Before he took his leave, Josip revealed that he and a fellow band member had founded an organization called Good Vibrations, which was dedicated to helping the elderly. This organization arranged the delivery of medicine to those in need, rides for people to the hospital for doctor’s appointments, and even sitting and visiting with senior citizens who could simply use a little company. Having traveled all the way from Sibenik, near Split, to see Braco that day (4-5 hours), Josip finally politely told me that he had to go and I took his picture before shaking his hand and wishing him the best with his new album. My wish in that moment was to hear it on my next visit to Croatia. I knew that those affected by Braco, whether through a gazing session, reading a book about him or watching his films could find a sturdy strength that would reach out to help others. Here was the mysterious gift of Source, conveyed through dear Braco, unfolding within everyday lives in the most unexpected of ways.

Braco is a great catalyst and the gift of energy that comes through his silent gaze alone can spontaneously reconnect people back to themselves, to source, to that inner illumination, to wellness. Only 5 minutes in these group gazing sessions with Braco, with people numbering from 50 to 1000 people at once, is enough to bestow this gift to many. Braco has to his credit meter tall stacks of medically documented cases of miraculous healings from incurable diseases, illnesses and injuries from those who have come to attend his gazing sessions for the public. Healer is the term often associated with Braco, but his ability to heal not only the body, but also a person’s life difficulties raises him beyond this classification. This is why without ever giving an interview to media, press or advertising, over 220,000 people each year visit Braco’s gazing sessions in Croatia and other European countries.

Please note:

-Must be 18 years of age or over to attend. Pregnant women should not attend after their third month of pregnancy.

-People with illnesses are advised to follow the recommendation of their doctor before and after attending a gazing session.

For your children and for other people who are not able to attend a session, it is recommended that you bring a photo of that person to a session instead. The power of Braco’s gaze can equally reach people through photos, and the same level of healing and transformation occur through this method.