Meeting people with big hearts and warm eyes 

The travelling from Braco's home town Zagreb took longer than planned, so it took 16 hours for Braco to arrive, yet the hosts would stay up until 3am to personally welcome the special man from Croatia who was bringing his silent gift to their people.

Organizer Alina and the team were perfect hosts, who also captured many beautiful moments of Braco's stay in Bucharest. Well known names came to the event, like Dr. Dumitru Constantin Dulcan and Grandmaster Kim from New York .

The premiere took place in Cinema PRO in Bucharest. Braco attended personally all six screenings in two days and gave his gaze after each one.

More than 2800 people came to all together six screenings of the documentary film 'Power of Silence'. All seats were booked and people were excited to see the film and especially - to experience Braco's gaze live in person. For some visitors it was a fully new experience, and some of them have already watched Braco's gaze online via Live Streaming.

Amazing audience and special guests

Young and old attended, men and women from different walks of life and different background. The powerful organizing team welcomed everyone with a big smile and warm words.

At the premeire we had the pleasure to welcome also a well known Romanian scientist, the neurologist Dr. Dumitru Constantin Dulcan and the Grandmaster of martial arts Jhong Uhk Kim , who came all the way from New York City to the Bucharest premiere.

Dr. Dumitru Constantin Dulcan  is a neurologist and a psychiatrist with a doctorate in medical sciences and an ample opening towards the philosophy of science. Practicing medicine in the army, he was given the opportunity to make progress in brain research and gain insight into the importance of our thoughts for our organism and surroundings. A journey to China introduced him to acupuncture, which he began to study thoroughly. Dumitru Constantin Dulcan is a member of numerous national and international scientific societies and holder of many scientific and literary awards. His most famous work, "The Intelligence of the Matter", was first published in 1981 and represented a shock for Romanians everywhere, sparking the interest of a wide range of readers.

Dr. Dulcan researching the impact of Braco's gaze

In order to put the impressions from the gazing together and so that Dr. Dulcan and a team of doctors can work with these data as scientists, everyone in the audience got a piece of paper and a pen to write down their feelings after Braco's gaze. Almost all of the visitors wrote down their experiences. The results will be presented by Dr. Dulcan at the next event in Romania, which is already scheduled for March 4th. Braco and Dr. Dulcan met personally and shared a warm conversation.

World Sports Legend - Jhong Uhk Kim (Master Kim ) saw Braco for the first time

Born in Korea,  migrated to the United States in 1975 seeking the “American Dream.” He brought with him a knowledge of business and the ancient martial arts to this modern “land of opportunity.” He adapted quickly to the American culture and honed his intellect by obtaining a Bachelors and Masters degree in science and became associate professor at Long Island University, John Jay College, Kingsboro Community College, and The College of Staten Island. As a 9th Degree Black Belt Master, Kim is one of the world’s highest-ranking Grandmasters. Sanctioned by the International and U.S. Olympic Committees, Dragon Kim’s Karate USA chain consists of seven schools in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. His martial art style was combat tested by the Green Berets. He trained in Vietnam and his discipline’s character building qualities have been proven by the thousands of students that he has taught self discipline, self respect and faithful citizenship.

Master Kim was touched to tears

Master Kim is a karate star in New York City and has touched thousands of people worldwide with his passion for life and strong determination to be the best and to do good. Despite his achievements, he stayed humble and does all he can to support others in improving their businesses and lives. After he experienced Braco's gaze, he immediately got the wish to organize an event with Braco and to introduce him to a new and broad audience in New York City. This was the impression after his first gazing with Braco:

"Martial arts have a strong spiritual aspect. We teach basic foundations for success in life. Today, after I saw this movie, I thought - wow, there is an aspect of it which is beyond the spiritual, it is so, God's power to occur mentally, physically, and beyond - I never thought about this area, it is a great finding for me, this is going to be a very big success for all human beings to truly win in life and to avoid misery, agony or sorrow. What he presents is God's work, nobody can say anything about that. I was so moved, tears were almost coming today."

We are planning to have a big event. I have karate schools in 4 states, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. For 40 years I have been training people, so I have thousands and thousands of black belts all over the USA and some other countries too. But we are going to have a big event, in March I am going to make an announcement, he (Braco) will appear in June, we are going to invite him to our organization, we will make promotion and shake up the city of New York. What Braco does is beyond our imagination or beyond our perception, because it is God's work, it is not human work. It’s a higher power and it’s inserted through him in us so that we have a peaceful life and to cure all the diseases, we overcome the diseases. I mean, it is beyond imagination, it was miraculous."

The film opened up the audience for Braco's gaze

The cinema seated around 480 people. At the beginning, the presenter made a short introduction about Braco and explained that Dr. Dulcan is present also. She asked the visitors to write down their impressions after the gaze. Before 'Power of Silence', the video clip from the New York City premiere was shown. Then the film began.

After the story of Braco finished, Braco's coming to the stage was announced. Everyone stood up and gazed with Braco - these were peaceful moments, full of emotions and hopes for a happier future.

Our camera team was there to capture the impressions.

"We are looking forward to the next gazing event in Romania!"

“I needed Braco in Bucharest and am happy that he will return to our country. There were moments and emotions at the encounter which are hard to describe with words. His gaze has created an uplifting atmosphere, it was like feeling the fresh air and there was no space for heavy thoughts, one got the impression that we are merging with tranquility, peace and universal cosmic love. Troubles and problems of all kinds just disappear and don't belong to us... May peace, love and light wash over our entire country! Stan Mioara

"After Braco's gazing session and after a long day spent on the road I expected to feel tired as I usually do because of my heath problems. But I was surprised to find out that even though 3 hours had passed since we left Bucharest it felt like I had travelled only for one hour. The back pains that I had been experiencing for almost 7 years, since I was 33 years old (because of osteoporosis, coxartrosis, etc.) became dull like never before." Cristina Bătrânu

"Let youself get surprised with what you are gonna feel when you experience Braco's gazing. It is very hard for me to put into words the emotions and feelings I had. I was crying, my body was shaking, and then all of a sudden I had a calming feeling of peace and unconditional love for the universe." /.../ Marcela Țămbrescu

"His presence brought peace into my heart."

"I have heard and read so many beautiful and interesting things about Braco. The curiosity that characterizes me in every segment of my life made me decide to go to his sessions. I left home in not a very good state, but during the day my bad condition became more pronounced. I arrived to the event and I started to feel worse, although I had taken my pills. My first impulse was to leave the hall, but my friend insisted on staying. I stayed. When Braco entered into the hall, all the pain disappeared and a state of peace and calm covered my whole body. The film about Braco had a decisive impact on me. At the gazing, my friend told me to take out the photo with my husband. When Braco reached with his eyes the place where I was, I was overcome with a state of harmony that I did not have for a long time, and a state of crying for joy. I was in this state throughout the three gazing sessions at which I was present. My state of joy lasted throughout the evening, the next day and I hope this will manifest it in all the days of my life. By Braco's silence and his gaze, God gives each of us what He thinks we need most. God heals us through the gaze and silence of Braco. Braco, a Gift from God. Braco is God's hand, stretched out toward us. I thank God that he stretched his hand out toward us. Thank You, God! Thank you Braco, for existing!"  C.N., 66 years

"Since watching the movie, I have been in a state of bliss due to the awareness that I am contemporary with this wonderful man. When the live session started, I felt how a strong vortex of light came into my heart. While Braco was gazing at the audience, this light became stronger and it flowed into every cell of my body. At one point in time I felt that I was one with every particle in the room and the feeling went on until the end of the session. It is interesting that I maintained that state of high vibration in the next days, being more inspired in everything that I did. I was overjoyed about meeting Braco who helped me make a jump in my personal evolution." Marcela Mantz

Time to meet Bucharest

There was some time left to see the city of Bucharest. Braco was shown some magnificent monuments, among them the Palace of the Parliament (Romanian: Palatul Parlamentului), which is the seat of the Parliament of Romania. Located on Dealul Arsenalului in central Bucharest, it is the second-largest administrative building in the world, after The Pentagon in the United States. It is also the fourth biggest building in the world and in terms of weight, the Palace of the Parliament is the heaviest building in the world. (Source: Wikipedia)

Romania has much to offer, from mountains to seaside. Braco was shown a reconstruction of an old village in Bucharest museum, where the roots of this unique country were visible in traditional homes. There is also delicious traditional food like for instance the desert Papanași. It is a Romanian traditional fried or boiled pastry resembling a small sphere, usually filled with a soft cheese such as urdă and any kind of sour jam. The word papanași may come from the Latin papa or pappa, which means "food for children".

Working together for the happiness of all visitors

The team in Romania was amazing. From preparations, communication to visitors to the actual event - everything was done with much effort and love for the people. Each one has done their part and meant an essential part of the big mosaic. There is also a Romanian website about Braco BracoRomania  and a Facebook site with updated information in Romanian language.

The upcoming event with Braco's gaze has been announced already at the premiere: It will take place on March 4th, 2017. More information and tickets available Here .


Unforgettable Romania

On January 31st & February 1st, 2017 Braco visited Bucharest, the capital of Romania, for the premiere of the documentary 'Power of Silence ' and to give his silent gaze to a new audience.

Already at the airport, Braco was greeted with bread, salt and a traditional drink by the organizing team, who welcomed Braco & co in their traditional costumes. It was the beginning of an unforgettable visit to Romania, which welcomed Braco wholeheartedly.