Naomi watched the documentary and experienced Braco's gaze after the film. She brought a photo of a family member to the gazing encounter and wished for betterment. 

The encounter with Braco has touched her to tears. 

Naomi stayed at the premiere at the SVA Theatre for about forty minutes and had a longer conversation with Braco. He has invited her to come to Croatia and she accepted. After some photos were made, she left the premiere with a smile on her face, saying that the gazing was one of the deepest experiences in her life.


Photo: Naomi Campbell and director Jakov Sedlar at the gazing encounter with Braco


Photo: Naomi Campbell with Braco


Naomi Campbell touched to tears 

Video with Naomis full sharing here.

The top model Naomi Campbell, known also as the "Black Panther", came to the New York City premiere of the documentary film about Braco 'The Power of Silence', which took place on October 10th, 2016 in SVA Theatre in Chelsea.

Director Jakov Sedlar explained to the media, that she wanted to meet Braco, because she had heard about the power of his gaze already before.