Main focus of 'Pax et Lux': tolerance, empathy, reconciliation and openness

From August 19 to 21 the attendees were offered space for exchanging ideas, experiences and theoretical analyses on awakening and rising consciousness, enabling meetings and exchange of experiences between professionals, organizations and public institutions, global discussion about the main problems that humanity must overcome to raise their level of awareness and more.

Braco was scheduled for gazing on all three days of the event.

Dr. Angel Luis Fernandez was the first who introduced Braco to the audience in Latin America. Before the gazing, he would explain Braco's work to the audience and they watched a video about the past 21 years of Braco's path. Then the audience was ready to meet what people call the Croatian phenomenon.

Braco came and gazed for five minutes. Everyone stood up and looked into his eyes. It was silent, but one could feel that something was happening. A strong feeling of presence is what most visitors experience when gazing with Braco. 


Friendship in peace

Dr. Angel Luis Fernandez was delighted about Bracos coming to Punta Cana. He has been part of organizations UNICEF and UNESCO and is the author of 34 books. He has been the president of the Superior Council of a major consortium of universities located throughout the world, and based in New York, and he has dedicated his entire life to serving humanity. He received many awards as an educator, diplomat, counselor, honorary member and many others in several countries. Committed to the evolution of humanity and the awakening of consciousness, he is also director of A1 television program, which airs throughout Latin America and the United States. Dr. Fernandez studied Medicine, Philosophy and Psychology of Education, plus Business Administration, Economics, Management Centres, Human Resources, literature and other disciplines in recognized universities in the United States, Spain, England, and other European countries.

Braco met also Laura Esquivel , a Mexican novelist, essayist and screenwriter who has made noted contributions to Latin-American literature. Her first novel Como agua para chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate ) became a bestseller in Mexico and the United States, and was later developed into an award-winning film. Braco was invited by Laura Esquavel to come and share his peaceful gaze also in Mexico.


From different walks of life

Among the participants there was Elaine Valdov, the President and Founder of The International Institute for a Culture of Peace. As a peace and human rights activist and conflict resolution specialist, she lectures internationally and is best known for her work in campaigning and building initiatives worldwide, in support of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and UNESCO’s International Decade for the Promotion of a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World. She has chaired task forces for women empowerment and gender equality; and founded “Yoga Peace Ambassadors” to teach MDG humanitarian service options in Yoga Ashrams worldwide. Elaine Valdov has held many NGO positions at UN Headquarters in New York. (source: wikipedia)

Another dear participant at the conference was the 92-years old Yogi Dr. Madan Bali. He was born in Northern India and in the 1960s, he emigrated to Montreal, Quebec, in Canada, and has been sharing yoga in schools, hospitals, corporations, and community centers for almost half a century. Being a Vedanta scholar with a doctorate in complementary medicine, he also founded and directs Yoga Bliss, where he has shared his knowledge and research with thousands of students and teachers. His Bali Method is based on the principle that the wisdom of the body has a complete pharmacy of its own and is completely self-sufficient. It provides a practical approach to tap into the body’s full potential for health, happiness, and wholeness. Dr. Bali and Braco had a wonderful encounter, sharing the joy of living.

Paola Cordoma invited Braco to come to Montreal, Canada for gazing encounters. Emy Shanti is the organiser of Conscious Life (Vida Consciente) Expo in Los Angeles, USA. She and Dr. Fernandez invited Braco to come to the Expo to present his gaze to the audience. 

Sharing & further events

After the gazing was finished, some of the participants shared their experiences with Braco's gaze. It was a wonderful stay at the conference for Braco and team, the hosts have done a great job and offered the perfect atmosphere. We are looking forward to further encounters in Latin Amerika, which can open more and more hearts and help them find peace.

About the venue: The venue for the conference was the award winning Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort, the ninth best beach in the Caribbean in the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards 2014. The Convention and Exhibition Center of Punta Cana-Bavaro is one of the best equipped centers in the Carribean and offers best conditions for events which require full focus on the selected topic. And so it was a visit which was truly dedicated to the good in our world.


Latin America opens up for Braco's gaze

The II. World Conference on Peace and Light in the Dominican Republic was a full success. Many renown speakers presented their ideas and solutions at 'Pax et Lux Mundi' for a world where peace is something which everyone can experience and maintain in their daily lives.

Braco was the only one who did not speak a word. But his silent gaze has touched the new audience and left an imprint in their hearts.

This was the first time Braco visited the Dominican Republic. And there are already invitations coming in for him to return.