Starting the year with live events

As in the past 20 years of Braco's work, 2015 started with many live events in Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Holland and Switzerland. People were waiting patiently for Braco to come to their country, for many made New Years resolutions and wished to experience the clarity and peace of mind that comes from gazing to help achieve their goals. It is especially nice to see those who came to the events for the first time chat with those who have been coming to Braco for many years. The inspiration the first time visitors received from the veteran gazers was evident in the glow seen in their eyes.

In January and February Braco's gaze was live streamed to the world directly from the Onyx room at Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb, Croatia where hundreds of people daily encounter Braco's gift  live. These were the first 2 online gazing events out of a total of 16 offered in 2015!


Sharing from visitors

Muna is a young lady from Germany. We asked her, what she experienced through Braco's gaze. With a huge smile, she said:

“Meeting Braco has brought me closer to myself, in so many ways. His gift is present in my everyday life, especially when I make decisions. There is simply more clarity than before.”



Dr. jur. Rolf Reinhard, a lawyer and consultant from Germany shared: “Braco teaches me that life does not happen yesterday or tomorrow, it happens now. It is now and it is where I am at the moment. Through Braco's gaze and his voice, I can draw from that original source, which fills my soul with love, peace, joy and strength.... and with life. Only by connecting to this source I become awake, I really live - every day more and more. Braco has enriched my life tremendously.”

You can read more sharings from the visitors here.



Returning to Russia

In March Braco visited Russia again . As you could read here at and hear via Free Live Streaming, the Russian people embraced Braco with their hearts from the very start of his first visit in 2013. A few years later in 2015, Braco was once again welcomed with open hearts. The natives introduced him to beautiful corners of their country and made him feel at home.

The gazing encounters took place in Prohorovka, Grayvoron, Kursk and the beautiful Belgorod State Philharmonic, where Free Live Streaming to the world was organized.

The month of June found Braco travelling again to the largest country in the world, embracing visitors with his silent gaze in Krasnaya Yaruga, Voronezh, Shebekino, Belgorod City and Saint Petersburg.

Click here for more about Braco in Russia.


A Silent day in Asia

In March 2015 Braco was invited to Bali, Indonesia by Peter Kampfner , a "self proclaimed fully commited sceptic". The invitation to Bali was the gift he offered to Braco for help he received through the gaze. This visit coincidentally took place during the Hindu New Year celebration, Nyepi, held on Saturday, March 21, 2015. Nyepi is celebrated by a day of silence. On this day, everyone stays home and contemplates the past year, offering thanks for the gifts they received in their lives. On the day before the New Year, large and colorful sculptures of ogoh-ogoh monsters were paraded through the streets and finally burned in the evening to drive away evil spirits.

You can see some of them in the photos featured in the article about Bali . Around 40 men carried the heaviest sculptures; with children even carrying their own! It required a massive amount of work and countless months for many of these huge sculptures of ogoh-ogoh monsters to be completed for the New Year’s parade.

Braco was introduced also to the prince of Ubud in Bali . Even in far away Indonesia, the prince felt something invisible working through Braco.


Introductions to Braco's gaze by medical professionals

After returning to his home country Croatia, Braco continued offering his gaze via free Live Streaming and at live events. In different countries throughout Europe, medical doctors expressed the wish to collect the improvements people experienced through Braco's gaze. Some of them also started to give introductions at live events in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Holland and Switzerland. Although they try to help people in a different way in their medical field, they felt that something which works through Braco can have the power to uplift those who hope for betterment on the physical and psychological level as well as the emotional level.

Read more here ...




Fully into Live Streaming

We have received emails from you, saying that you appreciate the regular Free Live Streaming of Braco's gaze. At this point we would like to thank all of you who are supporting the project of free streaming from Europe by your loving contribution . Testimonials  also reached us from countries where Braco has not been gazing live yet, but where people still can experience his gaze through the internet. Through your participation in this project, you are making a change in lives of many.

Others support Free Braco Live Streaming by sharing their stories and experiences with gazing. In each live streaming event we have live guests who bring their point of view to the online audience. In June 2015, there was also Free Live Streaming from Russia, which was broadcast directly from the live event at the Belgorod State Philharmony. The live audience shared their experiences live!


Finally available - The Mystery of Braco 3 

There was a special book in preparation that we wished to bring to you in time for the birthday of Braco's predecessor Ivica Prokić. It was ready just in time so that, at the celebration, many could get 'The Mystery of Braco 3', written by the Croatian border scientist Drago Plecko .

One of the chapters is titled: "Reality from the world of imagination – do we create it ourselves?"

The author raises this particular question in his latest book about Braco. Questions about Braco's work are examined through the prism of different phenomena that encourage us to think and help us to understand that things around us that seem impossible, in fact have existed in nature since the beginning of time. Among  the different issues addressed in the book is the mystery of parallel worlds as well as the symbolism of the number 13 pertaining to Braco's sun symbol, which, in Plecko’s opinion, is a unique symbol. The new book explores concepts that go beyond a scientific scope. It gently shows us that more exists than meets the eye.

The book was first available only in Croatian and German language and now also in English since November 2015.

August 4, 2015 - Braco at Ivica's birthday celebration

Every year on this day adults and children alike can visit Srebrnjak 1 in Croatia, the place where many years ago Ivica would offer help to the people. Each visitor gets a piece of birthday cake which is made in the shape of the golden sun symbol. This year many visitors who came to Ivica's birthday celebration in Zagreb became one big happy family. Even Braco came into one of the groups to thank Ivica, while looking at his portrait, painted by the Croatian artist Smiljan Popović. Braco was touched by these moments, and for all who attended it was a wonderful surprise to see him among thousands who came to the celebration.

People were saying: "We all carry the sun, not only within, but it is also always with us in the form of the golden symbol we wear! Our sun symbol connects us, protects us, gives us a sense of peace and tranquility..." They loved the beautiful cake made in honor of Ivica Prokić. Would you guess where this birthday celebration, which you see in the photo, took place? It was far away from Croatia, in the hot climes of Mexico, where people are touched by that which comes through Braco and respect Braco's predecessor Ivica, who pioneered the path of happiness.  And so, the celebration spreads to other countries and places, awakening in us hope.

Special guest on Free Live Streaming

Prof. dr. Vladimir Gruden has been the leading psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Croatia for decades. His rich theoretical and practical experience was brought into the introductions before Braco's gaze at online encounters. Already on the DVD 'A Dream Comes True' he stated that Braco is so successful because he fully believes that he can help people. As Dr. Gruden said in a presentation - "Those who doubt less will more easily reach their goals in life".

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Gruden's presentation in November 2015:

"Gazing with Braco is not a ritual, lecture, or cermony. It is simply an encounter, not only with Braco but also with oneself. It takes place in silence. The answers we are searching for can only be found in ourselves. Braco's gaze can remind us of our own potentials, but also sometimes in the silent encounter we can meet our weaknesses, our guilt. But then we have Braco's gaze, saying: Let that go and move forward. We can not logically explain how Braco is telling us this, we can only feel it."

"Every person has different forms of negativity as everyone also has their own individual potentials. In the groups of people who come to Braco everyone receives their own answers within, their own form of optimism. Offering help would be impossible, if there was only a lecture about just one type of optimism. Therefore silence together with the gaze speaks all languages and addresses specifics for each person who joins. For most people this was something that was unknown until now. Often when we experience the unknown, we feel it is something mystical. But this is very possible and reachable, and in a very simple way: through silence and the gaze. In this way the deepest issues and most important things in life are being solved in the most simple way."



New DVD 'His name is Braco'

In 2015, a new film appeared to help us calm our busy minds. It is the summary of 20 years with Braco, which helps us to take the first step into the unknown by trusting our feelings.

On the DVD visitors have shared their view on Braco's gift. Marius Morariu, a well known celebrity esthetician & chemist from New York says: „When we think we know everything, our minds will be closed. The moment when we open our minds for the new, we are able to receive something new like the gaze of Braco”.

Touching moments from Ivica's birthday are captured on the film, with visitors bringing flowers to the celebration. Aka from Hawaii was also at the center in Croatia and shared for the camera, that Srebrnjak 1, the place where people come to experience the silent gift, is like a country without borders. 




Braco's birthday celebration

Braco's birthday is celebrated every year on November 23 together with people from different countries. Group after group, the visitors enter the large birthday tent to have a good time together and to gaze with Braco. On his special day, people usually don't come for help, but wish in their hearts all the best for Braco and his family, while they look into his eyes.

Although it is his birthday, Braco gazes the entire day with groups of people in the tent and simultaneously through the camera for the international online audience from 5 am in the morning on. The birthday Live Streaming is an opportunity to join the joyful event online for those who are unable to travel to the birthday celebration in Croatia.

Reporters come to the birthdays, and in 2015 they spoke with the Croatian artist Smiljan Popović, who painted portraits of Braco and his predecessor Ivica. Mr. Popović shared that he is impressed by the celebration and told us he is happy to be at Braco's birthday along with so many grateful visitors.

Here is the Croatian article with more photographs of the celebration.



Prof. dr. Gruden at live events in Europe

Dr. Gruden was presenting Braco in Slovenia, Germany and Austria. We always have a good time with him wherever we are. His sense of humour and calm wisdom have made our visit to foreign countries even more beautiful.

At some events, he gave statements on camera, which you can soon hear in the video clips during the Live Streaming. He was impressed with those who come to Braco live events. Even though he has been working with people his whole life, at the events he got to see many of those who have come to Braco for years and noticed a special spark in their eyes, which reflected a deep faith in life. Dr. Gruden was happy to see that many thanked him for his introductions, which helped them to open up and receive more through Braco's gaze. "When we give, we feel happy," he said with a smile on his face.



Holiday Live Streaming of Braco's gaze keeping us warm

Our last Live Streaming in 2015 was in the holiday season, when many gather together with family and friends. It was the last of 16 free streaming events that year. Mateja was one of the guests and shared her story with Braco:

I am 19 years old and study medicine. I  have gazed with Braco for two years now and me and my family get much help through Braco's gaze.

Personally I come for peace and love, which I feel every time at the encounter, and also for strength and hope, which make my life easier. Mostly I come for help with my studies. My first thought before the exam and right after it, is always about Braco and I always receive help. I went through school without problems or stress and had very good results at exams. I am sure that the help for this came through Braco. After school I chose to study medicine, because I see a parallel between medicine and Braco. There are two common denominators: love towards others and the wish to help them.

Today, it is not easy when growing up. There is so much temptation, so many bad things, too little time to spend with others, and too many peope that feel lost. It is difficult to determine what is good and what is bad and it is easy to be afraid of the things around us. This is why I am thankful to Braco and would suggest to any other young people to also come to the gazing encounters. All of us who come to Braco know that we must believe that help is there. I receive much help and will continue to join the encounters with Braco.



What are your wishes for 2016?

This is a question we often ask, but rarely search for answers inside our heart. We wish you to be truly happy, regardless of what is happening outside. Since the time of Braco's predecessor Ivica the Sun symbol is the symbol of our inner spark, which we all carry inside. May it also help us to find the right path in the future.




2015 is already behind us,

leaving us with memories of special moments from the past. On our path with Braco all of us had many wonderful opportunities to create good in our lives.  At numerous live events in different countries you shared your positive transformations through Braco's gaze, showing us that the silent gift touches people regardless of nationality, religion or lifestyle.

A big motivation for the whole team was to be able to bring Braco's Gaze more frequently to those who are unable to travel to live events. Regular Free Live Streaming of Braco's Gaze grew from our team's simple wish!