5 Days Gazing in New York City and Washington DC, May 2012
By Pamela Bloom
May 5, 2012

I just finished five days of wondrous gazing—shared between New York City (my hometown) and Washington DC (in a suburb called Gaithersburg, Va.). As presenters Angelika Whitecliff and Dr. Michael Salla continued to remind us: gazing with Braco is a collective experience and our sharing is a fundamental part of it. That’s why I want to share with you some of the extraordinary insights and experiences participants shared. If you glimpsed me during the gazes, you would have seen me (hopefully discreetly) scribbling down notes. Now you know what I was doing!

In both cities, the days always started off quietly, with people entering the hall in a subdued mood. But when Michael invited us to give each other a big Hawaiian Aloha greeting, the hall always erupted in big hugs and laughter. As the days went on, I noticed the crowds getting bigger and noisier as they entered the hall and seated themselves. At first I was annoyed because part of me would have preferred silence, but then I realized that the happy buzz was a result of people actually getting HAPPIER and openly sharing themselves with each other. That definitely taught me that Silence and Noise can coexist peacefully with each other within the same Space of Happiness!  

I’ve only been gazing for a year but it seems that people’s insights are becoming stronger and deeper.  One man likened the gazing events to what he called “a Meeting of the Souls.” Another woman described her first gazing experience as “One Breath”—as if the whole room was breathing together. Someone else realized “just how much we need each other in this experience—Braco AND us!” And Elaine, a volunteer, whose sharings were often poetic transmissions, said, “Braco is teaching us what Silence is.”

In both cities many tears flowed, but they all had different meanings. One New Yorker said she hadn’t cried for 20 years since her husband died. “In fact I thought I had lost my tears,” she said,  “but now it feels so good to cry. I’m so happy!” In DC a young man couldn’t even speak clearly through his tears, but we generally understood he had never been touched so deeply. Another man said that he felt the tears of letting go of the blocks that had kept him from feeling this unity.  One woman, who said her earlier tears of sadness had turned to joy, commented that Braco’s eyes had such a shine, a distinct twinkle she had never seen in anyone. “Yesterday I thought it was merely the light shining in them, but it’s not. It’s like his eyes are crying.”

The Silence of Braco brought many people to a deeper state of meditation. Two men in DC reported they had struggled with meditation for years and had never had such profound experiences. One said he felt his mind completely empty of thoughts and the other reported he felt the meditative energy all through his body.

In both cities soul visions and sensations also abounded. Carolyn from Brooklyn said: “I got this lovely feeling of being in a garden with beautiful flowers, of all shapes and sizes.”  In DC a woman reported she had never seen anything like this before—“a strange phenomenon, a golden light springing out of his head, the same light as Buddha and Krishna.” Another woman was glowing herself as she reported:  “When the music stops, the room is covered with a brilliant white light over everyone, so everyone is receiving the healing. I feel it as an energy shower, so purified, so pure. Last night, I felt the shower myself and today I feel so sparkly and shiny; my skin feels so soft, like a complete cellular healing.” A beautiful woman herself, she left us with this provocative comment: “This energy distills unattractive thought forms.”

Also shared were the funny miracles that give us all so much hope. Elizabeth from NY said: “I met Braco in Miami in February. My soul was crying for help. I didn’t feel in this world. But when I got back I felt so happy with so much peace.”  She then described going to a San Francisco event and getting bumped up to first class—both ways!  Her incredible insight: “Previously my role in life was so difficult. But now I can see what the message is—I can travel first class from now on!”

Of course, physical healings were many. One musician’s twenty-year back pain was much improved. A woman’s mother arrived at the hotel in a wheelchair, only later to walk into the gazing hall unassisted. Another woman reported no longer suffering from any colds or bronchitis over the last winter. We also heard about a dog on death’s door having his kidney and liver return to normal after friends of the owner listened to The Voice in his honor—just once!  A man in DC happily reported recovered from food poisoning in ten minutes after placing his sunce on his stomach in the middle of the night.

Even the phenomenal world seemed to respond to gazers! In DC a woman, who had suffered from bad hearing her whole life, reported that halfway through the gazing  she could suddenly hear the volunteers talking outside the room; not only that, she could hear exactly what they were saying! “My husband will be so happy,” she said, ”because now he doesn’t have to hold my head when he talks to me!” However, what was really wild is that while she was speaking, the sound system made unusually loud popping noises—like lightning crackling! It was as if her hearing was being physically popped into place!

And did I mention the woman who toppled over after a gaze and the EMT team had to be called. Unfortunately it was the gaze I decided to skip for lunch so I can’t give details but I did hear the she was given expert attention immediately. (The guardians are prepared for all sorts of emergencies!) Angelika commented that such occurrences are not common in America (as opposed to Europe, where it seems to happen all the time), but she added that generally people wake up from such occurrences and say it was the best experience ever!

For me, the most inspiring testimonies always come from people who have deep personal shifts of attitude. One DC-area woman said:  “All my life I’ve been very connected to Spirit but was punished for it. I have a passion to bring Spirit into my community but there is much anxiety. But after reading about Braco’s passion and heartache to be able to do what he does, all these gazings have helped me to come out more powerfully. So from this I’ve learned that just because there is heartache doesn’t mean it won’t work out.” All of us who heard this woman knew without a doubt she would step into her power and personal mission now with a new arsenal of courage and determination.

Angelika commented that we can never predict what path this energy will take in our lives. That was true for one veteran gazer in DC who said she had come to cure an undescribed malady that had pulled her out of her job and stopped her life. As of today, she still hadn’t cured the malady but after gazing numerous times, she now reports that her bad attitude disappeared, she found the love of her life and her business boomed!

And big news! Braco spontaneously asked Claudia Vitulich from Cleveland, who has been working tirelessly behind the scenes on media awareness, to present before a gazing in DC. With no time to prepare, she boldly took the stage twice and with a presence full of poise and sweetness mastered the task completely. She also shared an amazing story—of a car accident that should have killed her and totaled her car but left her without a scratch and her car nearly untouched. She’d been hit from behind at stop sign by a speeding car, which was in fact totaled but the driver was left miraculously unharmed. The Braco factor? Angelika’s book 21 Days with Braco was sitting on the front seat of her car!  

One of the most poignant moments in DC came from a woman suffering from cancer, who shared her journey with us over the three days. “I’m here by accident. I don’t know who Braco is or why I am here.”” she said on the first day. After a few sessions, she left to do errands but was mysteriously pulled back. After just one day of gazing, she noted that the heartburn that often accompanies chemotherapy disappeared—the only thing she had prayed for! By the 6 o’clock session on the second day, she was amazed she was so full of energy, normally a time of day when she wouldn’t even be able to move. In the first session  of the first day she said tearfully she couldn’t find anyone to bring her. On her last day, expressing herself with a new sense of strength and joy, she tearfully introduced her daughter and boyfriend who had finally come to join her. It was a story waiting to unfold and all those who heard it can’t wait to hear what will happen next.

I myself gave a testimony in DC but I think I will save it for another time. I also have started to receive many excited emails from people whose photo I held up during these two cities. Stay tuned!

In the meantime: Tears. Joy. Laughter. Love. Collective gratitude. The gazings would not have been complete without the kind of creative inspiration. Braco always seems to inspire. In DC we were treated to a just-written poem from the soul, which spoke for all of our hearts.  I caught just a few phrases as they gracefully flowed out:

When I close my eyes I shall see your eyes and I will remember who I am…who we all are….

So, was it simple coincidence or divine synchronicity that I discovered this poem that someone had just posted on my Facebook when I returned home after gazing?

 “Why are you so enchanted by this world when a mine of gold lies within you? Open your eyes…Return to the root of the root of your own soul.”—Rumi

From city to city, gaze to gaze, how lucky we are to have opened our eyes and discovered this marvelous Route of Return…to who we truly are. Does anyone now doubt that we are no less than Magnificent Beings of Light who can both enjoy our lives AND change the world?

With the deepest of gratitude to that Light, to Braco and to his marvelous team…

Pamela Bloom

Pamela Bloom is the author of The Power of Compassion: Stories that Open the Heart, Heal the Soul and Change the World and Heaven Speaks: Intimate Interviews with Illuminated Souls, with Carla Flack.

(c) 2012. Pamela Bloom. All rights reserved.