Braco's predecessor Ivica Prokić has not been among us physically since 1995. However, he is still living in the hearts of many who have received help through him. Even those who had never met Ivica personally are very grateful to him and feel a kind of connection with the goodness and brightness of Braco's predecessor. Perhaps the greatest gift they got from him is Braco, who continues his challenging, yet important work.

August 4 - Ivica's birthday. On this day everyone can visit the place where long time ago Ivica would offer help to the people. Each visitor gets a piece of the birthday cake which has the form of the golden sun symbol.

This year many visitors who came to Ivica's birthday celebration in Zagreb became one big happy family. "We all carry the sun, not only within, but it is also always with us as the golden symbol! Our sun symbol connects us, protects us, gives us a sense of peace and tranquility..."

At the celebration the new book "Mystery called Braco 3" by Drago Plečko was presented, in which the well known Croatian scientist and researcher continues his discussion about the nature of the unusual gift of Braco.


What a beautiful cake in honor of Ivica Prokić! Would you guess where this birthday celebration, which you see on the photos, took place? It was far away from Croatia, in hot Mexico, where people are touched by that which comes through Braco and respect Braco's predecessor Ivica, who started the path of happiness. The celebration spreads out to other countries and places, awakening in us hope. Therefore more and more people feel the honest wish to experience peace in their hearts.

For many years on August 4th, hundreds of people come to the house at Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb, Croatia, to express gratitude to Ivica Prokić.

The story about Ivica