The first special gazing event at which medical doctors and medical staff were present took place in Russia in September 2014. Braco was invited to gaze in the regional hospital of St. Ioasafa and the oncological clinic in Belgorod. 

Everyone was surprised and filled with joy when they heard about this invitation. Maybe the time has come when the traditional medical profession will be open to all paths of helping people.

Doctors and patients alike came to the encounter in Belgorod with Braco. Because sometimes hope is the only thing that remains in people with severe disease, Braco's gentle gaze lit a spark of hope not only in the hearts of the patients, but also of the doctors. Many had tears in their eyes even though they have never heard about Braco before. Many of these visitors would return for gaze after gaze every day the gazing sessions were offered. What happens in the mind, when it faces something that cannot be explained?

...and what changes can occur through Braco's silent gaze? If you come to any live event with Braco, you don't have to search long to find someone who will share an interesting testimony connected to Braco. The young man in the photo below, Josip Jelavić, came to Braco's center at Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb in Croatia with a set of x-rays and a physician's report right after receiving them from the doctors at a local hospital.


They played Braco's DVD to help to keep him alive

At the time this this photo (left) was taken, Josip was celebrating his one-year anniversary following a dramatic accident that left him in a coma, facing the end of his life at age 30. Josip credits Braco as the only reason he is still alive today. A singer in an acid rock band, Josip Jelavić had a terrible accident on January 17, 2009. A bad fall left him with serious multiple head injuries, including a crushed skull on one side that required immediate brain surgery to attempt to lift out the deeply embedded bone.

During the risky surgery, Josip fell into a deep coma and was put on full life support. His family and friends were immediately notified to come to the hospital because it would be their last chance to say good-bye. The doctors were convinced that he could not survive the days ahead. Josip did survive the next two months and fifteen days on full life support in a coma, but near the end of this time the doctors were preparing to turn off the machines without any hope left. Friends of Josip wished dearly to help him and brought a DVD player to his hospital room along with a Braco DVD, which they played three times over a weeklong period. Josip had never heard of Braco before his accident, but later recognized him after he awakened from his coma because of a mysterious encounter.

He stated that while unconscious, he remembered being in a type of horrible, alternate reality that was dark and ominous. Like the aggressive and angry music he sang with his band before his injury, his life-style and emotional state were destructive and darkly tainted as was this place he found himself trapped within that was filled with chaos. While in the coma, Josip had memories of meeting people – some he knew and others he did not. But the turning point was when he saw someone that approached him, who he would later come to recognize as Braco. Josip said that Braco spoke to him in this coma state telling him ‘he must stay alive’ and to follow his way, and then stated, ‘You will stay alive!’ After this visitation, Josip described finding peace in his dark prison and he was then finally able to find his way back from that dark reality to ours. Two or three days later, he woke up out of his coma and was shortly sent home to recover.

What happened to Josip can not be explained in any way. Similar testimonies have also been documented on the close to 100 DVDs made about Braco. Although there is no explanation for the improvements, the results are visible.

"There is something in Braco's Gaze, which should be taken seriously. As a medical doctor I was stunned to hear directly from a lady at the event with Braco, that the chronic back pain she had for almost 40 years suddenly went away after meeting Braco's gaze. There is something we can not see, but that we can perceive with our feelings. Opening up for Braco's Gift can bring back quality into our life. We don't have to wait to get old to feel what the true values in life are - with Braco's Gaze we can start living immediately." Dr. Matthias Kamp, PhD/ Germany

"I have attended several sessions and I have seen which impact Braco has on people. But he creates impact on a higher level, which I was not able to measure physically. This happens on such a subtle dimension, that we cannot make it visible through existing technology. From my point of view his impact happens on an ethereal level rather than on a material level.
Dr. Klaus Volkamer, PhD, Scientist and Author/ Germany

"Every time I was touched by what numerous participants, including physicians, reported about miraculous changes that were obviously initiated by their encounter with Braco."
Dr. Harald Wiesendanger, Philosopher, Psychologist and Sociologist/ Germany



Medical doctors, Dr. Matthias Kamp, Dr. Ruth Friewald, Dr. Cornelia Wehr, Dr. Hans Maier and Dr. Matthias Knöringer offer their expertise to write down medical reports about improvements of health and similar conditions from visitors, who attain the events with Braco's gaze in Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Holland and Germany.

Dr. Ruth Friewald stated, that as a medical doctor, she would recommend everyone who wants to have a healthy body and soul to take a chance and experience Braco's Gift. That is why she is happy to spend her free Sunday at the event with Braco' Gaze, helping the people who need support.

There is another interesting aspect of Braco's Gift - documented testimonies show, that often it can improve various conditions even when the person who needs support does not come to the gazing encounter with Braco in person. Here is the story about little Jaka from Slovenia:


When Jaka was born, he was taken to a specialist to examine his hearing. The test showed that this child was deaf. He was not responding to sound stimulation, he could not even hear a very loud alarm clock. The doctors' prognosis was that it would stay this way. Jaka's parents and grandma went to Braco with the heartfelt wish that he recieve help. While grandma was gazing, Jaka was in the lobby waiting with his parents, and when his parents were gazing, he was in the lobby with his grandma.

After the gazing session, grandma would daily ask for help in her thoughts while holding her Sun symbol inhand. Immediately after the first encounter with Braco, Jaka started to show improvement. When Jaka was three months old, after coming back from the second encounter with Braco, grandma noticed that Jakawas responding to sounds and turning his head toward the sound, in a way he never did before. The doctor re-examined him and determined that Jaka's hearing is now perfect.


Those of you who are interested in a more scientific explanation of that which comes through Braco and it's influence on the material world, are invited to read the article of Prof. Alexander Schneider from Switzerland here on Among other interesting thoughts he shared the following about Braco's Gift:

“The special setting of Braco’s sessions creates a good basis for the strikingly frequent high gains in the quality of life; be it by improving the mental or physical health, or social conditions. The fact that he does not speak has many advantages and the group dynamics are also not to be underestimated as a factor. That the charismatic Braco has influence on people at the sessions, as well as at a distance (photos) has been attested to again and again. However, with the tools of classical physics we cannot grasp or describe this phenomenon. Analogous processes such as telepathy, spiritual healing, etc. are today statistically proven by numerous reliable studies."

"But unfortunately, we still lack functional models that can explain these processes as well as Braco’s influence, which would allow for predictions. Basically, Braco’s influence is not to be understood as energies coming from his person. His charisma is such that his “higher” human qualities, together with the help of the catalysis of the individual participants (the above-mentioned group dynamics), puts him in a position to change the people standing before him in their deeper human layers in such a way that they are able to absorb harmonizing information, as well as to awaken these themselves. These then become effective in the outer being of the participants, such as self-healing. Braco always stresses that he is not a healer, meaning, he does not focus on influencing a physical disability of an individual. Measurements done by Dr. Volkamer show that Braco’s subtle energies are about the same as those of any other spiritual healer. The unique feature of Braco, therefore, does not consist of the release of any healing energies, but is taking place on another level." Read more...

Science quantifying results

“I don’t know what happened, but I feel like this is the beginning of the end of my problems!” 

This is the statement of a visitor at a live gazing event with Braco in Europe. Indeed, thousands of testimonies point to numerous documented cases of people who have received improvements in health, in psychological and emotional balance, and in a heightened sense of security after gazing with Braco.

Medical experts are showing more and more interest in Braco’s Gift. Specifically, since this past year, many doctors are gazing with Braco regularly at live events and online via Live Streaming. The question is not anymore: ‘Does it work?’, but ‘How can we collect the medical reports to bring it closer to other people in search of hope?’