However, the individual who invited Braco and his team to Indonesia is a man with a vision.

Peter Kampfner, who received what he called a miraculous healing for his mother (you can read his testimony here on, very much desires to bring Braco’s Gaze to Indonesia.

He told Braco that he wanted to introduce him to the Prince of Ubud, Bali! That sounded promising Braco accepted, and off we went!




March 2015: Peter Kampfner wanted first to introduce Braco to Bali so Braco could understand its culture and traditions.

He showed us the amazing Monkey Forrest in Ubud, and Braco met some cute little monkeys, who wanted to be close to him all the time!

It was a delight to see Braco in the middle of the jungle with the animals, the old trees, and untouched nature.





Our next stop was the colorful water garden, Taman Tirta Gangga (Water of the Ganges).

The natives say that this water is holy. We can add that the visit here was very refreshing!

It is a vibrant place worth visiting.




It got even better. Peter invited Braco at the exact time of the Hindu New Year celebration, Nyepi, held on Saturday, the 21st March, 2015. Nyepi is celebrated by a day of silence. On this day, everyone stays home and contemplates the past year, offering thanks for the gifts they received in their lives. On the day before the New Year, large and colorful sculptures of ogoh-ogoh monsters were paraded and finally burned in the evening to drive away evil spirits. You can see some of them on the photos. Around 40 men carried the most heavy sculptures; also, children carried their own! It required a massive amount of work and some months for many of these huge monster-sculptures to get finished for the New Year’s parade.

Braco showed respect to the traditions of the Balinese people. They care much about nature and balance upon the planet. Unlike most of Muslim-majority Indonesia, most of Bali's population adheres to Balinese Hinduism, formed as a combination of existing local beliefs and Hindu influences from mainland Southeast Asia and South Asia. Balinese Hinduism has roots in Indian Hinduism and Buddhism and adopted the animistic traditions of the indigenous people. This influence strengthened the belief that the gods and goddesses are present in all things. The Balinese people believe that every element of nature, therefore, possesses its own power, which reflects the power of the gods.




Perhaps the Balinese people would be open to Braco’s Gift?

Braco doesn’t represent any religion, but that, which comes through his Gaze, is oftentimes described as a positive life force which activates our inner potential, our own power.

This experience could serve as an invitation to the Balinese people to open to the silent Gift.





There was the one other connection which could also play a major role in getting Braco to Indonesia - the Prince of Ubud in Bali.

The economically strong region of Bali is also a center where artists from around the world meet.

Many museums and galleries attract tourists, and it is a vivid, lively place inhabited by a mixture of natives and western people, who come for the peace and inspiration this amazing place offers.

Peter took us to the Prince’s majestic palace in Ubud.




It felt a little like being on another planet:

Braco waiting for a meeting with the prince, who could open the way for his Gift in Indonesia!

Soon the door of the palace opened...




Suddenly Tjokorda Krishna Putra Sudharsana, a prince with a big and sunny smile, appeared!

One could never guess that he is such an important person here on Bali as he welcomed Braco with an open heart and invited him for a cup of tea.



Braco and Putra discussed Braco’s work while Peter told the prince about Braco’s tours and gazing events. The Prince definitely appeared interested. One could see that he was impressed, especially upon hearing about the health improvements of Peter’s mother after Peter brought her photograph to a gazing session in Sydney, Australia in 2014. Could it be that the prince is contemplating next steps for Braco’s visit to Indonesia?

The meeting was warm and pleasant, more so than we ever expected. What will happen next only time will tell. Whatever happens, Braco will always follow his heart and desires of the people. He knows that he will be gazing in the future. If this should happen in Bali, it would be wonderful. If life leads him down a different path, so, too, will he go.



Life brings us so many different possibilities.

We are constantly making choices. Everything around us continuously changes, but our deep heart wish and purpose stay the same. Braco is here for the people.

Braco meets the Prince of Ubud, Bali

All those who follow Braco via live events and Live Streaming already know that Braco travels almost all of the time to reach as many people as possible with his Gaze.

How do these events in different countries come about? It boils down to him being invited by those who have the wish and also a plan on how best to bring his Gift to the masses in their homelands.

One day, an invitation to the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia came to Braco out of the blue! At first, we didn’t know what to think. Braco always travels for Gazing events rather than to just make photographs of beautiful and exotic places.