This time Braco visited the Museum of nature in Belgorod and the Natural Park "The source of the Seversky Donets river” in Russia.

The Donets is the fourth largest river in Ukraine and the biggest in the Eastern Ukraine.

It is an important source of fresh water in the east of the country.

Braco put his hand into the water, feeling refreshed right away.




At our next stop we could drink from one of the cleanest waters in the world - we drank from the so called Holy spring in the village Gnezdilovka, Prochorovsky district of the Belgorod region, where still today a legend lives among the people there, that a miraculous appearance of the Mother of God took place there.

Braco liked the peace and the deep silence of this village.


The people in each culture which Braco visits, want to introduce their culture and traditions. As Braco is not representing any religion, he is interested to see the churches and special places also in Russia.

After the sightseeing we headed to the hotel to prepare for the events.


AWAITING BRACO’S GAZE: On the first event day, March 10th, Braco was gazing in Prochorovka in the region Belgorod.

A new place and many new people who saw Braco for the first time. What did they feel?

Most of them were stunned by the deep love they felt. If you would have looked at their faces, you would see, that many just couldn’t hide the tears.

Deep emotions were shared, most of the visitors felt an empowering and purifying light coming through Braco.







NEXT STOP: Grayvoron, Russia, on March 11th.

Before the gazing started, Braco would visit this beautiful small town.

He has been shown the center of the town and the spiritual education center.






Right afterwards Braco and team enjoyed the company of Russian people,

who seem to carry a kind of natural happiness inside all the time.

One can not learn to be happy, happiness is a gift which we get when we trust life…




Braco was also invited to visit the school of the town Grayvoron, named after the Russian engineer and architect Vladimir Shukhov, renowned for his pioneering works on structural engineering.

He was the inventor of a new family of doubly curved structural forms.

These forms are known today as hyperboloids of revolution. Very impressive!



Finally, Braco is sharing his Gift with the people in Grayvoron.

Many hoping for health and peace look deep into Braco’s eyes.

How much can change in one person after one gaze?

How much can one person change in life after changing from the inside?

Braco’s Gaze can bring us so much.

This audience in Russia is ready to open their arms and embrace the Gift.

LIVE STREAMING INTO THE WORLD: Friday the 13th was a perfect day of live event and live streaming in one - as always, the streaming into the world took place from the beautiful Belgorod State Philharmonic. The sharing from the live audience reached online around 80 countries and thousands of people. Many felt deep changes happening, here are some of the live testimonies:

“After the first time I met Braco, my blood sugar level came to normal, and my blood pressure as well. When I gaze with Braco, I feel like all my aches, all my troubles going away…"

“I have just noticed, I no longer feel any pain in my arm…"

“When I saw him, I began to cry. Now I feel lighter, brighter, pure…”

“He helps us heal our bodies, but, what is even more important, he recovers our soul…”

“I feel free and happy when I look into his eyes. It is an overwhelming feeling of freedom.“




The weekend was reserved for the new region Kursk, which Braco visited for the first time.

It was a wonderful experience for Braco and also for the audience.

We believe that Braco will come also to many other new regions in Russia.

The openness of the people seems to call silently on Braco.

Maybe he just intuitively answers the call, and, who knows where it will take him in the future…




Becoming child again in Russia

Once again, Braco set foot on the Russian ground. He was again a warmly welcomed guest in four different places in two regions: Prokhorovka, Grayvoron, Belgorod and Kursk city.


Remember when you meet Braco’s Gaze…sometimes it’s almost like love embraces you forever. Some say it feels like becoming part of Braco’s presence, becoming bigger than we are, becoming one with everyone else and with Braco. Braco must feel something similar when he is in nature. The Russian hosts know how happy Braco is in natural surrounding and, between events, took him to wonderful places to charge up and to relax in pure and clean nature, to get in touch with trees, fresh air and water on almost every day of his visit.