With the exception of Thursday and Sunday, Srebrnjak 1 opens it's doors daily year round to welcome visitors from different countries. Everyone can meet the gift for free and the only thing which the visitors bring with them are flowers, which they hold in their hands like a symbol for their open hearts.

Many say that they can feel something very special in this place. As visitors enter the courtyard there is a fence with the symbol of a butterfly, known as a symbol of change and transformation. Some say that it is precisely at this place that they begin to feel and experience an inner transformation.




Broad yard is the spot where visitors like to linger to exchange

a few words with friends and perhaps make new friends.

The bottom of the yard spills into a beautiful bamboo garden,

which is also Braco's favourite space where he can relax and connect with nature which he dearly loves.







Large Sun symbol greets visitors at the entrance to the house that visitors pass on their way to the waiting room. Soft music is playing in the background to allow all who enter to relax, gather their thoughts and prepare for their encounter with Braco. 

When the group is ready, they enter the next room where the walls are artistically carved in rich, dark wood. This is the same room where Braco admitted visitors when he was still speaking personally to each one. A brief introduction to Braco and his work is given here as well as an inspiring exchange of experiences from returning visitors.

DVD's, books, and sun symbols are also offered here for those who wish to connect at home with that which comes through Braco.


Following the introduction, the group proceeds to the special hall made entirely from yellow onyx which was completed in 2006. Yellow onyx stone is well known for its ability to facilitate balance and relaxation as well as being an excellent conductor of energy. Here visitors can experience Braco's gaze when he is there, or listen to his voice when Braco is abroad on tour. Many share that just being in this room makes them feel differently.

The Onyx room is also the place from where Braco's gaze is being transmitted online on Free Live Streaming events. Since Braco is gazing also online, many people have the chance to meet his gaze, wherever they are and also free of charge. Free Live Streaming can be viewed here on www.braco.me (click the yellow button 'Livestream').




After their encounter with Braco, most guests say they felt something unique. Warmth, peace, a tingling sensation, tears, relief…are a few of a variety of feelings that visitors say arise. Many people want to repeat these feelings over and over again because they say, the feelings become even more powerful with every encounter and through this experience everything in their lives gradually changes for the better.




This wonderful quote from Ivica Prokić's well loved book, "The New Beginning" sums up why people keep returning to Srebrnjak 1 year after year:

The house to which you will keep coming, to which you are coming, when you feel peaceful, injured, sick, ugly, sad, blind, beautiful, I admit everyone the same. I do not ask who you are. At these doors you are always welcome. At Srebrnjak something new is beginning. A new start, new people, a new age.

Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb, Croatia, has been founded in 1993 by Braco's Predecessor Ivica Prokić. Since the beginning it was meant to be a place where the visitors could get support for their life for free. And it stayed like this until today - it is a place of peace and love for many.

Srebrnjak 1
10 000 Zagreb

Opening times:
Monday 8am – 6pm
Tuesday 8am – 4pm
Wednesday 8am – 4pm
Friday 8am – 4pm
Saturday 8am – 1pm