Braco has travelled almost all across the USA already in the previous years, making Live Streaming events from many different US Cities with the amazing American streaming team. In February 2014, among many other events in Slovenia, Croatia and other European countries, Braco has again visited America, this time San Diego and San Francisco.

The crowds were so happy to experience him live again! Many felt love and being bathed in pure light that comes through Braco. Amazing testimonials have been shared in the gazing hall, many new people took the chance and came to the gazing event for the first time - they were surprised by the immense power they felt only after 5 minutes of looking into Braco's eyes.





In March and May, Braco and his European stream team offered us wonderful 13-day and 5-day Live Streaming events from Munich, Germany, in which people from all over the world could take part.


Kaaren Jordan from Santa Ynez, USA, was one of thousands from different countries who experienced their first Live Stream Gaze with Braco at that time. She told us: Due to a serious auto accident in Dec. 2012, I was unable to work for over a year. My health, business and finances were in shambles with not much hope for recovery on any front. In May 2014, with nowhere else to turn, I experienced my first Live Stream Gaze with Braco. I can truly say my life has changed dramatically for the better since then, also giving my husband and me new hope and a new beginning.“

Here you can read more testimonials we have received at the gazing events.





Braco visited two new places in Australia in 2014. He has been gazing again in Perth, but in 2014 the doors opened also to Melbourne and Sydney. In the end of April he was invited to the Conscious Living Expo in Melbourne and visited only one month later Sydney, at the Conscious Living New Earth Festival.

We heard scores of touching testimonials, raging from health improvements to feeling new strength and joy again. Many in Australia felt touched by love, deep inner peace and a feeling of coming home. Some said that gazing with Braco was the most beautiful experience of their life.






In 2013 "Team Braco" in Russia started to offer all live events with Braco in their country free of charge to everyone. On May 12th 2014, we were all invited to enjoy for the first time ever an entire day of FREE Live Streaming sessions with Braco for the first time ever.

These were broadcasted from the State Philharmonic Hall in Belgorod, Russia, on our global website, where, among others, you can find many delightful photos from Braco’s events in Russia:





In June 2014 a new way of helping people had started at Braco's working center in Zagreb, Croatia. It was a great moment at Srebrnjak 1 when the famous Croatian painter Smiljan Popović gifted Braco with a close to life sized portrait of himself.

The people were amazed and deeply touched when they saw the portrait. With tears in their eyes, they said they felt powerful energy emanating from the masterpiece. The first reaction from the crowd when seeing the painting was: “This portrait is alive!”





Shortly after this wonderful occasion the Live Streaming from Split at the Croatian Adriatic Coast started. For nine days people from around the globe had the heart warming opportunity to go online and come together as a family.

It was a pleasure to everyone when the breaking news was spread, that all 79 Live Streams from the Adriatic Coast were for free, without registration, without payment! What a gift to humanity, made possible by Prof. Elisabeth Wildbolz from Austria, who kindly gifted this free streaming event to us all. 







“I feel deep gratitude towards THAT which is coming through me, Braco, and which is trying to bring light to our hearts in order to make us feel better.”






The Living Peace Event in the Rochester Plaza Hotel, NY, USA, on June 24th was another highlight in 2014.

Members of the community of Rochester, New York have brought together a collaboration of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-violence, The Assisi Institute and Braco offering his Giving Gaze, in a very special free public event promoting peace in our lives and in the communities. It was a big success. Many were surprised by the deep sense of peace and trust they felt towards a man, who silently gazed at them.






Ivica's birthday on the 4th of August was a day of happiness, love, and surprises.

After nearly 20 years of celebrating Ivica's birthday with Braco's Gaze, this time Braco spent this special day in a different way, holding Ivica in his thoughts. It was his wish to dedicate the entire day completely to Ivica. And so instead of seeing Braco, thousands of people had the opportunity to express their respect and gratitude directly to Ivica by gazing at Ivica's portrait, beautifully made by the Croatian painter Smiljan Popović - who had already painted Braco, only some months before. This was a historic day for Srebrnjak 1, for Braco and for all of us. Many hearts were touched by that which was coming to us through Ivica's powerful portrait.





In September Braco's team in Russia surprised us again. They invited Braco, for the first time ever, to gaze at the state hospital in Belgorod, Russia.

The impressions of the patients and the medical staff were wonderful... You can read a short article about this event here:






Braco celebrated his 47th birthday on November 23rd and everyone was invited to come live to Zagreb or to join online over Live Streaming to share this beautiful celebration, which started around 3am. Thousands of people from Germany, Holland, Croatia, Canada, Portugal, Mexico and other countries came with immense joy to wish Braco a happy birthday and to thank him for everything that was made possible through him. Even if Braco was the “birthday boy” he wouldn't stop giving presents to everyone, starting with the free new music CD "All is One” for all visitors, made by the famous Croatian musician Jurica Pađen, the greatly anticipated book „How I became a Prophet“ by Ivica Prokić, recently available in English language, a new film “The Beauty of a Gaze” showing special music events with Braco in Slovenia and finally to the Gift itself, coming through Braco.

Just some days later wonderful articles about Braco's birthday were published in the most popular Croatian newspapers “Jutarnji list” and “Gloria“.




As the final event of the amazing year 2014, on December 13th, many people joined the event in Russia, either live in Belgorod or online via Live Streaming, to meet Braco as an old friend, to accept that precious Gift which can open our heart and touch our inner being.

Braco loves Russia very much and is happy about the Russian team, who is making the live and live streamed events available to everyone free of charge. Additionally all visitors received free books and a DVD so they can reconnect to the Gift after Braco leaves their country. What a wonderful end of the year 2014.





We are looking forward to the new, exciting year 2015!

Let us stay connected in love also in the future, full of hope, joy and compassion.

Braco’s Gift is here for us always, we just think of Braco, touch our Sun symbol, watch a film or read a book…and it is here. May it help and protect us in every step we make.





Our journey with Braco in 2014


The year 2014 was an exciting year for Braco and all of us, who experience his gift around the world. There were so many Live Streaming opportunities, so many journeys, from America to Australia, all over Europe, to Russia...  and many new and surprising things happened, which we surely never dreamed of in the year before.