In Belgorod we have also met the family from the Urals, which you maybe remember from our previous report (they have travelled 5 days by car to the live event with Braco in Munich a few weeks ago!). They told us that nothing can stop them, they have the wish to see Braco and they simply go and follow their heart. All three, Vladimir, Angelica and their son Anton (see photo on the slider), are sincerely grateful to Braco for his love for all people.

Among many faces in the audience there was also Inshira (you can also see her on the photo) from Sri Lanka, who came specially for one day to Belgorod to meet Braco’s Gift. She knows about the giving Gaze for only two months now, she has alreday experienced the Gaze via the internet, through Live Streaming, and felt immense love. This feeling led her to come to the live event with Braco.

For those who could not come to the Philharmonic, again an online encounter with Braco has been organized. People from around the world could become a part of this great coming together, to share their positive feelings and joy through the silent communion with Braco. On this day thousands from different places, cultures, lifestyles and beliefs were connected via the Live Stream. Thousands of lives could be touched, new opportunities could appear in the lives of many.


December 14, 2014: Braco visits for the first time the administrative division Voronezh. Braco is not yet well known in this particular area, however, people came to the encounters with great interest. In the hall there was a wonderful atmosphere of kindness and understanding. Visitors were happy to share their experiences, they talked about their connection they felt with the Gift, which comes through Braco.

"During the first online broadcast of Braco's Gaze this September I did not feel anything, but I wanted to stay and watch more broadcasts. So I did. Suddenly I started to feel a great love and warmth flowing through my body, giving me a sense of calmness. After several online encounters I felt a strong desire to see Braco live in Voronezh. Today I am so happy to be part of this event, everything is full of love!" - Said Elena with a smile (on the picture she is holding the free book and DVD).

As always at events in Russia, every visitor got a free book and DVD about Braco, so that after Braco returns to Europe, they can reconnect with the feelings that they experience by gazing.


December 15, 2014: Braco returned to the Belgorod region to share his gift with the inhabitants of the village Rakitnoe. The event-building was crowded, so that instead of three scheduled encounters, four meetings with Braco’s gift were arranged. The team wanted to be sure that everyone could feel that which comes through Braco.

Braco will return to Russia in 2015. All information about the events are available for you here on and on our Facebook page “Braco & Ivica”.

Thousands come to meet Braco in Russia as an old friend, who can open our heart and touch our inner being.

December 13, 2014: The first day of Braco’s visit to Russia. Braco was gazing at the Belgorod State Philharmonic. Many families and even groups from different cities of Russia and other countries came to feel that something, which comes through Braco's eyes and can make our lives better. Everyone came with their own thoughts, wishes and hopes. If they will be fulfilled - only time can show.

After the silent communication between Braco and the people, face to face, many felt transformed from the inside. Some just smiled, others wiping tears of joy, talked about lightness and a feeling of warmth. Others stayed silent, went inward, and many came back for the next encounters.