When Braco arrived, the museum staff first held an informative tour for their guest and explained Braco the traditional culture and way of living in the Belgorod region from ancient times to the present day. The traditional museum ensemble "Ladovitsy" sang Russian folk songs and demonstrated some of the ancient musical instruments: they played on kaliuk, balalaika and harp. 

The highlight of the cultural program was a master class on making a Christmas angel. This was fun and there was lots of laughter and happy moments! Already in the museum Braco got to experience the warm hospitality of the hosts: he tried the typical tea, which is made from dried fruits and is brewed on coals. The homemade pies, pancakes and cheesecake just made our day! In gratitude for the wonderful tour and hospitality Braco left a short thank-you-note in the guest book of the museum. 

On December 15th 2014 Braco was warmly welcomed to the Belgorod State Museum of Folk Culture. He was also a special guest in Rakitnoe, a beautiful green place in Russia, where his appearance there was celebrated in an honest and loving way.

We want to share with you some impressions of this special day, may the pictures bring you joy!