How everything began

Sakae Ozaki, who organised the gazing event in Japan was told about Braco by a working colleague. She decided to experience his gift for herself and came to one of our early events in Hawaii with Braco, and a meeting was arranged. That very first meeting brought forth the plan for Sakae to bring Braco to Japan. And so it began very quickly and spontaneously.

The preparations were done and on June 25th the event started. Braco gazed at the crowds with the same love as in every country he visits. The people in Japan stood still in silence, and the first reactions were visible. Those who were present say, that a deep peace was felt during all sessions.




The visitors showed gratitude for the received gift

One of the visitors, who attended the sessions, has shared with us her impression of the event.

“The strongest impression I took away from Japan was the incredible respect the Japanese people showed Braco, even though it was his first visit to their country and no live streaming was available yet. They treated him not only as an honoured guest, but as a personage of the highest merit, and showed the greatest respect for the gift he was sharing. People in Japan feel things very deeply, and they immediately felt that Braco offered them something beautiful and pure. They simply spontaneously loved him and embraced him wholeheartedly.”



The auditorium in Kobe seated 700 people, and it was filled with visitors, many who had travelled across Japan from Osaka, Tokyo and as far as Sapporo. All ages attended with great diversity. The younger people did not come for physical problems, but for help to have a better life and happiness in a very structured, demanding and competitive environment. Many elders from the audience gave testimonials, and they spoke with touching clarity about the powerful goodness they felt emanating from Braco. People most often spoke of this goodness they felt in every session.

At the end of the 3 day event, the organiser, Sakae, spontaneously asked all of the audience members to come together in a circle of oneness and unity, and Braco was brought to the center. Everyone held hands in a special ceremony of gratitude for the gift Braco had brought to the Japanese people (see photo of crowd in circle). The precious moments in Japan were captured on the DVD Braco is coming again.

It seems that a deep connection between Braco and the Japanese audience was built in only a few minutes, dissolving the differences and making space for love to connect.


Impressions from Braco’s gazing in Kobe, Japan

(footage on the DVD "Paradigm shift")


In June 2010 Braco was invited to Kobe, Japan, to share his gaze in a whole different environment than usual.

Nobody knew, how the audience would react to a man from a different culture, who will stand in front of them and silently gaze.