The reporters of one of the biggest Croatian magazines Gloria were at Braco's birthday celebration.

Here is what they shared with the public:


At the 4-days online event, in which JOSIP GRBAVAC BRACO (46), a healer from Srebrnjak in Zagreb,

has been offering 5-minute long sessions of gazing, more than half a million people from 105 countries have participated.

Between sessions the viewers listened to the songs about him from the brand new album 'All is One' from JURICA PAĐEN (59).

Among those who have called Braco in the time of the streaming was also DONNA KARAN (66), a fashion designer from New York, who has met Braco in America.

She told him that she got a healing energy through his gaze and admitted that she likes the songs of Pađen, one of Braco's guests in front of the camera.

Source: "Gloria" (Nr 1038/ November 27th 2014)