At Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb the yard is crowded. It is November 23rd and we are at Braco’s birthday! From 3am until late afternoon buses are arriving.

Thousands of visitors from many countries in the world came to thank Braco and they say that no journey is too far to come to see him: Carrying flowers, with smiles on their faces, some came even from Mexico, USA, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Canada, Portugal,… 




Group after group was admitted to the big tent. They all got their chance to gaze with Braco.

Big cakes for visitors, flowers they left with, and many more sweet surprises,…





There was also a big Live Stream audience, they were following the free live broadcast on the internet from their homes.

Everyone could be a part of this celebration of love, togetherness and life. 


Media have also followed this event, here is an article from prominent Croatian daily newspapers:

Source: “Jutarnji list”

“Big crowds were there on Sunday, in Zagreb, at Srebrnjak, because many citizens came to celebrate the birthday of popular healer Braco. A high number of his admirers came to celebrate in a tent made for this occasion, some of them were wearing Braco’s necklaces, and the musician Jurica Pađen was handing out signed copy of the CD that he recorded especially for Braco. The huge cake was brought from Vincek pastry shop to the healer, and Braco has at one point appeared on stage and was carefully attentively looking at his admirers who were gathered. In fact, his look is the way in which he heals.”