New music album about BRACO “All is One” - all songs now available on  and !

It is our pleasure and great joy to introduce the new album "All is One”!

This inspirational album is dedicated and lovingly gifted to Braco by the celebrated Croatian singer and composer Jurica Pađen.

Pađen is best known as a much sought after musician in his country. He is also a renowned songwriter with his work appearing on more than 30 popular music albums for other well known artists from his region.

He was a founding member of the popular bands Parni valjak and Aerodrom as well as a member of Azra and Grupa 220. During the 1990s he started his own group Pađen Band.

In the early 2000's he joined the 4 asa supergroup with Rajko Dujmić, Vlado Kalember and Alen Islamović. Pađen also participated in the wartime Hrvatski Band Aid (Croatian Band Aid).

The innovative album “All is One” came about as a delightful surprise. It is a synthesis of the rockstar-influence of Pađan combined with the subtle realms on which Braco’s gift travels.

This wonderful music album is also available as a CD (hard copy) on our online shop.

We invite you to let the music fill your hearts, touch your souls and inspire your dreams!