Most of us are searching for an explanation, some kind of proof, which would explain how and why something works. Prof. Alexander Schneider, a scientist from Switzerland has written in his book about Braco, that there are roughly 2 groups of people coming to the gazing events. The one  group who immediately believes in the transformative power of the silent gaze, and the other group who receives help by listening to the experiences of people in the first group, that is what supports them in allowing themselves to believe.

Understanding or explaining the gaze is, for now, not really possible for us. But what our mind can process and accept are the testimonials we hear from those who already have experienced the gaze and believe in its power. That is why sharing is so important! It can light many new candles, igniting hope, as well as paving the way for people to experience Braco's giving gaze themselves.

This is exactly what happened to Poupina, a beautiful young girl, who heard about Braco through a friend. Her friend told her about his experience with Braco’s gaze. He had a foot injury and suffered severe pain. His condition was so serious that surgery was scheduled to repair the damage. Soon after receiving the dismal news he found out about Braco and joined a live event. After only one gazing, the debilitating pain in his foot disappeared entirely. When he went to the doctor afterwards, he was told that surgery was no longer necessary. What a gift! Poupina's friend was so excited that he immediately shared his experiences with her - “You have to go and feel it for yourself!” 
Poupina told us that she felt inspired by her friend’s experience and that she felt an energy drawing her strongly to see Braco. In Stuttgart, when we were standing in the waiting hall, Poupina told us through tears: 
“I am here for the first time and haven’t even seen Braco yet. I am only holding the flyer with his photo in my hands and I can’t stop crying. There is something powerful touching my soul and I simply want to be here.”

Poupina’s friend was the one who brought the gift into her life. She had a wonderful gazing experience, released long held emotions and was grateful that someone has told her about Braco.


Not only are new sparks ignited when we share, but also people who have already felt the gaze and realized its potential also become more convinced that it can transform their life.

Here is the story of a young mother Tanja, who was sitting with her wonderful son Levi in the event hall in Stuttgart, Germany. Both mother and son were so radiant that we just couldn’t pass by without asking why they come to the events with Braco.
Tanja could barely contain her joy while sharing their story: “My husband and I came to the event because we desperately wanted to have a child and experience the miracle of being parents. We came with this big wish and were more than amazed after our first sessions. The feelings while gazing are hard to describe in words, we felt a sense of unity. It was as if time stood still while Braco was gazing at us. This positive immediate effect was so precious to us! And not only that - only a few gazings and 4 months later we found out that we are having a baby! Through Braco’s gaze, we have received the biggest gift ever... our little son Levi. We are more than grateful!”

How is it that a gaze can bring about such changes? Can something that we can neither see nor understand have the power to completely change our life and make it more beautiful?
Braco and us from his team can’t promise anything. We don’t claim anything. But what we can say is: Just listen - listen carefully to those who have experienced it. Maybe their stories will ignite your spark, inspire you, and allow you to trust that happiness can truly come your way - as a gift.
We don’t have to do anything special to make this gift travel to places where it is needed. All it needs is a path to travel on - the words we speak when we share our stories and our open hearts when we believe.

Sharing our experiences is not just small talk… it can be a way of opening the minds and hearts of others to the seemingly impossible.

By sharing, we plant the seeds of understanding and allow those we care about to open to the possibility of joy and happiness through Braco's giving gaze. 
Braco was in Stuttgart again this weekend, embracing the visitors of the live event with his loving gaze. He has been visiting Germany since his path helping people has begun many years ago. The number of visitors in this country has grown over the years, with the word about Braco spreading like wildfire. After each gazing session, in this wonderful city, visitors lined up wanting to simply share what they felt and what they experienced.

“There is this man from Croatia who has the power to heal you with his gaze!” - this is how many share their excitement about Braco with others, although Braco does not call himself a healer. Doesn’t this sound strange? True, it is said that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul…but can we really experience an improvement in life through a gaze? That sounds just too exotic.