Linda from America wrote a touching letter about her first experience with Braco's gift. It inspired us to share it with you.

Here is her story...


Dear Braco & Team Braco,


I wanted to write and tell you of my experience with Braco. I have been on a spiritual path for many, 

many years and my work is to help people to release old negative energies and open to the truth of their 

soul and to oneness with God. 


Several months ago I had lunch with a friend and former student who told me about Braco. My mind 

was skeptical that someone could bring healing to people by only looking at them. Frankly, this seemed 

impossible to me. Because of the work I do people are always telling me how I need to read this book 

or study with this person, but I rarely do and I completely trust my Spiritual Guide to tell me what I 

need to do. Despite my mind's thoughts I kept having a feeling to go to Braco's website and learn more 

about him. I did and now have his book and several DVDs. From this you can see that I now love and 

believe in Dear Braco.

By this time I could not wait for the next live gazing session to happen. This was the last one where 

we had to pay for the gazing and I set my alarm so that I could be there for the first session. I felt love 

coming from Braco, but didn't have any big emotion like I heard expressed by others and so honestly I 

felt a bit disappointed.

My life is very good and every day I have so much gratitude to God for that. I am strong and healthy 

and so I had no big physical issue to ask for help with, but I had been struggling a lot with an issue 

concerning my sister and that night, after the gazing, Braco came to me ... he told me clearly that the 

issue was that I was holding on to judgement about myself and that is why my sister was affecting me. 

He told me that I must forgive myself and release the negative thoughts and feelings toward myself. When I woke up I 

could still feel Braco's energy and I knew what he told me was true. I was able to send love to my inner 

child and myself and release these negative energies. This has been a few months ago now and I still 

feel at peace with my sister and hold her in love.


That morning I went out to run and it was quite amazing as I was looking up into the sky and giving 

thanks for the peace and my life and I saw Braco's face above me in the sky, not a cloud form, but an 

energy. I could feel his love from this. It was my first time to experience such a thing.

Although I am very healthy I have had high blood pressure for many years and have been managing 

it with a small daily dose of medication. I have desired to get off the medication and have tried many 

natural things. About a year ago my doctor wanted to double the dosage and although I didn't want to, 

I did. After doing live streams with Braco I am back to the original dose and have hopes to get off of it 

completely. I believe it is the peace I find from Braco that is allowing my blood pressure to lower. Also 

I had a small bike accident when out with my grandson so my back had been sore. After a live stream 

when I wasn't even asking for it, I found the pain completely gone and it has never returned.

Every gazing is a different experience, sometime I cry from such a deep place inside for gratitude, for 

love, for reasons I do not know. Sometime I feel hot, sometime cold, but always I feel so much peace. 

Since the last live stream event I listen to Braco on DVD every morning to start my day and I must say 

that new opportunities come and that my life is more and more beautiful all the time. [...]


As I have now listened to 3 live streams I felt moved to write to you all and thank you so much for 

bringing this gift to all of us. My husband and I watch the live streams together and have donated as it 

is so great they are now for free. It just makes it easier this way. [...]

Another thing I enjoy is listening to the information that you share before the live stream as I often 

experience the answer to a question I have with them. [...]

I want to end by expressing my gratitude to all of you, and especially to Braco, for all that you have 

done, are doing and continue to do to help humanity to heal and raise our vibrational energy to know 

our Oneness with all and with God. Words are not adequate to express the feelings I have. I do hope to 

visit Srebrnjak 1 one day. We were in Zagreb 2 years ago, but it was not my time to come as I had not 

heard of Braco then. And while I know the energy is the same if Braco is there looking at us or if it is 

his voice we hear, but in my hearts I hope that when I come I can look into Braco's eyes.


With Love and Great Thankfulness to You All,

Linda Baker