The Russian visitors, Anton, Angelica and Vladimir, have experienced live gazing in Munich for the first time ever. In the group they told the audience about their travelling from Russia to Munich to see Braco live. After the group exited, we met up with the wonderful family again. It was hard to believe that they had come that far by car!

We asked the father, Vladimir, and his 18-year old son, Anton, where exactly they had come from. “We are from Ural, Russia, and we travelled 4500 km by car to be with you at this event. We heard about Braco from a friend and were able to Live Stream for the first time in September of this year on We felt such powerful and wonderful energy!” Anton continued after a short pause: “While we were watching Braco’s gaze via the internet, I felt endless freedom and happiness.


 "I feel that this is special. It is something beyond words. For me, it is something that is inside of everyone of us. It is freedom."

What is it that makes people take on such a long trip to experience Braco’s gaze? Is it understandable? Is it rational? It seems as if Braco’s gift magnetically attracts people from numerous different countries in Europe and abroad. Many of them are drawn to come and experience it regardless of barriers on the path. Those who travel far to meet the gaze often say that it feels as if one has been too long abroad and is longing to come home again. Their wish is to have feelings of belonging and familiarity which they find while gazing with Braco. 

Anton’s mother, Angelika, shared also that she had experienced an unexpected healing. She had severe pain in her shoulder since her childhood. No one seemed to be able to help her. She gazed the three times in Munich and afterwards told us: “After each gazing, I felt that something was changing. During the third and final gazing, I felt the pain more intensely for a few moments and after that it was gone. After many years, I am now completely pain free.” 

We asked Anton what came to his mind when he heard about a man who was simply gazing at people, not saying a word. His answer was so mature and honest. The 18-year old boy replied: “I feel that this is special. It is something beyond words. For me, it is something that is inside of everyone of us. It is freedom.”




Already by early morning, many people had gathered at the hotel Gasthof zur Post in Munich. The event place was vibrating, alive, and full of people who had brought hopes for improvements in their lives and hearts. The younger generation was strongly represented. Many children were there smiling and holding flowers in their hands! Children, such as Anne Sophia and Rebecca Ananda, were patiently waiting for their parents to come from the gazing room with Braco.

Anne Sophia and Rebecca Ananda had come to the event with their mother, Elgin, to feel the loving atmosphere of the Braco event in Munich.



People from far and near, young and old, with different nationalities, lifestyles or beliefs - we all want to be happy and free. We come to meet Braco’s gaze for the same reason - to experience our lives not as a burden but as a gift.

A Russian family from the Urals travels 5 days by car to see Braco in Munich, Germany.


Braco silently embraced audiences in Amsterdam this weekend. After a wonderful and joyful event in the Holland capital, he travelled directly to Munich, Germany, to gaze at another event for people in need of his gift.

Although there are visitors from different countries at every event with Braco, at this event, we were totally amazed that a family, whom had never seen Braco live before, drove thousands of kilometers from Russia to experience his loving gaze!