From October 16th to 19th Braco was gazing in Perth, Australia. People from many different countries attended this wonderful event.

Many travelled thousands of kilometers to meet Braco's Gift. Some came from America, Tasmania, France, China, Singapore, Bali and other countries. Thousands experienced the gaze for the first time and were happy to share their feelings after the encounter.


Vicky and Karen came specially from Singapore to attend the live gazing event. They found out about Braco on Facebook. Vicky saw a post about Braco on a friend's profile and was curious. She searched on the internet for videos about him to find out more. She said she was impressed by the energy she felt only by watching a short clip and immediately decided to come to Perth. She is happy that she came, she says she got so much love and warmth! 


Lisa Lam loves to gaze with Braco. She told us that also her 11-year old son loves Braco's Gift. When he feels he needs support, he asks her to play one of Braco's DVDs. Lisa says that her son used to have nightmares, which stopped after she started to regularly play the DVD with Braco’s voice. Now the family feels like there is more harmony and peace in their home.




The visitors were impressed by the amazing atmosphere at the gazing event, they were excited to meet Braco’s silent Gift. During the sessions the children waited patiently for their parents in the lobby, looking at the posters of Braco. And many of the adults said that they felt positive vibrations emanating from the images of the Croatian phenomenon. The visitors took books and films about Braco and also the golden sun symbols home with them, to keep in touch with Braco’s wonderful Gift.