A big step - Braco's giving Gaze at the State Hospital in Belgorod

On September 12, 2014 Braco was for the first time at a special gazing event at which medical doctors and medical staff were present. Braco was invited to gaze in the regional hospital of St. Ioasafa and the oncological clinic in Belgorod. Everyone was surprised and filled with joy when they heard about this invitation. Patients, doctors and hospital staff were happy to experience Braco's gaze. Tears of relief were flowing, and the visitors thanked Braco and that something that comes through his eyes.

It is wonderful to see that people from different scopes, for instance from medicine, are open for the invisible gift and try to give their very best for their patients and fellow human beings. Braco has great respect for medicine, and this special event has once again shown that love connects us all - we are here to help and support each other.