This is a wonderful Russian article which announced Braco's recent visit to Russia, which took place on September 15 – 17, 2013. Share in this lovely story and moving perspective about Braco and his work.

A man known as the "Croatian Phenomenon" will carry out sessions of gazing in the Belgorod region, free for everyone.


The holiday season is near to its end, and this year many of our fellow citizens chose to spend their vacation in Croatia. The reason is simple. In addition to its natural beauty and amazing national culture, Croatia is famous for a man who has glorified his country just as the clairvoyant Vanga glorified Bulgaria half a century ago.

We are referring to a man named Braco (translated from Croatian – "Little Brother"). "Healer with the Face of an Angel" is how many describe him. Braco, however, does not refer to himself as a healer. He does not take money. He does not accept gifts nor does he give interviews. Who is this mysterious man who has won over many hearts in recent years and is known as a healer of souls?

Braco, whose given name is Josip Grbavac, was born the only child of a Zagreb couple. Today, thousands of visitors of every age, faith, and ideology flock to the capital of Croatia to experience first hand the inexplicable phenomenon of Braco’s gaze. Croatians refer to the sessions with Braco as “poglygad”, which can be roughly translated as "gaze". Certain scientists have unanimously concluded that the power which comes through Braco is quantum information rather than energy. Whatever it is, it truly works!

Many participants of the gazing sessions notice that, as a result of these transformative sessions with Braco, they begin to experience physical and spiritual improvements. Moreover, people of different religious beliefs, even atheists, feel the power of the inner light emanating from Braco. Is this particular gift granted by the Creator or is Braco simply a talented psychologist or charismatic who happens to be able to heal the souls of people? This question is debatable, but the fact remains: many, if not most of those who come to him for help, receive what they are seeking for.

Witnesses share truly amazing stories about their healings. For some the healing takes place immediately, while for others it may take a little longer - from several weeks to even months after the session. There are thousands of well documented facts and real-life stories, many of which are mentioned in the book "21 Days with Braco" by Angelika Whitecliff. In one report, a woman, who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, experienced a reduction of the tumor by 80 percent, per an MRI report, after gazing with Braco. In another instance, a 66-year-old woman participating in a gazing session, who had spent over seventeen years in a wheelchair, stood up alone and even asked for a cup of coffee! A third person was releaved of an excruciating asthma... It is difficult to believe unless one witnesses it with their own eyes!

For now, we only have videos of these sessions that thousands attend. Some of them come to the sessions with the photos of loved ones who currently are not able to attend gazing sessions themselves. It is told that the healing received by those in the photos is comparable to the healing received by persons at the live events holding up the photos. Braco, who gazes from a small sized platform above the audience, is, indeed, comparable to an angel. Long strands of hair, a beautiful countenance, a snow white shirt... For five to seven minutes, he gazes into thousands of eyes turned towards him in silent supplication. Audiences are advised before gazing to switch off their thoughts and mentally ask Braco about their most important challenges.

Braco looks...just looks. Then he exits. Afterwards, the expression on people's faces is one of peace and calm. Tears run down many cheeks - tears of purification. Countless men and women sob without even knowing why. Are these people in pain? No, they are happy! The energy, which comes through Braco, is difficult to experience without emotions. The power is so great that the transformation is often accompanied by a surge of senses. Within minutes after receiving the gift of the gaze, a revitalizing power, which had been lost for months or even years, recharges participants.

Supporters of quantum theory have their own opinions about the gift which comes through Braco. Braco, himself, is drawn to the particular conclusions of Tesla, the physicist Schroeder and other scientists of similiar persuasions. Again, there is no absolute proof as to what is occuring in these sessions with Braco. What is indisputable, however, is extensive documentation of numerous healings occuring for people. Science is unable to offer a definite explanation as to why or how these healings happen.

Braco judges no one. He simply has a strong conviction that he is here to bring help to all in need of it. He does not consider himself a guru, a teacher, a preacher, or even a healer, nor does he offer medical or psychological counseling or is involved in the occult. He simply gazes, and people feel light emanating from him.

Consider the following parable. Once Buddha was sitting in a circle with his disciples. A disciple asked him, “Buddha, what is the truth”?  Buddha took a flower in his hand, upon which one of the students laughed. Buddha said, "He understood." A flower is what it is, regardless of one’s thoughts or opinions about the flower. The same applies to Braco. You need not think about Braco. Simply open to him...

On the Internet, there are countless testimonials by people for whom encounters with Braco ment new life. People travel to Braco not only to get better from disease and misfortune, but also to reconnect with themselves and find themselves. Often, as a result of personal encounters with Braco, comes the realization of one’s core problem. A person realizes that it is time to change his or her life. There are also records of healings from drug and alcohol addiction. There are reports of repentance, forgiveness of grievances, and reconciliations between family members and warring parties. In the quest for an explanation as to why these healings occur, there is once again no definitive answer. One can only conclude that Braco, who leads a normal life, considers it his mission to help the greatest number of people, who are drawn to his gift from all over the world.

Recently, representatives of the EFCO Company in Alekseevka were on a business trip to Zagreb and, by chance, encountered a gazing session with Braco. Becoming convinced of his gift, they invited the Croatian man to the region of Belgorod. Braco readily accepted. His first visit to Russia will be held exactly here, in the Belgorod region. The EFCO Company incur all costs of Braco's stay in Russia, considering his visit to be a gift to the people. All citizens are invited to attend the gazing sessions and feel for themselves the power of light which comes through Braco!

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