Today is the day of happiness, love, and surprises. We have been given the opportunity to thank Ivica directly for all he has done for us. 

After nearly 20 years Braco is on this special day in his thoughts with Ivica. Thousands of people will have the opportunity to express their respect and gratitude to Ivica by looking at Ivica's portrait.

This is a historic day for Srebrnjak 1, for Braco and for all of us.



Many beautiful people from many different countries are already here because on August 4th we celebrate Ivica's birthday! Every year on that day thousands come here, buses full of people start arriving through the night, and everyone is joyfull like it is their own birthday  We celebrate Ivica's life. Great love and deep respect for Ivica can be felt as a river of people flows from 3am, until late afternoon. Many are there who knew Ivica personally, but even more who did not get this chance to meet him, but who have still felt in their heart a strong connection to this unique man, through books, DVDs, through the Sun symbol he gave us, through Braco. We come to say thank you for the path he started for all of us.