By Paola Leopizzi Harris
International Journalist.

I first saw the Croatian healer Braco (pronounced Braht-zo) at a metaphysical Conference in Bellaria on the Adriatic coast in 2008, when I was living in Italy. In a room filled with 700 hundred people, his powerful gaze sent energy through my body. Although I was not ill, I noticed a subtle but powerful transformation taking place. He affects people’s lives.

It was then I decided that the American public needed to experience this phenomenon. I call it a phenomena because there really is no logical, esoteric, religious, nor scientific explanation for what takes place when one is in the room with Braco, whether when he gazes at the general public either in person or by live-streaming. I was lucky enough to sit down and converse with Drago Plecko, who was a researcher traveling with Braco at the time. Drago was studying Braco’s abilities in order to document them; abilities that included the activation of a key energetic point, which connects our consciousness with the source of all natural laws and the power of nature. He explained to me that people were healed in Austria, Germany and Croatia solely when Braco gazed at them. Thousands of testimonials in Europe are recorded in videos such as, The Invisible Hug. There is no difference between the thought of the hug and the hug itself. When Braco becomes one with those in front of him, just for a split second, the hug is there – an invisible but effective one.

Braco does not lecture, does not talk during the gazing sessions and most interestingly of all, he is a normal family man. He was a very successful businessman, but after meeting his mentor and Master named Ivica, he was spending his entire time with him. Braco experienced something so profoundly peaceful in Ivica’s presence that it changed his life. When not touring, Braco lives in Zagreb, Croatia with his wife and 9-year old son. He spends all his spare time with his family, enjoying playing with his son, swimming and walking through the forests near his home.

I consequently brought Braco with Drago Placko to Laughlin Nevada, through The InternationaI UFO Congress, which also has a paranormal venue. People were amazed. The rest is history.  To see and understand how Braco gained his abilities to heal, one should read two books. The first one, 21 Days with Braco, by Angelika Whitecliff who visited Braco in Zagreb and began organizing gazings events on the Big Island of Hawaii, and in Japan. She has written a comprehensive book based on 21 days in Croatia on tour with him; something never before allowed.  The second book Das Mysterium Braco by Drago Placko describes the mystery of the Braco effect. Through these books, people feel Braco. People use these books in Europe to build a mental connection with Braco and to repeat and experience of those gazing moments again and again.

Drago Placko told me Braco’s late master and mentor Ivica announced Braco’s future healing abilities and that he would be his predecessor. Immediately after the passing of his mentor in South Africa, Braco was recognized by the vast majority of disciples devoted to Ivica as his successor. It was foretold by Ivica that Braco will carry the mission with much more power then he did. That prediction has been verified since Braco’s debut in America.

Although I felt energy in the first gazing, I experienced with Braco in Italy, Drago explained that energy is not the right word. It’s more like “inner certainty,” an inner peace. At some point, Braco becomes aware of all the people around him at the same time. There is some form of contact experienced at that moment, but nothing is flowing. It just is. When I asked what was the origin of disease, Drago answered “by birth, we inherit the negative potential of biochemical imbalance and the only way to change it is to stop the inner biological clock by being here and now.”  By gazing at Braco, open-mindedly, we experience that change in perception of Time and usually something suddenly changes in our lives. It is not a matter of time, but openness.

You will see in Braco’s gaze “a purity,” an innocence and a transmission of love. It is his contribution to humanity.  There are numerous testimonials of healings and stories of transformations from people in the U.S. on the website,

Testimonial – Ashley (Indiana) 1/29/11

I've struggled with respiratory and immune issues for some time.  Ten years ago,  I was involved in a car accident that kept me in constant pain with limited mobility.  Then, two years ago, I got H1N1.  On top of my other issues the H1N1 knocked me down and I couldn't right myself.  My M.D. was concerned.  I started thinking about the kids and grandkids,  my sweet husband and all the amazing friends and Saints that I've known in this life and what it would be like to move on.
Judy,  one of my sweetest friends,  told me about Braco and that he might help me. That night, my husband,  Larry,  and I watched him on line.  We thought that he looked like an angel.  (My husband also had health issues and had several surgeries that didn't help–but that's his story)  We bought a dvd and watched it a few times and decided that we wanted to meet Braco in person and experience his gazing sessions live in Hawaii.
My M.D. thought that the long flight would put me in danger.  He didn't want me to go.  I made up my mind to watch a few of Braco's video clips on line every night and see if,  in the light of his energy,  my health issues would improve.  Larry watched with me.  At first the changes were small.  Although flights were cheap when we first inquired,  we held off making the final decision until our M.D. gave us the word.  After a month,  we both noticed improvements–some significant.  Now my doctor was willing to o.k. the trip.
For Larry and I,  our time on Kona with Braco was one of the major highlights of our lives.  I did get sick on the plane,  and I was scared.  But,  the next day,  we had 7 gazings with Braco.  I am not able to put the experience into words. We went back to the hotel and I fell asleep.  When I woke up the next morning,  I was a new person.  In the past,  Larry had to help get up every morning.  I was too weak and exhausted.  Now I sat up ready for the day.  We knew something significant had come about.   After a few more days of gazings,  all the pain in the left side of my body went away.  I was so grateful.  I knew I was being given a second change at life and a good quality of life.  I knew that I'd be able to accomplish some of my goals that I had been too exhausted even to think about.  It was exhilarating.
My relationships have improved.  A lot.  Sometimes I cry tears of joy.