Other presenters at the congress: 

Germany's most famous brain researcher Prof. Dr. med. Gerald Hüther, organic physicist and successful author Dieter Broers, naturopath Dr. med. Karl Probst, death researcher Bernard Jakoby, bestselling author and film maker Clemens Kuby, naturopath Sabine Linek, hypnosis doctor dr. Norbert Preetz, consciousness researcher Alexander Kalenjuk, chief physician med. Milan Meder, body researcher Ilan Stephani, consciousness researcher & inventor Marcus Schmieke and the spiritual success coaches Bahar Yilmaz and Jeffrey Kastenmüller.

Braco’s gaze at the congress Welt-im-Wandel (World in Transition) in Würzburg, Germany

Braco gazed at 1200 people at once in the Congress Center Würzburg in April 2019.  He was the only presenter who didn’t speak.

Instead, he gave his silent gaze and the reactions of the audience were very positive.