The silent Gaze of Braco - everyone was welcome

Mr. Drago Plečko, a well known reseracher from Croatia said that "Braco is one of the non-religious charismatic peronalities which can truly change people's lives". Braco's gaze is open for people of all religions, nationalities and lifestyles.

Braco was about to make his gaze in the St. James church. The ground floor was full, also on the balconies people were waiting to experince the gazing. The ambience made the event even more intense. The gazing music started. Braco came into the room and stood on the podium. He started to gaze at the audience. 

Some of the visitors have seen Braco many times before through the internet on Live Streaming  and have had their very first gazing with Braco in person. There were tears flowing, people were hugging each other after the encounter and having friendly conversation even with people they met there for the first time. Peace prevailed when Braco left the stage. 

After the event was finished, Braco made something he does very rarely: he came out to the stage again and waved at the audience, smiled and sent kisses. People were applauding and smiling back, out of happiness of seeing Braco again.


People feel inner peace, they come to Braco for 23 years

"It is so wonderful to be here," said Christine from Australia. Like many others , she had experienced a lot of help through Braco's Gaze and was very happy to be at the special event in London. 

In 2012 Braco received the Peace Pole for his contribution to world peace at a United Nations Event in New York. As a reminder of the peaceful experience with Braco's gaze every visitor received a white rose with a beautiful message about peace to take home.

Before the gaze, one of the organisers, Ebru, gave a speech in which she was sharing her amazing experience of spending one year travelling to events with Braco and called it the "real school for life". She said that despite having a wonderful life she never thought that she would find true happiness in bringing Braco's gaze to more and more people, by organising new events with Braco in new countries and cities, where the silent gaze is needed.



As an additional introduction for those who were new to Braco, the film about Braco was shown. Many were impressed when seeing in the film that for already 23 years Braco has been giving all his time and energy for helping others around the world. Visitors mostly say: "I would not come for such a long time if it wouldn't help me."

Who knows, where the next invitation for Braco will come from. People love to have Braco in their country as they say he brings in a special energy to the whole place he visits.



Monday, October 8, 2018: 

St. James Church in the very heart of London was packed with visitors. The atmosphere was special. Braco visited the United Kingdom for the first time.

Around 500 people entered the room and the event started.
Many travelled from France, Germany, Croatia and even Australia to see Braco in London and to watch the documentary film 'The Power of Silence' about Braco, featuring Paulo Coelho and Rabbi Jack Bemporad , shown for the first time in the United Kingdom, which has had its premiere in Hollywood and New York City .