The miracle healer doesn't speak with his audience, he merely stares at the masses. His "work" causes shaking heads among many people, but among his followers he spreads joy and euphoria. In his home country Croatia Braco is celebrated as a star, also by catholics who deeply believe in their religion. Since the 90’s he is attracting people from countries all over the globe with his "healing gaze". Also stars like Naomi Campbell, Andie MacDowell and Christine Baranski swear on the effect of Braco's gaze.  Braco is said to heal from headaches to allergies... (even a deaf child) with his super powers.

There is no lack of good references for the healer. Braco polarises. His followers are convinced of his healings because he has freed them of their difficulties. For others he is a charlatan.  But what you simply can't say about Braco is that he is lying. Because his concept consists of not making promises of any kind or practising any kind of magic. He lets his audience judge over his powers. Either they feel his energies or not. It even goes that far that Josip Grbavac does't consider himself a miracle healer. In this way he is actually treating his fans in a sincere and honest way. 

Braco was appearing on stage already in Australia, Russia, Japan and in the USA. Every now and then you can admire him in Germany and Austria - in September he will come again to Vösendorf near Vienna.


They say his gaze can heal and remove every kind of ailment. The Croatian Josip Grbavac, ‘Braco’ is known all over the world and attracts the masses. 

The fair "Spirit of Health" took place in Berlin this year in March. People were streaming into the hall where Braco was expected to appear, they all wanted an encounter with the healer. Pregnant women and children are advised to wait outside while Braco does his healing rituals. His gaze is said to be so intense that it could cause side effects.