Braco's Gaze for World Peace united us at the Bosnian Pyramids

After receiving the Peace Pole in New York  for his contribution to world peace in 2012 and the title Ambassador of Peace and Light in the Dominican republic 2017, Braco is invited more and more to special places, where not only peace can be felt, but where it can also grow at that special energetic location.

Around thousand people came to see Braco live at the vibrant Bosnian Pyramids. Young and old, a colorful mix, everyone came together with the wish for peace. The presentation before Braco's gaze was given by the man who discovered the Bosnian Pyramids and organised this Summer Solstice Festival, Dr. Semir Osmanagić. There were also other performers at the four-days-festival, which relaxed us with their beautiful music and singing. Among the the famous Croatian singer Goran Karan.

Dr. Osmanagić has travelled the whole world, yet Braco's Gaze for him is special

Before the gazing with Braco Dr. Osmanagić greeted the crowd warmly. He said hello to many different groups, coming from Croatia, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, Peru, Egypt, America, Spain and many more. It was a loving introduction, which brought all attention to the stage, where Braco gazed a few minutes later.



The park Ravne in Visoko became a place where the inner borders disappeared

In Bosnia, a country where different nations and religions are living next to each other, one feels the need to overcome the differences and find a common language. Braco gaze is a silent language which everyone can understand.

Braco came to the stage. The gazing music was playing. Braco looked at everyone, there was a strong feeling of unity and peace in the air.

That were special moments, reminding of the gazing in Russia (see photo on the right), which also happened outdoors, as there were to many people for the facility, and the gazing reminded also of Mexico , where Braco was standing at the top of the Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacan, gazing at the city (see photo on the right). 


A place to visit, a place of open hearts

Visoko, the city where the piramyds are located, was the center of this geographical region in the middle age. Today, it has a growing number of visitors not only because the special Sommer Solstice Festival, but also because of its special energy from the pyramids, which people feel there.

Braco was shown the pyramids and the underground tunnels which are a great mystery today. It is said that these pyramids in Bosnia are the oldest in the world. A special feeling came up when entering the underground tunnels, one wants to stay a bit longer... The tunnels under the pyramids are unique, as deep under the ground, where hundreds of visitors pass daily, the air is more fresh than on any top of the mountain. 

Which location could be better for the gazing than this one? The hearts opened spontaneously and Braco's gaze could reach those who believe in the good. There are no coincidences.

Every visitor has an unique experience

Many of the visitors of the Summer Solstice Festival were new, and also busses of those, who already know Braco cam to the event. Around thousand people were present, when Braco decided to make another, second gaze after the event was finished. Most felt deep peace, love for everyone and an energy which they said was streaming through them, as they looked into Braco's eyes.

Aurelia, Germany: It was a very special event, we met there so that we can also support peace in our world. At the ancient, energetic and beautiful pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia, we all prayed together for peace. It was just wonderful when our dear Braco came and gave his pure, simple gaze on the stage to everyone. 

Asli, Turkey: The time stopped and there was such a wonderful, collective peace.

Sejla, Bosnia: I came to the event because I wanted to come together with so many different people with the wish for world peace. The time came when Braco came to the stage. It is difficult to describe that feeling, my heart and my soul felt so full, also with the wish for world peace. We all need peace in our hearts, that is why I came to the gazing in Visoko.

On the photo you can see people from different places, coming together as one and celebrating the first day of summer - together with Braco and his silent Gift.


Feeling peace through Braco's silent gaze: Magical people from all over the world, united

VIDEO: Braco's Gaze for World Peace at the Bosnian Pyramids

Braco’s very first gaze happened in 2004 in Bosnia. Now, he came back to mark the beginning of Summer at a special place and at a special time!

Braco's Gaze for World Peace took place on JUNE 21, 2018 at the mysterious Bosnian Pyramids at the Summer Solstice Festival in Visoko.

There are not many places in the world, where people feel a special energy. There are just few, where one can feel, that the heart is opening, as if by itself.

The hearts were open. Braco gave his silent gaze to everyone present. It was unforgettable, pure, light, energetic, and in the middle of beautiful nature.